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1Up Box February 2016 – Transform

1Up Box February 2016 - Transform 01

I have another 1Up Box for you today! This is a monthly box that offers gear for Geeks & Gamers, with a $40+ value, a monthly exclusive T-shirt and having 6-8 items to each box.  The theme of the 1Up Box February 2016 is “Transform”. I’ve also reviewed the previous months box themed “Legend”, which you can find here.



MAC Stone Lipstick and Pencil

MAC Stone Lipstick and Pencil 01

Cool toned lipsticks has been a lip trend for some time now. The MAC Stone Lip Pencil is definitely a popular cool-toned lip product for many people. Last year the MAC Stone Lipstick version was released. I already reviewed the lipstick, but I haven’t showed both the Lipstick and Pencil together because I didn’t own the Lip Pencil yet. I noticed that there are some differences between these two products, so I’m going to show you swatches of the MAC Stone Lipstick and Pencil and discuss these differences.



Benefit Dew the Hoola and Hoola Zero Tanlines

Benefit Dew the Hoola and Hoola Zero Tanlines 01

The Benefit Hoola Bronzer was the first bronzer (and Benefit product) that I’ve ever purchased many years ago. At that time, it was so difficult to find good matte, neutral bronzers in stores so the Hoola Bronzer stole my heart. After releasing the Hoola Bronzer 15 years ago, Benefit has added some new products for face and body to the Hoola Bronzer Family: Benefit Dew  the Hoola and Hoola Zero Tanlines, which I’m going to review for you today.



Benefit Hoola Bronzer Family PR Event

Benefit Hoola Bronzer Family Press Event 01

As some of you might have seen on my Instagram account, I have been to a Benefit Cosmetics PR Event recently to look at the brand new products of the Hoola Bronzer Family, which are Dew the Hoola a liquid Bronzer and Hoola Zero Tan Lines, a bronzer made for the body. For this post, I want to show you a small glimpse of this exotic event.



FOTD Valentines Day 2016

FOTD Valentines Day 2016 01

Valentines Day is just around the corner. I really like Valentines Day, even though people find it very commercial and stuff, I just love that this day is all about romance, love, happiness and ofcourse, lots of CHOCOLATE ♥. There are many Valentines Day looks floating around, and I thought, why not join in on the fun? Today I’m showing you my FOTD Valentines Day 2016 make-up look.



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