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Simple Halloween Look in Collaboration with Etos

Hi all! I wanted to launch this post last Friday however, due to personal circumstances (which is explained on my social media pages), I was only able to write this today. My apologies for that, I hope that you are still able to use this for today or the coming days until Halloween next Tuesday!

I collaborated with Etos to show you a simple, Halloween Vampire Look. For this look, you basically only need things that you may already have at home like foundation, concealer, bronzer/contour powder, blush, black eyepencil, black eyeshadow, red lipstick and a clear gloss. It’s a very easy and quick solution if you don’t have experience in applying make-up.

A step-by-step explanation can be found here on the Etos website.


Interview with Eliano Bou Assi – Director of Artistry & Education at Bobbi Brown

Being someone who has a job outside the beauty industry and having no education in make-up, I’m always curious about the experiences and tips of make-up artists and other people who work in the beauty industry. Recently, I was able to interview the Bobbi Brown Director of Artistry & Education, Eliano Bou Assi. He was in The Netherlands for a few days to train the make-up artists working at the Bobbi Brown booths at Hudsons Bay. I asked him tons of questions which you can read down below.



Etos Botanical Boost Rosemary & Fig Collection

For the holiday season, Etos has launched the Limited Edition Botanical Boost collection in collaboration with the Hortus Botanicus, which is a Botanical Garden in Amsterdam. Etos has done collaborations with the Hortus Botanicus in the past, creating products with high-quality plant extracts. The scent for this years line is Rosemary & Fig, featuring several products for home and body. I’m showing you three products of the Etos Botanical Boost Rosemary & Fig Collection in this post.



Bobbi Brown Instant Full Cover Concealer

Working 5 days a week having a high-paced job can have a huge impact on my sleep and stress-levels, which in turn results in dark under-eye circles. Bobbi Brown has an easy solution to cover those areas with their new Instant Full Cover Concealer. This concealer is supposed to have a strong pigmented coverage that brightens dark circles and softens fine lines in a blink. I’m putting the Bobbi Brown Instant Full Cover Concealer in Warm Beige to the test in this post.


Makeup Academy Fire Vixen Eyeshadow Palette

Warm-toned eyeshadow palettes are still one of the most popular palettes around. Even after more than a year of it’s popularity, brands are still creating more variants. One of these brands is Makeup Academy. MUA has released a new eyeshadow palette called Fire Vixen, which I’m going to show you in this post.


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