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The Original Beautyblender Midas Touch – Holidays 2017

The Original Beautyblender Midas Touch

Finding a gift for a make-up lover like myself can be quite difficult, since we tend to have a lot of stuff already and are usually very specific about brands and shades. However, there is a gift that you can always get, a beauty sponge like The Original Beautyblender.

This is in my opinion, the most used and popular tool for any make-up lover to apply foundation and other liquid/cream products. It is also a product that needs to be replaced from time-to-time so backups are always welcome. For the Holiday Season, The Original Beautyblender has launched the Dipped in Gold Collection, offering several gift sets like the Midas Touch. I’m going to tell you more about this gift set in this post.


The Body Shop Star Stamp Liner – Holiday 2017

The Body Shop Star Stamp Liner

Party make-up looks can be created in many different ways like adding glitter and a bright lip color. Another fun way to spice up your make-up look can be done using the The Body Shop Star Stamp Liner, a dual-ended eyeliner featuring a star-shaped stamp. I’m going to show you how I used this liner to create a fun and festive party look down below.


L’Occitane Gift The Light of Provence Signature Advent Calendar 2017

L’Occitane is a brand that usually doesn’t create Limited Edition products for the Holiday Season but instead, creates beautiful gift sets full of their products that we all know and love. The most interesting gifts available in my opinion are the Advent Calendars. L’Occitane has two different ones available, a Signature and a Luxury Advent Calendar. I’ve received the L’Occitane Gift The Light of Provence Signature Advent Calendar, which I’m going to tell you more about down below.


Desio Attitude Collection – One-Day Color Contact Lenses

I love wearing Color Contact Lenses to change up my make-up looks, especially during the Holiday Season and on special occasions. However, if you’re someone who only likes to wear color contacts occasionally like I do, buying them tends to feel wasteful since you only get one pair and usually made to last up to three months. This year, Desio has launched the Attitude Collection, consisting of different shades of One-Day Color Contact Lenses. These lenses are perfect of occasional wearers or someone who wants to spice up and change their looks daily. I’m going to tell you all about the Desio Attitude Collection in this post.


MAC Snow Ball Face Bag Gold – Holiday 2017

MAC Cosmetics has launched their Holiday 2017 collection called Snowball, full of amazing new products and gift sets with a Limited Edition packaging. One of the products that I was most interested in is the MAC Snow Ball Face Bag Gold, which contains the very popular Whisper of Gilt Extra Dimension Skinfinish. I was able to purchase the gift set and I’m going to show you all the products and if the highlighter is worth the hype.


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