About Me

My name is Lariesa, 28 years old and I’m the owner of The Beautynerd. I live in the Netherlands and working fulltime as an Associate Scientist in a Pharmaceutical company doing research on new Viral Vaccines.

I’ve created this blog as an output for my creative outbursts and to spread the love for one of my biggest hobbies, beauty. This is not my only big hobby however, I also love playing videogames, which has been my hobby since I can remember. Although this might seem a weird combination, I know there are tons of girls who have the same hobbies as I do. Who says you can’t love makeup and nerdy things at the same time? This is the reason why I named my blog The Beautynerd.  Oh and another important thing, I’m also a crazy cat lady!

I’m always on the lookout for new beauty products. I love to review new things (and old staples!) in detail, always giving my honest opinion. I also like experimenting with makeup and doing creative stuff with my nails.

Since I live in the Netherlands, this blog is mostly targeted towards the people who are living in the Netherlands.  A lot of people living here are from another country for many different reasons like studying or for work. Since most of the Dutch citizens learn the English language at a young age, I’ve decided to write this blog in English to include the international community living in the Netherlands, so everyone can read reviews and where/how to get the products living in this country. Of course everyone who is able to read English can enjoy my blog!

I hope you will have fun reading my blog. I love to hear your opinion on my blog posts so always feel free to comment in Dutch or English!


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