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I love wearing Color Contact Lenses to change up my make-up looks, especially during the Holiday Season and on special occasions. However, if you’re someone who only likes to wear color contacts occasionally like I do, buying them tends to feel wasteful since you only get one pair and usually made to last up to three months. This year, Desio has launched the Attitude Collection, consisting of different shades of One-Day Color Contact Lenses. These lenses are perfect of occasional wearers or someone who wants to spice up and change their looks daily. I’m going to tell you all about the Desio Attitude Collection in this post.


The Desio Attitude Collection has of four different shades available, Rebel GreyWild GreenRomantic Blue and Delicious Honey.  The lenses of this collection come in a silver cardboard box with embossed metallic details. The name and the power of the lens is displayed on the top of the box.


The pack contains twelve lenses so six pairs in total, which are sealed individually inside a solution and an instruction manual. There is no lens holder included since these are meant to be one-use only. I like that the lenses are sealed individually, since a lot of people I know use these for creating an eyelook on Instagram, which only needs one lens. This can also give you the option to use different lens colors on each eye like blue or green which is in official terms called “Heterochromia”.


The Desio Attitude Collection lenses have a long expiration date. I’ve received these in May this year, so the lenses have a shelf-life of about 4 years.

These lenses are available in Plano (plain 0.00, no power) like I have, but they’re also available for Myopia (nearsightedness) from -0.50 to -6.00  in 0.25 steps, -6.00 to -13.00 in 0.50 steps and Hyperopia (farsightedness) from +0.50 to +6.00 in 0.25 steps.


The Desio Attitude Collection lenses are soft and made of Polymacon which is a hydrophilic polymer, aka a plastic material that attracts water. The base curve of the lens is 8,70 mm with a diameter of 14,20 mm. This makes them a bit smaller than their monthly lenses.

Also, the blending effect of these lenses are different (check out my previous review here).  Instead of a gradient, you can see small dots on the lens with the color so what that does is making the color blend with your own, natural eye color. This means that the result is very dependent on what your own eye color is.


My own eye color is a very dark brown shade. This also means that the color will turn up darker than any other natural eye color. If you have a different natural eye color than me and curious about how it would look like on you, I would suggest to check out the Desio Before/After page.


Desio Attitude in Rebel Grey

The description according the brand of the Desio Attitude in Rebel Grey is as follows:

“Always facing the adventures of life head on. Full of spontaneity and just a hint of malice. The secret of their success lays hidden in a subtle shade of grey which can release strength and vitality”.

It is definitely a very bold and striking shade. I think that everyone will immediately notice you when wearing Rebel Grey, especially when you normally have dark eyes like I do. On me, I don’t find it looking very natural but it is still very cool. I think that a natural look would match this shade better on me because it already speaks for itself and doesn’t need anything else to emphasize it.


Desio Attitude in Wild Green

The description according the brand of the Desio Attitude in Wild Green is as follows:

“Brilliant and determinate. Exuding confidence and still able to see the human in life. These vibrant green lenses act as weapons of seduction, irresistible to others”.

This color is so much fun. I think Wild Green makes my eyes look very lively and playful. It still looks a bit unusual on me since it the shade so vibrant, even on my natural dark eye color but I think I can definitely get used to this shade.


Desio Attitude in Romantic Blue

The description according the brand of the Desio Attitude in Romantic Blue is as follows:

“Elegant and sophisticated, without fear of exerting their strength. Among the many colors of the soul, blue is reserved exclusively for those who know to appreciate and love unconditionally”.

I think that Romantic Blue suits me perfectly. This shade is my favorite from the collection. I love how it looks because it is more muted with my eye color and I almost can see this looking as my natural eye color.


Desio Attitude in Delicious Honey

The description according the brand of the Desio Attitude in Delicious Honey is as follows:

“Desired by men, admired by women. Genuinely affectionate and impossible not to love. With warm brown shades and memorable looks, seeming different in every occasion but always true to themselves”.

Delicious Honey definitely looks the most natural on me and it seems like that my own eye color has the most “influence” on this shade, making the very dark looking. I think it makes my eye color look very unique, it’s not brown or green but something in between.


I think that the Desio Attitude Collection is very beautiful. I love that you get twelve lenses in a pack, making it much more convenient and more affordable to use for me because I probably wear Color Contact Lenses once every two to three months or so. There’s a nice variety of shades, from drastic to subtle. Be reminded that if you have a lighter natural eye color, these will probably all look more natural on you. I think the blending effect of these lenses make them look like you’re not wearing any, even up close.

Like any other contact lens that I’ve ever worn, these do not feel very comfortable for me. I’m not a frequent contact lens wearer but I do get used to it the more I used the lenses. I think how the lenses feel are really personal. If you are a regular contacts wearer, you probably won’t have any trouble with them.


The Desio Attitude Collection lenses are available for €29.00 Euro per pack (12 lenses in each pack) at Shipping is free internationally and since these are shipped from Italy, there are no extra customs fees when shipped to The Netherlands.

Desio currently has a Buy 2 Get 2 discount. Unfortunately, the Attitude Collection does not apply to the promotion. This promotion will run from November 11th to November 15th, 2017. I do have a review of a shade from another collection, which you can check out here.

Even though the current promotion is not covered for this collection, promotional sales are done frequently. I would suggest to keep an eye out on their Instagram page or subscribe to their newsletter. If you’re interested in purchasing these lenses without any experience with using contacts, I would suggest to read this manual very carefully if you really want to take good care of your lenses and how to apply them correctly.

Which eye color would you like to have?

*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.

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