Queen Tarzi Luxury Lashes Review

Queen Tarzi is a Dutch lash brand that offers Cruelty-Free Luxury 3D Faux Mink Lashes. The brand is inspired by Queen Soraya Tarzi, who was the only wife of the Afghan King Amanullah. She was known as a power woman, fighting for women’s rights in Afghanistan and described as a royal, powerful and generous person with a mission; to help strengthen the power of women. The products of the brand focuses on continuing Queen Tarzi‘s mission and values to bring more confidence to women by offering  beautiful, high-quality lashes. I’m going to show and review a selection of the Queen Tarzi Luxury Lashes in today’s post.


The Queen Tarzi Luxury Lashes are available in twelve different styles, from a natural to a more dramatic look. All their lashes are made of Polybutylene terephthalat (PBT), a high-quality plastic which makes them sturdy, re-usable and of course, 100% Cruelty Free.

The lashes come in a white, cardboard container with a transparent top and rose-gold details. The styles that I’ve received are from left to right; NoraJade and Diva. All the lashes are wide so perfect for all eye sizes. I had to slightly trim the ends for my small, East-Asian, hooded eyes.


To apply the lashes, I used the Queen Tarzi Lash Adhesive in Clear (€6,99 Euro/8 gr). The adhesive is fast drying and waterproof, available in Clear and Dark-tone. You can see the color description on the box where the tube comes in but there isn’t any description on the tubes themselves, so if you have both and throw away the boxes, you have to open them to check if you have the Clear or Dark-tone in hand. To prevent this, I would draw a black dot using a permanent marker on the Dark-tone‘s tube.

The ingredients list of the adhesives is as follows: Natural Latex, Acryliatecopolymer, Di-ionic water, Hydroxypropylcellulose.


To use the Queen Tarzi Lash Adhesive, apply a thin line of adhesive along the lash band and wait for 20 seconds before applying the lash closely to your natural lash line. The first picture shows the adhesives just applied and the second after a minute or so.

I have to admit, I didn’t read the instructions at first and used the adhesive like I would normally, wait a minute before applying. This did not work because the adhesive dried on the lash and didn’t want to stick on my skin anymore. I thought the lash glue was really bad but after seeing and following the instructions, it worked perfectly! The lashes stayed on very well using the glue and was very easy to remove and clean. The only problem that I have is that the Clear version takes a long time to turn transparent if you use a bit too much of it.



Queen Tarzi Nora Lashes

The Queen Tarzi Nora Lashes (€19,99 Euro) are described as natural and perfect for every day. These lashes have a subtle flare, meaning that they are shorter in the inner corner to the outer. The style look nice and wispy, with multi-layered sections that have bundles pointing in a V shape and some less dense spots between the bundles.




I LOVE this style so much! I fully agree that the Queen Tarzi Nora Lashes are natural, not too long and perfect for every day. This is definitely my favorite style of the three that I’ve received. The band is thin so they feel lightweight and comfortable. I can wear these lashes on their own or with any type of eye make-up look.



Queen Tarzi Jade Lashes

The Queen Tarzi Jade Lashes (€19,99 Euro) is one of the best-selling styles of the brand. These lashes look more dramatic and have a have a strong flare. This style also looks wispy, with multi-layered sections that have dense bundles pointing straight and less dense spots between the dense bundles with lashes in a cross shape.


Because of the flared style that the Queen Tarzi Jade Lashes have, it makes your eyes look optically elongated, making them look more cat-eye shaped. The lash band is of a medium size and feels comfortable. I personally don’t like how this style looks on me on its own because they’re quite long, but I do like to pair these with any type of eyeshadow make-up look.



Queen Tarzi Diva Lashes

The Queen Tarzi Diva Lashes (€19,99 Euro) is described to be a more dramatic style, perfect for a night out or if you love a full, voluminous lash look. The brand also advises that if you have small eyes, to consider a more natural style instead of this one. This multi-layered style is very dense with long lashes pointing straight, having the same length of lashes from beginning to end.


I have small eyes so on their own, the Queen Tarzi Diva Lashes look EXTREME on me. The lash band is of medium size so in that way, they feel comfortable but man, the lashes feel super heavy, even for someone who has a lot of experience with lashes like me. You can of course get used to it but I wouldn’t recommend this lash for a beginner. I would pair this dramatic style of lashes with a smoky eye make-up look.


I’m a fan of the Queen Tarzi Luxury Lashes! I love the variety of styles and they don’t look fake and shiny, which is the biggest problem for a Faux Mink lashes so I’m definitely impressed. I do have to say that they did look too long and intimidating in the container but they ended up being very wearable (except for Diva). So if you have smaller eyes like me, see them in stores and think they are too long, don’t worry! The more natural styles like Nora will look absolutely amazing. I’m definitely curious to check out the other natural styles.



The Queen Tarzi Luxury Lashes are available at a variety of prices depending on the style, starting from €17,99 to €22,50 Euro. You can easily find them at IciParisXL.nl and Ici Paris XL stores. You can find the complete list re-sellers at QueenTarzi.com.



Which style of Queen Tarzi Luxury Lashes is your favorite?

*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.

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