Alessandro Fresh up Your Hands Handgel

Summer is sadly over for quite some time already but fortunately, Alessandro offers two fun and fruity scented handsgels reminiscent to the hot and sunny days. These handgels can be used for freshening up your hands when there is no soap around. If you want to know more about the Alessandro Fresh Up Your Hands Handgel, read further down below.


The Alessandro Fresh Up Your Hands Handgel comes in two different scents, Avocado Enchanted Limette and Strawberry Delighted Banana. These come in a squeezable pack, really reminding me of those (yoghurt) drink packs for children. The pack holds 50 mL of product in total.


The screw-off top reveals a big hole, again really reminding me of a drink pack. The fun and vibrant colors and fruits in front of these products make it seem like they’re drinks even more so I would definitely suggest to keep these far away from children.


Unfortunately, as soon as I wanted to open one of the packs, the cap tore off so they’re not really durable. This is very unfortunate since these are made to travel with. I kept this pack near the sink awaiting for review when I also noticed that the cap itself was tearing. This wasn’t the case when I got it so the product itself might make the cap more sensitive to tears? Either way after seeing this, I would personally be afraid to put this in my bag. Instead, you can transfer this in an empty tube if you really like the product.


Starting off with the Alessandro Fresh Up Your Hands Handgel in Avocado Enchanted Limette. The gel has a slight lime green shade and feels somewhat like a mix between a hand lotion and sanitizer. I only need a very tiny amount to cleanse both of my hands, leaving it feeling clean and soft. The product description doesn’t say anything about sanitizing your hands from bacteria, just to freshening up your hands like a lotion but feeling less thick.

The scent of the Alessandro Fresh Up Your Hands Handgel in Avocado Enchanted Limette reminds me of a sour lime hard candy. It is present but not overwhelmingly strong and to me, is very pleasant. It’s a very unique and delightful scent for a handgel, something different than what I’m used to.


The Alessandro Fresh Up Your Hands Handgel in Strawberry Delighted Banana has the same consistency as the other scent, only having a light pinky red shade.

The scent of the Alessandro Fresh Up Your Hands Handgel in Strawberry Delighted Banana reminds me of bubblegum and I’m completely obsessed with this sent. It is present and very sweet and like the other scent, not overwhelmingly strong. It’s again a very unique and fun, summery scent.


I do like the the product and both scents. I love sweet and scented things and these make me really happy while making my hands feel soft without that thick greasy feeling that handlotions sometimes give. What I don’t like is the packaging. I think it’s way too dangerous for children, also because of the sweet scents and too flimsy for traveling. The only thing that would probably stop children from drinking the whole pack is the taste. I tend to put my fingers in my mouth with fingerfood like fries and this makes my fingers taste really bitter and gross.

That being said, this might be a perfect product for people who don’t like the thick feeling of handlotions or people who are trying to stop biting their nails.

The Alessandro Fresh Up Your Hands Handgels are available for €8,11 Euro each at



What kind of scents do you like for your hand care products or do you prefer them to be unscented?

*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.

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