Etos Botanical Boost Rosemary & Fig Collection

For the holiday season, Etos has launched the Limited Edition Botanical Boost collection in collaboration with the Hortus Botanicus, which is a Botanical Garden in Amsterdam. Etos has done collaborations with the Hortus Botanicus in the past, creating products with high-quality plant extracts. The scent for this years line is Rosemary & Fig, featuring several products for home and body. I’m showing you three products of the Etos Botanical Boost Rosemary & Fig Collection in this post.



For this post, I have the Etos Botanical Boost Rosemary & Fig Massage OilShower Foam and Scented Candle. Other products available are Scented SticksHand CreamBath Fizzer and Body Cream, all having the same Rosemary & Fig scent.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis, dew of the sea) is an intense aromatic scent, known for its invigorating properties. The Fig is a fruit from a Fig Tree (Ficus Carina) having a sweet, warm scent. The fruit is known for its nurturing properties, ideal for a dry, winter skin.


The Etos Botanical Boost Rosemary & Fig Massage Oil (€4,99/150 mL) comes in a transparent bottle with a pump. It has rose-gold details and a beautiful sketch of a Rosemary branch. The pump can be turned to lock it into place, so no accidental spilling if you want to travel with the bottle.


The massage oil is very thin and is absorbed into the skin quickly, which isn’t really what you want for a massage oil and expect more from a body oil but it definitely does the trick. It leaves a shiny layer on the skin but it doesn’t feel sticky whatsoever and makes the skin feel soft and hydrated.


The Etos Botanical Boost Rosemary & Fig Shower Foam (€4,99/200 mL) comes type of pressurized spray can. It has a white background rose-gold details and the same sketch of a Rosemary branch.


The can squirts a gel substance which immediately changes into a white foam. The foam feels really rich, creamy while also being fluffy. I love this type of shower product. It feels so very soft when applied.


Etos Botanical Boost Rosemary & Fig Scented Candle (€6,99/130 gr) comes in a red cardboard box with a sketch of a Fig branch. Opening the box reveals a white frosted glass candle. It has the Etos logo in rose gold and the same sketch. It is a beautiful decorative item, which you can still use when the candle has been burned up to put seeds to be used as a plant pot. The scent is very subtle so it’s definitely suitable for someone who normally finds scented candles too strong.


I really love the Etos Botanical Boost Rosemary & Fig Scented collection. The scent smells really amazing and natural. I mostly pick up the juicy and fruity Fig scent but that is because I’m not quite sure how Rosemary smells like. I think the scent would be attractive to any age or gender, so it makes a perfect gift. The packaging looks modern and expensive, so I’m definitely excited and will certainly check out the products myself for gifting.

The Limited Edition Etos Botanical Boost Rosemary & Fig Scented collection is available at the Etos stores.

Which gifts do you like to give away during the holiday season?

*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.

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