Fortune Cookie Soap Box Summer 2016

Fortune Cookie Soap Summer 2016 Box Just Keep Swimming 01

I have another unboxing of the Fortune Cookie Soap Box. This is a seasonal subscription box from the brand Fortune Cookie Soap, a store based in the US which sells hand-made bath & products. You can compare their products to Lush. I have made a few unboxing posts of this box, which you can find here. The limited edition FCS collections always have the cutest themes inspired by things such as Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, A Nightmare Before Christmas and and so on. The theme of the Fortune Cookie Soap Box Summer 2016 is named “Just Keep Swimming”, inspired by the Disney movie Finding Nemo.


Fortune Cookie Soap Summer 2016 Box Just Keep Swimming 02

The Fortune Cookie Soap Box Summer 2016 contains eight products. I’m not 100% sure about this, but I think there are three full-sized and five miniature-sized products products in this box.  I really love the names of these products because they’re all inspired by the movie Finding Nemo, a very popular Disney movie about a clownfish who has lost his only son Nemo and looks for him together with Dory, another fish who stars in her own movie now.


Shark Bait – Fortune Cookie Soap

Shark Bait Fortune COokie Soap

Shark Bait – Fortune Cookie Soap is like the name says, a soap shaped like a fortune cookie and the company’s staple product. I really love the Fortune Cookie Soaps! I collect them, using these as decoration in a bowl with other Fortune Cookie Soaps. You can also use them as just a soap for washing your hands or for showering. You can also use these soaps as lovely gift with a personal message inside.

The scent of Shark Bait is described as “fresh blend of sweet oranges, creamy vanilla ice cream and juicy, sandalwood infused strawberries.”  To me, this smells like a juicy, orange flavoured bubble gum. This Fortune Cookie Soap is bright Orange on one side, which reminds me of a clownfish and brown with white specks on the other side.  Inside the soap is a small fortune, which is usually a quote of related to the box’s theme, mine says “Dude!?” , a word that the sea turtles in the movie like to say and I frequently say myselfThis is a full-sized product. You can also put your own message inside which would really make a lovely gift.


Whale Talk – Perfume Oil

Fortune Cookie Soap Whale Talk - Perfume Oil

Whale Talk – Perfume Oil is a miniature-sized product that you can apply this on your skin and rub to blend the perfume in your skin like you would do with an oil-based skin product. The Fortune Cookie Soap Perfume Oil’s scent is always very concentrated, stronger than a perfume and last all day long on my skin.

Whale Talk is described as “tropical mashup of strawberries, black currant, jasmine, grapefruit and fresh avocado.” I can’t really distinguish any of the scents other than this perfume smelling very juicy, fresh and summery. Smelling this perfume makes me very happy and I really love the scent. The Perfume Oil comes in a small perfume sampler spray without any description, normally FCS provides a sticker on their products so it’s too bad that this doesn’t have one.


Ooooooooh…Barracuda – Lip Gloss

Fortune Cookie Soap Ooooooooh Barracuda - Lip Gloss

Ooooooooh…Barracuda – Lip Gloss is a product that I haven’t received in a FCS Box before. This lip gloss is probably full-sized and comes in a jar so that you can apply the product with your fingers.

The scent is described as “A perfect summer pairing of juicy cantaloupe, crisp green honeydew, and sweet red watermelon, with a splash of lime and a sprinkle of raw cane sugar.” I can definitely smell and taste the watermelon, even though I find the taste of the gloss a bit chemical and bitter. The lip gloss is not-solid and very creamy. It has a sheer watermelon-like shade with a subtle shimmer. The lip gloss feels very wet and slippery, not a type of gloss/balm that I would personally prefer. 


Jellyman – Don’t Be Jelly Soap

Fortune Cookie Soap Jellyman - Dont Be Jelly Soap 01 Fortune Cookie Soap Jellyman - Dont Be Jelly Soap

Jellyman – Don’t Be Jelly Soap is definitely a new product to the FCS line. You can compare this Jelly Soap to a Lush Shower Jelly, only being a little bit firmer. You can apply this by directly rubbing this on your body during a shower or rubbing this in to a loofah. This is probably a miniature sized product.

Jellyman is described as “a delightful blend of black cherry, watermelon and frothy iced guava nectar, floating with sliced strawberries and key limes.” The black cherry definitely stands out to me. I love cherry scents and this one smells delicious, it’s strong, juicy and vibrant and I can’t wait to use this in the shower. One other super awesome thing is that the Jelly has a murky brown shade but has a blue shimmer shift. I can stare at this Jelly Soap all day long.


Fin. Noggin. Duuude. – Pedi-bomb

Fortune Cookie Soap Fin. Noggin. Duuude. - Pedi-bomb

Fin. Noggin. Duuude. – Pedi-bomb  is a product that you can throw into warm water for a nice foot bath. I have received a similar product before in a previous box and I like it, foot baths are always nice. This Pedi-bomb left my feet feeling nicely calmed and moisturized.

Fin. Noggin. Duuude. is described as “Lemon-lime fizzy pop floating with orchids and a curl of white chocolate.” The scent reminds me of lemon candy but unfortunately also of toilet cleaners, but at least it’s fresh! The Pedi-bomb is light blue and shaped like a turtle.


Aqua Scum – Spray Lotion

Fortune Cookie Soap Aqua Scum - Spray Lotion

Aqua Scum – Spray Lotion is another new product to the FCS line. This is a lotion that you can apply by spraying this on your skin and rub in until it’s fully absorbed. The Spray Lotion in this box is miniature sized.

 Aqua Scum is described as “Juicy lychee, crisp apple and mouth watering, peach nectar.” This is again another juicy scent but a bit too strong for my taste, especially if you have to rub this over your entire body. On a positive note, The lotion itself makes my skin feel very soft without feeling sticky afterwards. I think the Spray Lotion would be perfect for traveling.


INTERVENTION! – Whipped Cream

Fortune Cookie Soap INTERVENTION - Whipped Cream

INTERVENTION! – Whipped Cream is a soft, whipped body lotion and my favorite product of the whole FCS line. The consistency of the Whipped Cream is my favorite type of all the bodylotion-y type of products ever created. My skin always feels hydrated  and soft after using this.

 INTERVENTION! is described as “creamy coconut milk and tangy pineapples drifting on a warm island breeze.” I live for scents like this one, I want to bathe myself in this every day all day long. I normally do not like scents with pineapple but I can’t smell that at all, only the creamy coconut milk part which I can’t get enough of. The whipped cream has a pastel violet shade. This is a miniature sized product that comes in all FCS boxes.



Li’ Blue – OCD Hand Sanitizer

Fortune Cookie Soap Lil Blue - OCD Hand Sanitizer

Lil’ Blue – OCD Hand Sanitizer is a popular product of Fortune Cookie Soap. The OCD Hand Sanitizer is an anti-bacterial type of hand sanitizer, you don’t need any water to use this. The consistency is gel-like, transparent with a blue shade. The color doesn’t transfer when you apply the sanitizer. I really love the OCD Hand Sanitizers, they feel very cleansing without feeling like it’s drying out my skin. I always bring one with me inside my purse. My dad also loves them, I always have to bring one when I visit.

The scent of Lil’ Blue is described as “Anjou pear and juicy apples harmonized with plum blossoms, sandalwood and a twist of amber”. This is a huge scent description with a lot of ingredients but I think I received a dud. I only smell the rubbing alcohol and after that has evaporated, I smell nothing. Normally the FCS scents are very present so I’m really guessing I’ve had a bad batch for this one.


Fortune Cookie Soap Summer 2016 Box Just Keep Swimming 02

I really loved the fun theme of the Fortune Cookie Soap Box Summer 2016. I liked some of the scents but most of them I find a bit too strong and fruity. I really loved the scents Jelly ManWhale Talk and INTERVENTION!. Unfortunately, Fortune Cookie Soap Boxes are sold out as soon as they launch, since they only make a limited amount of boxes for their subscribers. You can  subscribe for the Summer Fortune Cookie Soap Box at the Fortune Cookie Soap Website. The fun thing  about FCS collections is that they make their products in all the scents. So for example, if you really like the Jelly Man scent, you can also get the scent with your favorite product like a Whipped Cream or OCD Hand Sanitizer.

Since shipping to the Netherlands is quite expensive, the subscription costs $34 USD per box (check for the current price in Euro). You also have to pay by credit card for the subscription but you can pay through Paypal if you buy products directly from their website. I really don’t mind paying that price though, because I mostly use all of the products in the boxes and all the products are like Lush, unique and hand-made with lots of love. With other beauty related (monthly) subscription boxes, I usually did not use the products and to give them away trade  them for other products, which is more of a waste of money.

What product did you find most interesting in this box?



  1. June 29, 2016 / 3:05 pm

    Wat leuk zeg zo’n box 😀 ik ben zelf meer een Lush fan, maar die zouden ook best een subscription box mogen doen.
    Die fortune cookie ziet er echt leuk uit en de pedi-bomb klinkt als een fijn product (I love lemon!)
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