My weightloss journey with Oenobiol Beauty Supplements – One month results

My weightloss journey with Oenobiol Beauty Supplements

One month ago, I wrote an article about my weightloss journey with Oenobiol Beauty Supplements, since these products that contain natural ingredients, enhancing beauty from within may help with losing additional weight. Since I’ve already covered describing the Oenobiol products in the previous article, I’m not going to discuss this now but you should definitely check that one out if you haven’t done so yet. For today’s post. I’m going to tell you about my experience using these products and some initial results after a month.



My weightloss journey with Oenobiol Beauty Supplements

Let’s start with my weight before I started using the Oenobiol Silhouette line products. I started at 74.8 kg. I didn’t like sports so I don’t have any hobbies that require exercise. My work also doesn’t offer a lot of moving, except the 30 mins a day to walk to my office. My blog also requires me to sit for hours, doing make-up, taking pictures and writing the articles. Furthermore, I love to eat. I never want to go on a diet because I love eating (very bad stuff like sweets and snacks) too much, which is why Oenobiol might help me lose weight faster in combination with exercise.


My weightloss journey with Oenobiol Beauty Supplements

I also calculated my Body Mass Index (BMI), which is at 29.6 at the edge of being Overweight to the start of Obesity. You have to be careful when using this BMI method though, since muscle weighs heavier than fat, BMI isn’t always correct but for my case, I think it should be pretty accurate.


I started using the Oenobiol Silhouette BoostCapteur 3-in-1 and Silhouette Support Energy in combination with going to the gym two days per week. Exercise in combination with using these supplements is very important. The Oenobiol Supplements are not miracle workers and will not work efficiently when you’re doing nothing to burn the extra calories.

For example, the  Oenobiol Silhouette Boost helps to increase the energy consumption inside the body, burning up to -400 kcal per day. I’m not sure how much it increases but just to give you an easy calculation, what if you burn 200 kcal and it goes twice as fast using the supplement, you would lose 400 kcal! If you would do nothing and only burn 10 kcal, you would only lose 20 kcal with the help of the supplement, which is not much of a difference. This is why you do have to exercise in order to lose weight, even when using the supplements.


I found using the Oenobiol Silhouette supplements to be quite difficult. I didn’t have any problems taking in the supplements, the Silhouette Boost is easy to swallow since they’re small but the Capteur 3-in-1 were a bit bigger and you have to take two of them each time but that wasn’t a problem for myself. For me, it was really hard to remember to take in the supplements before every meal. I had to remember to take one Oenobiol Silhouette Boost supplement 30 minutes before each meal (3 times per day), two Capteur 3-in-1 supplements before a meal (twice per day) and mixing the Silhouette Support Energy supplement with water during a meal (once per day). 

I constantly kept forgetting to take them with me to work or to take them at all. I eventually just put some jars, sachets and strips in my bag at all times and set an alarm as a reminder before mealtime. I also combined the Silhouette Boost and Capteur 3-in-1 by just taking them in before a meal, it is however recommended to use it like the brand describes if possible, since it is tested to be optimally functional when using it the way they describe it.


I still had quite a lot of problems with forgetting them though, especially because I had irregular days because of my recent vacation. I just find it really weird during weekends or on holidays when eating out to take these in a restaurant and almost found it impossible to take the Oenobiol Silhouette Support Energy because it needs to be mixed with water. It can be helped by pre-mixing the sachet in a bottle and taking it with you, but I still found it very inconvenient to do so. So for the month, I definitely didn’t use it every single day like you’re supposed to.

I did notice already that the Silhouette Support Energy was a must for me. I was getting very tired after gym and the extra bit of energie helped be get through it.


After a month, I did lose 0.6 kg. It’s not much but you have to take in consideration that I went on holidays so not being able to go to the gym for two weeks and probably ate more than usual. It wasn’t a very good month to start with but something is better than nothing or even gaining weight! Also like I mentioned before, muscles are heavier than fat and since I probably am building a bit more muscle, it might seem like I’m not losing as much weight. I unfortunately don’t have a fancy scale to measure body fat and I’m too shy to go and ask someone at the gym to weigh me. I hope I can show you more results in the coming months!


I will try and keep up using the Oenobiol Silhouette Boost supplements as much as possible while going to the gym regularly again. You will definitely see another update in the future. If you have any other questions about the Oenobiol Supplements, please leave a comment or you can always send me a private email at

The Oenobiol Beauty Supplements are available at a selection of drugstores like for example; Etos, Kruidvat, and For more information and an overview of all the products, visit

Have you tried any of the Oenobiol Beauty Supplements? What are your experience?

*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.

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