The Body Shop Body Yogurt Review

The Body Shop Body Yogurt

The Body Shop Body Yogurt is the newest addition to the brands body care collection. This 100% Vegan product enriched with Community Trade Organic Almond Milk that is supposed to absorb into dry or damp skin in seconds, providing up to 48-hours of lightweight moisture. The Body Yogurts are available in seven different scents, six permanent (Almond Milk, Moringa, Mango, British Rose, Coconut and Strawberry) and one Limited Edition (Banana). I’m going to review and show you four different The Body Shop Body Yogurt scents in today’s post.



The The Body Shop Almond Milk Body Yogurt is enriched with the soothing fragrance of Almond Milk, suitable for sensitive skin. This version has the lightest scent, but is still quite noticable. It’s my favorite scent of the bunch because I love creamy and soft scents.


The The Body Shop Moringa Body Yogurt is enriched with the Moringa Extract from Rwanda, leaving a fresh and floral fragrance. I like this scent, it smells invigorating while also having a subtle warm and soft touch. It is on the strong side for me but I can just handle the intensity without giving a headache.


The The Body Shop Mango Body Yogurt is enriched with the Mango Juice, leaving an exotic and fruity fragrance. I’m not a fruity type of person when it comes to scents, but if you like Mango’s (and the other products from the The Body Shop Mango line), you will love this product because it definitely smells very strongly like Mangos!


Lastly, the The Body Shop British Rose Body Yogurt is enriched with the Rose Extract from England, leaving a floral fragrance. I usually love the smell of roses, but this one is a bit too strong and overwhelming for me. It does smell like a bouquet of roses, just like the other products from the British Rose line.


All the The Body Shop Body Yogurts have the same consistency and depending on the scent, have a different color (which doesn’t transfer into clothing or affect your skin). The Body Yogurt is like a lightweight lotion and definitely absorbs immediately into the skin, leaving the skin feeling soft, hydrated and smooth. I absolutely love how it makes my skin feel!

That said, I’m not a fan of the strong fragrance that all these products have. The Body Butters are very buttery and creamy, which tones down the fragrance by a lot but the Body Yogurts seem like they have a boost in fragrance, up to the point that some of the scents are giving me a headache. These scents are already available in many other The Body Shop products so if you’re already familiar and loving a certain type, you probably would like these as well, at least if you’re okay with strong fragrances.

The The Body Shop Body Yogurt is a great alternative if you find their Body Butters too creamy. These are especially great during the warm Summer period to help cool down and refresh your body, you can even pop them in the fridge if you’d like! They’re also nice to use because there’s almost no waiting time after application to put your clothes on, they’re dry and non-sticky in just a few seconds.

The The Body Shop Body Yogurt is available for €10,00 Euro/200 mL each at and at the The Body Shop Stores.

Which of the The Body Shop Body Yogurt scents would be your favorite?

*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


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