The Body Shop Holiday Season 2017 Body Butters

The Body Shop Holiday Season 2017 Body Butters

Every year, The Body Shop launches three Limited Edition Seasonal Holiday Collection scents. The scents are different every year but what never changes is that they always are great for lighting up the Christmas mood and spirit. The scents for this year are Vanilla Chai, Frosted Berries and Frosted Plum. For myself, the stars of the collection (which basically counts for every year) are the Body Butters. I’m going to tell you more about the The Body Shop Holiday Season 2017 Body Butters in today’s post.


The The Body Shop Body Butters are my favorite when it comes to Body Butters. They feel so creamy and luxurious, have an amazing variety of scents, absorb quickly into the skin and deeply moisturize (up to 24 hours) due to the addition of Community Trade Shea Butter.

Like always, the The Body Shop Holiday Season 2017 Body Butters come in a 200 mL jar, but are also available in the smaller, 50 mL version. The packaging shows the scents main ingredients in combination with some festive Christmas decoration. I always love how the The Body Shop Body Butters look, changing the details of the packaging depending on the scent.

The only thing that I don’t like is that the jars are never sealed, so someone can open the jar in stores and touch the product. You can see on the surface if it has been messed with but I would personally prefer an extra barrier. I do understand why The Body Shop doesn’t provide an extra seal though because it is an extra waste of material.


The The Body Shop Vanilla Chai Body Butter is enriched with creamy Vanilla Extract from Madagascar. It is scented with spiced notes of Vanilla warmed with Cardamon and Star Anise. I’m always a fan of Vanilla type of scents and I absolutely love this one, a beautiful warm and sweet Vanilla scent. I also definitely notice the Cardamon but the Anise is not so distinguishable. Either way, I can’t stop smelling this scent!



The The Body Shop Frosted Berries Body Butter with the scent of Red Berries with notes of sweet Vanilla, creamy White Flowers and Cranberry Seed Oil from North America. The scent reminds me of those concentrated Karvan Cevitam berry syrups with, very juicy, sweet and fruity with just a hint of creamy-ness due to the addition of Vanilla. The scent is really strong and I’m personally not a huge fan of fruity scents but if you do, you will probably like this one.


The The Body Shop Frosted Plum Body Butter is enriched with Winter Plum Extract from Turkey. The scent is described as a Juicy Ripe Plum with hints of Pink Peony and Magnolia. I’m horrible with flowers in scents because I don’t know how they should smell, with the exception of Roses and Jasmine. All I can say about this scent is that I was surprised that I really liked this scent. It’s not overly fruity but a combination of flowery and fruity. It smells more sophisticated and more like how a perfume would smell.


Just a quick note, aside from the Body Butters, there are many more products available in the The Body Shop Holiday Season 2017 scents, like Soaps, Shower gels and pictured above, the Frosted Plum Shimmer Mist (€19,00 Euro/100 mL). This is a product that you can use as a fragrance on your body, which also gives a subtle sheen. The shimmer is so subtle that I wasn’t able to capture in in picture, so you don’t have to worry that you will look like a shimmery discoball when wearing this product. Like I mentioned in the previous section, this scent is like a parfume so the Frosted Plum Shimmer Mist is definitely a great addition to the collection. Even my boyfriend, who is picky with scents likes it on me. I also am obsessed with the Frosted Plum Soap, which smells a bit different, more plum-like and I’m definitely going to stock up on those.


The Limited Edition The Body Shop Holiday Season 2017 Body Butters (€17,00 Euro/200 mL), as well as the other products in the collection are available at and The Body Shop stores.

Have you smelled these Body Butters yet? Which one is your favorite?

*Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


  1. Britt van Ommeren
    December 7, 2017 / 8:52 pm

    Ik heb zelf de Vanilla Chai, heer-lijk, ik ben groot fan en ik wil eigenlijk de andere versies ook nog gaan halen!

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