Treets Traditions Pure Serenity Line

Treets Traditions is a Dutch brand that searches for knowledge about traditions in body care around the world. The brand wants everyone to rediscover these traditions from different cultures so that they will not be forgotten. The ingredients of the products are based on what they’ve used in those traditions from the past, adapted to modern body care.

The new Treets Traditions Pure Serenity line is inspired by the ancient tradition of Japanese Bathhouse Rituals, enriched with natural ingredients from Japan like Rice, Bamboo, Cherry Blossom and Yuzu, each having their own beneficial properties for the skin. I’ve received three products from the Pure Serenity line, which are the Foaming Shower Gel, the Bamboo Body Scrub and the Shimmering Body Cream.



The Treets Traditions Pure Serenity Foaming Shower Gel (€6,99 Euro/200 mL) transforms into a rich and soft foam when it comes in contact with water. The addition of Japanse Cherry Blossom is full of anti-oxidants, protecting the skin from free radicals while Yuzu rejuvenates the skin whilst having a relaxing and fresh aroma.


A small amount of the Treets Traditions Pure Serenity Foaming Shower Gel  turns into a huge amount of foam in a matter of seconds. It feels super fluffy and creamy. A small amount like this can cover my entire body since it turns into even more product when in contact with water. The scent is described as “Flowery Citrus”, which I definitely agree with. The scent is really strong so be aware if you’re sensitive to strong scents.


The Treets Traditions Pure Serenity Bamboo Body Scrub (€9,99 Euro/375 gr) is a salt scrub with Yuzu and Japanese Cherry Blossom that gently exfoliates and helps balance the skin and improve skin tone while leaving an uplifting scent. To use the product, mix and pick out a suitable amount of product using the provided spatula, gently massage onto damp skin and rinse off. The scrub is suitable for all skin types.


The first ingredient in the Treets Traditions Pure Serenity Bamboo Body Scrub is of course Sodium Chloride, which is regular salt. From what I can see is that the scrub mostly consists of salt mixed with Glycerin and Fragaria Vesca Seeds, which are strawberry seeds. The grains are small and do not contain any harsh or big salt crystals. It feels like a more gentle scrub but still feels nicely exfoliating. Rinsing off the scrub leaves an oily layer on the skin. Again, this product is heavily scented, almost even too strong for me to handle so again, be cautious if you’re sensitive to strong scents.


The Treets Traditions Pure Shimmering Body Cream (€12,99 Euro/250 mL) with Yuzu and Japanese Cherry Blossom contains small shimmers to leave the skin soft, moisturized and looking radiant.


The Treets Traditions Pure Shimmering Body Cream feels soft and creamy. The cream looks very white and does take a bit of time to rub in before the “white cast” completely disappears while absorbed into the skin. The shimmers are almost unnoticeable. I probably wouldn’t even realize that they were there if it wasn’t mentioned, so the effect is really subtle and I love how it makes my skin look slightly more radiant. The scent in this product is reduced compared to the other two products and noticeable without being overly strong.

A funny thing that I’ve noticed is that the Treets Traditions Pure Shimmering Body Cream does not have an ingredients list on the packaging, because I wanted to see what was in there to make the body cream look so white. The body scrub also doesn’t show the ingredients list but has an outer box that does. For the body cream, I received the products without one so I don’t know what exactly is the reason for that. I also noticed that from all the products of the new Treets Traditions Pure Serenity line, this is the only one that isn’t available on the website yet, so maybe it has something to do with the packaging?


According to the brand, all the products are free from SLS, SLES, Parabens, Silicons, Micro-Plastics and Mineral Oils. These products are also supposed to be suitable for sensitive skin types but like I mentioned before, probably not for sensitive noses.

I think all the products of the Treets Traditions Pure Serenity line that I’ve tried are nice. My favorite product is the Bamboo Body Scrub but I do wish that the products were not so heavily scented. I noticed that the Parfume ingredient was really high up in the ingredients list for both products (probably lower in the Body Cream but I couldn’t check since the list is missing) which is in my opinion, not necessary at all to have it present in such a high concentration and would fit the theme better because now it just seems so unnatural to have such a strong scent in the products.

The Treets Traditions Pure Serenity line is available at Other products and lines from the brand can be found at drugstores like Etos. For a full list, follow this link to find your closest store.

Have you ever tried any products from Treets Traditions?

*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.

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