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Hair removal has been one of the biggest struggles in the women beauty regimen. Nowadays, there are plenty different options to choose for hair removal like shaving, plucking, waxing and laser hair removal.  Each option has its own up and downside. Veet, one of the biggest hair removal brands has come up with a new product called the Veet Spawax. I’m going to give you an in-depth review about this product.

This is how the Veet Spawax Looks like. It is a basically an electric wax heater. It heats up to the perfect temperature for the provided wax to melt without burning your skin. It has a twist up transparent lid.

In this kit, you will also find six wax discs and a plastic spatula. According to the manual, it is recommended to use four discs for two half-parts of your legs, one disc for the armpits, one for the bikini area and six for full body hair removal. The nice thing about this wax is that you don’t need a fabric strip to remove them. The wax dries non-sticky and hard so you can easily remove them by themselves.

These are the instructions for using the Veet Spawax. In short, it says to place the amount of wax discs needed, turn the Veet Spawax on and leave for 30 minutes, use the spatula to apply the melted wax to a strip of 1-2 mm thickness along the hairs, wait 30-60 seconds, tighten your skin and pull the strip against the hairs quickly, remove leftover wax with a used waxstrip or babyoil.

This is how the Veet Spawax looks like turned on. It does not have a on/off button so it immediately works when you put the cable into the electricity plug. It has a red indication light when it’s turned on.

The wax is completely melted after 30 minutes. The aluminum parts of the Veet Spawax are hot, so be careful not to touch them and only use the spatula for mixing and applying the wax. According to Veet, the wax should have a delightful perfume of Sweet Fig and Purple Lily’s. I don’t smell anything delightful at all, unfortunately to me it smells like old gum that you have been chewing for too long. Thankfully, the smell is very subtle so I don’t mind. The wax is very thin, which will create some very annoying strings that can make applying the wax extremely messy.Wait a few seconds or spin the spatula around a bit before applying to your skin.

For this review, I’m going to try to use it on my arm. I have tried it already on several places of my body, which you will read my experience on at the end of this review. As you can see, I have long, thin black hairs all over my arms.

I’m very bad at estimating the thickness of the waxstrip when applying the wax. I just use the amount that I have on my spatula and smear it out like I would do with a knife. I noticed that thicker strips work better than thinner strips, this uses also more product so you don’t make it too thick. I’m also waiting a bit longer than 1 minute. I’m waiting for about 2 minutes instead to really harden the wax, I’ve experienced that a softer strip will leave more hairs and wax residue behind.

Removing the strip is very easy. You just have to peel a tiny corner so you can hold the strip tighly before ripping it off. It does hurt just like a regular waxing. The pain level is different for every person. If this is your first time waxing, I would use a tiny amount to try out first to see if you can handle the pain and if you have a sensitive skin, to test if the wax isn’t too harsh for your skin. A lot of hairs were removed using the strip. There are some leftover stray hairs which you can try to remove by rolling the used strip on the leftover hairs.

The strip came off in one piece. It has removed many hairs which are all stuck in the strip. For me it gives a very gratifying feeling to see all the hairs stuck in there. It doesn’t give a mess. The wax pieces can be easily thrown away and my arm does not feel sticky like when using the usual waxstrips.

Now let’s see if I can remove all the hairs of my arms. I’ve placed several strips, even going over a strip with more wax to make it longer. I’m placing a few strips on the outside simultaneously to decrease the application time, since the strips need time to harden. Then I will continue on the inside of my arm.

There are still some rogue hairs on my arm but mostly, all hairs are removed. My arm seems kind of irritated, but that is because I scrubbed my arm using a wet towel to remove a small bit of leftover wax and loosen up the leftover hairs to remove with a used strip.

These were all the strips that I’ve used for my lower arm. I would say this is half of a wax disc, so the amounts that Veet recommends are in my opinion more than needed. For example. I think you would  only need two wax discs for half of two legs instead of our. The leftover wax that you don’t use just hardens in the Spawax which you can melt again for another time.

Overall, I’m very impressed by the Veet Spawax. I would preferably not use this for bigger areas like my legs, I have tried to use for my legs but it does leave some hairs behind, especially if the hairs are very thin like mine are. The use of the Veet Spawax seems easy however, it does take some practice to get the feeling how you need to apply the waxstrips and how long you need to wait. Practice a few times and I’m sure you will get the hang of it.

I have also tried this on my mustache, armpits and a full Brazilian wax. I love to use the Veet Spawax for these areas. Even though my mustache hairs are thin, they’re annoying to pluck using a tweezer so I like to use this as a first step and go in with tweezers to get the leftovers. The hairs on my armpits and pubic area are a lot thicker so it is very easy to use this on those places. It also gets more of the hairs, if not all of them when the hairs are thicker. So if you have thicker hairs on your body, I would highly recommend using the Veet Spawax.

Compared to shaving, it gives a much more smoother finish and the hairs grow out much slower. Compared to regular waxing strips, the Veet Spawax is less messy and sticky and on the long run more affordable. Since the Spawax itself is only a simple wax heater, you may choose to only buy the individual refill waxdiscs and melt them using a hot bowl of water with a smaller bowl with the wax on the inside.  I wouldn’t recommend this however since the temperature is not regulated so you can burn yourself more easily.

The Veet Spawax is available for €39,99 Euro at the Kruidvat drugstore. There is a €10 Euro discount at the moment, so it is €29,99 Euro for a limited time. You can buy the refills, which includes six waxdiscs for €8,49 Euro. There is also a buy 2 get one for half the price offer for the refills. I don’t know when these offers expire so be sure to get them now.

What is your hair removal preference? Let me know in the comments below.




  1. July 6, 2015 / 9:20 am

    Leuk review! Ik heb onlangs voor het eerst de Veet waxstrips geprobeerd en de pijn valt erg mee! Het resultaat mag er ook zeker zijn. Ik denk dat ik strips boven hete wax kies. Het is minder werk en ik ben bang dat ik mij aan zo’n apparaat ga branden.

  2. Sandy
    July 6, 2015 / 10:29 am

    Hst beste kun je ook de hars met de haargroei mee smeren en tegen de haargroei in trekken!

  3. January 12, 2018 / 9:30 am

    Zou je deze verwarmings kit ook kunnen gebruiken met wax van een ander merk?

    • Lariesa
      January 12, 2018 / 1:05 pm

      Hi Rebekka,

      Zou kunnen afhankelijk van op welk temperatuur de wax die je wilt gebruiken smelt! Deze is helaas niet in temperatuur verstelbaar en ik weet ook niet op welk temperatuur die staat.

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