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Etos Botanical Boost Rosemary & Fig Collection

For the holiday season, Etos has launched the Limited Edition Botanical Boost collection in collaboration with the Hortus Botanicus, which is a Botanical Garden in Amsterdam. Etos has done collaborations with the Hortus Botanicus in the past, creating products with high-quality plant extracts. The scent for this years line is Rosemary & Fig, featuring several products for home and body. I’m showing you three products of the Etos Botanical Boost Rosemary & Fig Collection in this post.



Alessandro Fresh up Your Hands Handgel

Summer is sadly over for quite some time already but fortunately, Alessandro offers two fun and fruity scented handsgels reminiscent to the hot and sunny days. These handgels can be used for freshening up your hands when there is no soap around. If you want to know more about the Alessandro Fresh Up Your Hands Handgel, read further down below.


My weightloss journey with Oenobiol Beauty Supplements – One month results

One month ago, I wrote an article about wanting to lose weight with the help of the Oenobiol Beauty Supplements, since these products that contain natural ingredients, enhancing beauty from within may help with losing additional weight. Since I’ve already covered describing the Oenobiol products in the previous article, I’m not going to discuss this now but you should definitely check that one out if you haven’t done so yet. For today’s post. I’m going to tell you about my experience using these products and some initial results after a month.



The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin range

The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin Range

Today’s the start of the month October, which means it’s time for Halloween and of course, anything Pumpkin! The Body Shop has a new Special Edition Vanilla Pumpkin bodycare range, inspired by freshly baked goodies and contains a beautiful mix of fall aroma’s. I’m going to show you two of the products in the range, which are the The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin Hand Cream and the  Vanilla Pumpkin Body Butter.


Losing weight with the help of Oenobiol Beauty Supplements

I’ve been wanting to lose weight for a few years now however, it’s difficult since I love to eat and in between my job and blogging, I don’t have much time to exercise. Thankfully, I was asked to try out products from Oenobiol, a brand based in France that just launched in the Netherlands. The brand offers several beauty supplements based on natural ingredients that enhances beauty from the inside.

The products of Oenobiol are divided in five different lines; Beauty SupportHair SupportSilhouetteSkin Support and Skin Support Sun. Since I want to lose weight, I was of course interested in the products of the Silhouette line. From that line, I picked out three products, which are the Oenobiol Silhouette BoostCapteur 3-in-1 and Silhouette Support Energy. I’m going to discuss these products in detail in this post.



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