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Glamour Café by YSL Beauty

Saturday, September 30th is the National Glamour Day and YSL Beauty is joining the festivities by introducing the Glamour Café by Yves Saint Laurent Beauty. I was invited to join the event by YSL Beauty but unfortunately, I have other things to attend to. However, I’m happy to be able to share the event with my followers! I’m going to tell you all about the event in this post.


Surprisingly Low Priced Products by Etos

Etos has a big collection of their own brands beauty products like bodylotions, cleansing products, hair styling products and many other beauty related things. Not only does these Etos products have a sleek new design and enhanced quality, they’re also really affordable! In this post, I’m showing you a few examples of these surprisingly low priced products by Etos.


NARS Cosmetics – Soon Available in The Netherlands

NARS Cosmetics is a high-end beauty brand founded in 1994 by François Nars and embraces individuality, self expression and creativity. The brands products is known for their variety of seductive, bold and daring make-up.

I’ve been a fan of the brand for years, with one of their Audacious lipsticks being one of my first reviews on this blog ever. I also love their Blushes and of course their famous Creamy Concealer. Unfortunately, I decided I wouldn’t continue reviewing their products since the brand was difficult to get, which is finally going to change starting from September this year.

NARS Cosmetics will finally be available in The Netherlands, first on the De Bijenkorf website (September 1st), then in stores at the Bijenkorf Amsterdam and Utrecht (September 14th) and Bijenkorf Rotterdam (half November). Really hoping that there will be one in The Hague too, since I live ten minutes from that one haha!

I am very humbled, thankful and proud to say that I will be there at the Press Launch and as a NARS VIP and will show you some exclusive content in the future. Definitely keep an eye out on my Snapchat (username: TheBeautynerd) next week, since I will show you everything I can during the Press Launch. Also, let me know if you have any questions about the brand, products and/or launch. I will try to get answers during the Press Launch next week!

Have you ever tried products from NARS Cosmetics before? Which product is your favorite or are you most interested in to try out?

Colourpop International Shipping Launch


Hey everyone! I have a short notification for you today. The popular U.S. based brand Colourpop is finally shipping internationally! There were of course already a few options to get Colourpop products to the Netherlands like grouporders with people who have friends/family in the U.S. . I would personally never recommend this method through my blog because this is done by a non official third-party, which is just like another consumer and if something happens and you get scammed, it might have been because you saw my recommendation and I would feel responsible. Since Colourpop is offering International Shipping themselves, I can finally review stuff from this brand and will definitely give you more details on shipping prices when available and if this is more affordable than sending the products via an USA Address & Packaging Company like Shipito (which I will explain in more detail soon).

International Shipping will be available from July 12th and onward.


Are you planning to buy something from Colourpop once International Shipping launches?


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