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I’m not okay – A personal update

Social media is a platform where anyone can express themselves in any way they want. You can portray a perfect life with perfect pictures without anyone knowing how you are feeling in real life. I have been painting such a picture, posting my blog articles and pictures on social media regularly while in real life, I have been struggling with a burnout and a starting depression for months. It all started exactly one year ago, when the love of my life Elliot passed away suddenly. I haven’t recovered ever since and gotten worse emotionally over time. I have been very silent in my personal surrounding as well so I wanted to update you all with this post to let you know how I really am doing now.


Blog update: Introducing Shade Reviews

Hey everyone! I wanted to give you an update for something new that I was thinking about to introduce to I lately have been posting three articles per week instead of the usual two because I just have so many things that I want to show you. However, it takes a huge toll on the time that I need to invest. The problem is that I don’t have any time left and I notice that my stress level has been up because of that. Therefore, I was thinking to create some shorter articles, “Shade Reviews” being one of them.

Shade Reviews will be articles about products that were already reviewed in the past, only showing different shades and of course letting you know how the shade itself is performing so they’re not only swatches, but also a short review about the shades themselves (consistency, pigmentation, application etc). I will just skip everything about the packaging, since I already have explained everything about it in a previous article, which I will link in the swatch review.

I have reviewed a lot of same type of products over and over, and I continuously repeated myself in each article, which is something that I find unnecessary. Examples of products that I have reviewed in the past and I have more shades of are the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipsticks and the Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks. If there is a product that hasn’t been reviewed before or if something has changed in the packaging, I will of course write a complete review or do a comparison between old/new.

So in short, products with new shades that already have been reviewed with no changes in packaging will become Shade Reviews in the future with a link of the full review. New products will be reviewed the same as I always have done. This will save me quite some taking pictures, editing, writing etc.

Let me know what you think about this idea!

NYX Professional Makeup FACE Awards 2017 – Second Challenge: Phobias

Hey everyone! As some of you probably have seen already on my social media pages, I’ve reached the Top 10 of the NYX Professional Make-Up NL Face Awards 2017! The next challenge is themed Phobias, so I’ve created this Melissophobia look, aka Fear of Bees look. I need your help to be able to reach the Top 5 by voting for my look! I will explain how it works down below.


NYX Professional Makeup FACE Awards 2017 – First Challenge: Color Explosion

Hey Everyone! Voting has started for the first round of the NYX Face Awards NL. You can support me by voting here:

You can vote once a day. Would love to reach the Top 10 but all the contestants are so good so help is much appreciated. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to upload a detailed article with more pictures, but I’m hoping that I can update this post further later tonight or tomorrow!

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