Mr. Experience Event – De Proefparade Beauty Collection 2017

Mr. Experience Event - De Proefparade Beauty Collection 2017

At the beginning of this month, I’ve went to a Mr. Experience Event called De Proefparade Beauty Collection 2017. During this event, I got to know more about six different brands and was introduced to a selection of their products. I’m going to tell you a bit about the brands that were there and show you the products that I’ve received during this event.



The event was held at Studio 13 in Amsterdam hosted by Alwin, one of the founders of Mr. Experience Creators. Each of the brands had their own booths, displaying their products. The event was very interactive, you can grab a bite and drink, walk around at each booth while asking questions to the brand representatives about their products. After the introduction to their brand and product, you receive a goodiebag with a selection of their products. The six brands at the event were Fudge Professional, NAK, Kneipp, Marc Inbane, Beau De L’Or and W7.


Fudge Professional

Fudge Professional is an UK professional hairsalon brand that offers an enormous variety of hair products, from styling, care to colour. I’ve already heard a lot positive things about this brands shampoos and hair colouring products. I haven’t tried any of their products though so I was happy to see that Fudge was one of the brands at this event.


The products that were inside the Fudge Professional goodiebag were the Big Bold OOMF™ Shampoo and ConditionerPush-It-Up Blow Dry SprayThink Big Texture Spray and the Elevate Styling Powder. I also was very curious about their colouring products and was wondering if it would show on my natural black hair. The brand representatives told me that I would probably get a colored sheen instead so I wanted to put that up to the test and also received the Paintbox semi-permanent colour in Chasing Blue.



NAK is an Australian professional brand that also offers a variety of hair products. I’ve never heard about this brand before however, I was very excited to see that this brand has a great selection of products for men. My boyfriend has been looking for the perfect beard oil and other caring/styling products for his facial hair, which is not impossible but difficult to find.


The products that were inside the NAK goodiebag were the Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner, Repl.ends SprayShine Mist and two sachets of the Ultimate Treatment. I will also be receiving the beard oil for my boyfriend since they weren’t immediately available on site, it is not displayed in the picture.



Kneipp is a German drugstore brand that offers a variety of bath and body products. I think Kneipp is a fairly known brand in The Netherlands, I at least have used many of their products since they are good and affordable. Unlike the other brands, Kneipp focused more on a new collection called Beautiful Shape, having grape seed oil as the key ingredient. I really liked how they decorated their booth a lot. You can immediately see that the brand promotes natural ingredients.


The products that were inside the Kneipp goodiebag were the Body LotionOil and Scrub from the Beautiful Shape collection.



MARC INBANE is according to their own website, a Dutch luxury goods company specializing in the design and retail of cosmetic products. I’m note sure why the brand describes themselves in that way, because basically the only products they offer are candles and natural self-tanning products. These were also the products that were on display during the event, but the main focus was on their self-tanning products. I never heard of this brand but I have always been interested in self-tanning products, which I also never tried before.


The products that were inside the MARC INBANE goodiebag were The Original Tanning SprayKabuki Brush, Glove and a sample of the Facial Exfoliator.


Beau De L’Or

Another Dutch brand that was present at this event was Beau de L’Or This brand only offers one product, which is the Divine Sensation Refreshing Beauty Spray. I get the feeling that this brand is fairly new, I’ve at least never heard of them. Also, I found the brand representatives to be a bit unprofessional. They demanded a review before giving you a product. Okay, kind of get that but they also had a lot of empty bottles for display, which they did because according to the lady that we spoke to, the products get stolen if they would be full. I mean.. what.. seriously!? This left a huge impression on me, because this was a PR event, how can they not trust the people who were invited and actually want to write and promote their products without any payment? That was really weird, but I decided to give them a chance since the product looked interesting. Every brand has to start and learn somewhere right?



The last brand was W7, a UK brand that specializes in drugstore make-up (dupes). I think most of the make-up loving community in The Netherlands already know this brand. W7 is very popular due to their affordable eyeshadow palettes, which are basically Urban Decay Naked Palette dupes. I’ve tried one of their eyeshadow palette dupes before, but I never knew that W7 had such a big variety of other make-up products too.


At their booth, you could pick any two products to try out. Since I already know a bit about their eyeshadow palette dupes (which many others have reviewed) and nothing about the other products, I decided to go for the Solar Glow Palette and the Skinny Lipping Matte Nude Lipgloss. I can’t find the name of the gloss anywhere, it might be Sl0 9HW but that really seems like a weird name. I will definitely try to find out the name shade for the future review.

I think the Mr. Experience Event – De Proefparade Beauty Collection 2017 was very interesting. Many thanks to Alwin for sending me an invitation! I got to know a bit more of brands that I would usually pass, since I’m more focused on more popular, high-end make-up brands. I will definitely try out these products with pleasure and write a review of a selection of products in the future. Let me know if you would like a review of one of these specific product/brand, then I will prioritize a review for that.

Which product/brand do you find most interesting?

*These products were given to me for future reviews. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.

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  1. February 24, 2017 / 12:59 pm

    Erg leuk en lang verslag deel je met ons vandaag. Lijkt mij een geslaagd event.

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