Tangle Teezer Compact Styler designed by Lulu Guinness

Tangle Teezer Compact Styler x Lulu Guinness

I always brushed my hair using a regular hair brush because I didn’t think that there was a difference between hair brushes. This all changed when I was introduced to the Tangle Teezer. I was skeptical if this would make a difference many years ago, but it has definitely changed my hair brushing life. The Tangle Teezer is known for having unique designs and colors for anyone’s taste. For this season, three new Limited Edition designs were created for the Tangle Teezer Compact Styler in collaboration with designers Markus Lupfer and Lulu Guinness. I’ve received one of the Limited Edition Tangle Teezer Compact Stylers, which is designed by Lulu Guinness.



The Tangle Teezer Compact Styler comes is a transparent box so you can easily see the design through the box. The box contains information about the brush and some words of the creator of the Tangle Teezer.



The Tangle Teezer Compact Styler designed by Lulu Guinness is all about glamour and retro. There are retro lipstick tubes with all kinds of different lipstick shades printed on top of the Tangle Teezer. I mean, how awesome is that!? I absolutely love it. The design couldn’t be more perfect for me, because I’m a lipstick addict.



The teeth area of the Tangle Teezer Compact Styler designed by Lulu Guinness is light pink instead of black. The Compact Styler click-on cover to protect the teeth and also keeps them clean during traveling. I always keep one in my bag. It’s very compact and lightweight.


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What is unique about this Tangle Teezer is the placement and flexibility of the teeth. The teeth have two different sizes, with shorter and longer teeth alternating between each other. The Tangle Teezer can be used for wet and dry hair, detangling without any pain.

I actually never felt pain when brushing my hair, but my boyfriend does. He is very sensitive and has longer hair than me. He thought it was insane to buy a brush for a considerable price compared to a regular brush. Well, he took all his words away when he used the Tangle Teezer, because it is even pain-free for him. It detangles so easily and also, our hair is actually fuller and grows longer since we’re using this brush because it is so gentle that it doesn’t break off hair as much compared to a regular brush. For example, my boyfriend could only grow his hair to a certain length because his hair was constantly breaking off at that point. Since he is using the Tangle Teezer, his hair was finally growing further that that point.



Here’s the Compact Styler compared to the regular Tangle Teezer. The Compact Styler is a bit smaller and has a different shape. I prefer the shape when holding and brushing with a regular Tangle Teezer, which I like to keep at home, but the Compact Syler is of course better for traveling due to the size and the protective cover.



I seriously cannot live without my Tangle Teezer. I really noticed a difference when I lost mine once and had to go back to a regular brush. It felt clumsy and I just felt my hair being pulled and ripped off. My boyfriend was the one who immediately purchased another one because he couldn’t even handle having to brush his hair with a regular brush anymore. It might be more expensive but trust me, you have to have this brush. Do it for your luscious hairs. I have fairly straight hair, with some wavy parts just as my boyfriend so I can’t say if it works on curly hair but according to the brand, it should be suitable for all hair types.



I’m really happy to add the Limited Edition Tangle Teezer Compact Syler Designed By Lulu Guinness to my Tangle Teezer collection. This design would also be a perfect gift for someone who loves make-up. I mean, which person with long hair doesn’t need a good hair brush to travel with? There are many designs to choose from so there’s a Tangle Teezer for anyone.

The Limited Edition Tangle Teezer Compact Syler Designed By Lulu Guinness is available from €15,95 (suggested retail price) in several stores like Bol.com, ModeMusthaves.com and selected Douglas stores.

Have you ever tried out the Tangle Teezer?


*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


  1. October 10, 2016 / 11:12 am

    Ik heb het nooit geprobeerd, maar ik denk zeker wel dat het een fijn product is! En ideaal en het ziet er leuk uit hihi 🙂

  2. October 15, 2016 / 11:38 pm

    Ik heb er ook eentje, wit met roze. Ik vind hem erg fijn in gebruik, alleen laat ik ‘m steeds uit m’n handen flikkeren omdat ‘ie geen handvat heeft, haha. Wel fijn dat jij er zo tevreden over bent!
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