1Up Box February 2016 – Transform

1Up Box February 2016 - Transform 01

I have another 1Up Box for you today! This is a monthly box that offers gear for Geeks & Gamers, with a $40+ value, a monthly exclusive T-shirt and having 6-8 items to each box.  The theme of the 1Up Box February 2016 is “Transform”. I’ve also reviewed the previous months box themed “Legend”, which you can find here.


1Up Box Packaging

I forgot to mention the box itself last time! The 1Up Box is bright green like a Mario 1Up Mushroom  and has the 1Up Box logo. 


1Up Box February 2016 - Transform 02

The 1Up Box February 2016 contains 6 items. Like the previous box, half of them are Videogames related (in my opinion) and the other half is more geek related. Again,  this is not something I would prefer because I only like videogames related items, but if you’re into more comic/geek stuff, this would be a nice combo. Let’s go over all the items in detail.


Kirby Plush

1Up Box Kirby Plush

When I saw spoilers that this box would contain a Kirby related item, I knew I had to give this box another shot. I love Kirby, I first was introduced to him through Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo 64, and I still love to pick him as a character. The only Kirby Videogame that I’ve played is Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards but I’m definitely planning to play more of the Kirby Videogame Franchise. The Kirby Plush in this months box is very cute, soft, feels and looks of high quality. It also has a nice size, it’s a bit bigger than my hand.


Metallic Hero Tattoos

1Up Box Metallic Hero Tattoos

The next item is the Metallic Hero Tattoos. It is a sheet with two temporary tattoos of The Hulk and Iron Man in Transformers style (at least I think it looks like Transformers). I’ve never seen or read a Hulk movie/comic book but I really like the Iron Man movies. For some reason, I find this item a bit too childish (yes I’m actually saying that as someone who likes toys). I do think that the quality of these temporary tattoos look great, so I think that this would be nice to wear for a comic-con convention.


Mutant Spiderman Necklace

1Up Box Mutant Spider Necklace

Another Comic Book/Movie related item is the Mutant Spiderman Necklace. I wonder if you would wear this if someone would actually relate this to Spiderman, since it’s just a spider in a web, it could just be a random thing.  I have watched the cartoon series and the Spiderman movies (the ones with Toby Maguire) which I really like, but I’m actually horribly afraid of Spiders, so this item is definitely not made for someone like me. Again, even though I don’t like this item, I do think the quality of the necklace is good.


Adventure Dog Sweatband

1Up Box Adventure Dog Sweatband

The next item in this box is a Adventure Dog Sweatband. Even though I’ve never seen Adventure TIme, I do recognize this immediately! It’s still on my to watch list, because it looks very funny. The sweatband is an accessory that I wouldn’t wear that quickly, but I think it does look cute. Also, the Collectible Pin of the 1Up Box February 2016 is Hulk sitting on a wrecking ball like Miley Cyrus, very funny artwork! The Collectible Pin counts as an extra.


Power-Up Window Decal

1Up Box Power-Up Window Decal

The fifth item in this box is the Power-Up Window Decal. These are decals that you can use to stick on smooth surfaces like your laptop, car or windows. These are shaped like Super Mario Power-Ups. It also has a Mario-Kart like background which I find a nice detail. These decals are created especially for 1Up Box but the artwork kind of creep me out, especially the mushroom. I’m really disappointed in these decals because I love Mario related items, my house is full of Mario World decorations. If they made these more “cute” instead of realistic, this would probably be more of a success.


“Mega Millionaire” Shirt

1Up Box Mega Millionaire Shirt

The last item in this months box is the “Mega Millionaire” Shirt. When subscribing to this box, you can pick a size fitting men or women with sizes from S to XXL. You can also order a “Youth” fitting T-shirt from XS to XL. I’ve ordered a Womens XL T-Shirt, because I like loose fitting T-shirts. I have a European M size fit for tops.

I think this T-shirt is a mash-up of Iron Man and Mega Man. I have very fond memories of Mega Man. My mom was a part of an Indonesian womens club which met every month or so. When we went to the house where they usually meet up, I always watched one of her sons play Mega Man on the Super Nintendo with the rest of the kids.


1Up Box February 2016 - Transform 03

The 1Up Box February 2016 was another disappointment for me. Again, I do think the value is what they promise and the products are of good quality, but the items were just not interesting, except for the Kirby Plush. I still think this box is great if you are into more Geeky stuff besides Videogames. But together with the disappointing January box, I think this confirms that this box is just not something for me and I will not be subscribed to this box any longer.

The 1Up Box is available for $29.95 USD (price including shipping to the Netherlands, check Xe.com for the current converted price in Euro) at 1Upbox.com. You can only pay by creditcard. The price per box per month is less if you subscribe for a 3 or 6 months plan. The theme of the March Box is “Versus”.

Do you think that the 1Up Box would be interesting for you? What was your favorite item?



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