New Etos Hair Styling Products – Hair Oil, Serum and Sea Salt Spray


The drugstore Etos has been renewing their own brands products over the year, this time focusing on their hair styling products. Not only did they completely renew and improve this line of products, they also added three new hair styling products: Hair Oil, Hair Serum and Sea Salt Spray. I’m going to show you these three new products in this post.



I love how they re-vamped the packaging of the Etos Hair Styling Products. The products all have different shades of teal and turquoise packaging, which are my favorite type of colors. The packaging looks very modern and is simple and clear what the product is meant for. I’m going to give you a short description of each individual product and how I like to use them.


Etos Hair Oil


The Etos Hair Oil (€3,99/125mL) is an oil formulated for damaged hair. According to Etos, the Hair Oil is supposed to intensively nourish hair without feeling greasy. It also prevents frizzy-ness and makes hair feeling soft and more easy to control.



You can apply the Etos Hair Oil by pumping an amount on your hand and rubbing your hands together to warm op the oil. Then, the oil can be divided on your hair and also on the base. It can be used on either wet or dry hair and you don’t need to rinse the product out of your hair. The Etos Hair Oil is transparent , is very thin, runny and doesn’t feel greasy. The scent really reminds me of a high quality product scent that you would find at a hairdresser. It smells really good! I personally like to apply the Hair Oil on wet hair on the lengths and base of my hair. I really like this product. It makes my hair feel softer and look more shiny and less frizzy after it has dried. This one is my favorite pick of all three new products.


Etos Hair Serum


The Etos Hair Serum (€3,99/30mL) is an oil formulated for dry and damaged hair. According to Etos, the Hair Serum is supposed to improve the condition of your hair, making it soft and shiny without feeling greasy.



The Etos Hair Serum is transparent and much thicker and oily compared to the Hair Oil. It also feels greasy but doesn’t feel sticky. You can use the Hair Serum by applying an amount on your hands, then rubbing your hands together to warm op the serum. Then, the serum can be divided on the lengths of your hair and ends. It can be used on either wet or dry hair and you don’t need to rinse the product out of your hair. I have dry hair, which is extremely damaged and brittle at the ends because of bleaching. I do think that the serum puts some weight in my hair, and looks greasy when applied on dry hair. I only like to use this on wet hair and only at the very dry tips of my hair. Unfortunately, I don’t see any permanent improvement of the condition of my hair after a few uses. However, it is a temporary solution for making my hair look a bit more healthy.


Etos Sea Salt Spray


The Etos Sea Salt Spray (€4,99/150mL) is a hair product that provides extra volume and body for a “nonchalant beach look effect”. The spray has a similar scent like the other products. You can use the spray by applying the product on towel-dry to dry hair, spraying it evenly from the base to the ends of your hair. You can then shape your hair by molding with your hands to give it a natural wavy look.



In the picture on the left, I only applied the Etos Hair Oil on the base and lengths of my hair and the Hair Serum on the ends on wet hair, letting it dry normally over time without using any tools. My hair does look more shiny and less frizzy compared to what I usually experience without using these products. On the right, I’ve added the Sea Salt Spray from top to bottom. I love the volume that the spray gives me, but my ends feel horrible. It has sucked all the moisture out of my ends, making it feel super dry and feeling like rope or something. If you have damaged ends like me, only use it at the base of your hair, which I’ve tried after taking these pictures and works good for me. If you have completely damaged hair, avoid using the Sea Salt Spray. I think it is okay to use if you have normal to oily hair.



I do think it’s worth to check out the new Etos Hair Styling product range, because all the products are super affordable. I especially recommend to check out the Hair Oil. The Etos Hair Styling Products are available in stores.


Have you seen or tried the new products? Which do you find most interesting?


*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


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