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Faux Septums 02

Body piercings have been a changing trend throughout the years. In the 90’s, there was the Nose Piercing. In the 00’s, there was the Navel Piercing. This decade, it’s time for the Septum Piercing. A Septum Piercing is placed in between the nostrils. Since it’s on the center of your face, it looks very striking, bold and edgy. If you’re not ready to commit to the real deal, you can also try a fake one. With a Faux Septum Piercing, you can just see how it looks without having to spend a lot of money, pain and maintenance. I’ve purchased a set with three different styles of Faux Septum Piercings at the Etsy store Baubles N Gems.

Baubles n Gems Box

The Faux Septum Piercings are packaged in a small white gift box. The box has a pink ribbon with silver lettering which reads the name of the shop, Baubles n Gems.

Faux Septums 01

I’ve chosen a set of three silver Faux Septum Piercings with tribal inspired accents, all hand-made. The Faux Septum Piercings are made of silver plated base metal, so probably nickel with a silver coating. They feel sturdy and are not bendable (unless you use excessive force), so they are described as “one size fits all clip ins”.

I’ve noticed that there are two ways to place these Faux Septum Piercings, one way is to “hang” them at the very end in between my nose. This is the most noticeable way to show these Piercings, since they hang so low that they almost are touching my lips. This way of wearing these Faux Septum Piercings would be a little bit too much for most of the people, making it look a bit “cow” like, so be careful with that!

You can also push the Faux Septum Piercings a bit more inside your nose. Don’t worry, it sounds scary but it isn’t dangerous and does not hurt at all. This makes the Piercings look a little less noticeable and more like the real deal.

I’m going to show you both ways on how I think you can wear these Faux Septum Piercings.


Faux Septum No 01 - 01 SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESFaux Septum No 01 - 03 Faux Septum No 1 - 04

The first Faux Septum looks very detailed. It has filigree-ish heart shaped ornaments and is therefore the most striking one of the set.



Faux Septum No 02 - 01 SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESFaux Septum No 2 - 03 Faux Septum No 2 - 04

The second Faux Septum is a bit more subtle, it has spheres which vary in size. The middle sphere is the biggest and gets smaller and smaller at the ends.



Faux Septum No 03 - 01 SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESFaux Septum No 3 - 03 Faux Septum No 3 - 04

The third Faux Septum Piercing has a pyramid shape in the middle and rectangular shapes on the sides of the piercing.



Faux Septums 02

I think these Faux Septum Piercings are very fun to use for selfies, and scaring the hell out of your mom (like I did lol). I personally like the subtle way of wearing, so placing this further into my nose for a more subtle and real look. For me, this is also more comfortable, since it does not move around a lot, it can go down again if you’re moving a lot like dancing at parties for example, so I think it would be difficult for those type of situations. If I place these at the tip of my nose, it’s kind of loose so the Faux Septum Piercing moves around a lot more so it tickles and itches a lot wearing it this way. They did not fell off though. This of course only my experience and will be different for everybody else.

I will definitely keep using these if I’m creating a more bold make-up look, because these will match a look like that perfectly. I’m not going to use these outside of creating looks, because I don’t prefer the “hanging” Faux Septum Piercing look on me and I don’t feel like pushing the Piercings back all the time if it does decide to go back to the tip of my nose.

There are plenty different stores like on Etsy and Claire’s where you can purchase Faux Septum Piercings. I’ve bought mine at Baubles N Gems for $18 Dollar and $15 Dollar shipping (check Xe.com for the current price in Euro).

What do you think of the Septum Piercing trend?



P.S. The winner of the Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lip Patch Giveaway is Seema! Congratulations girl! I will contact you and send you the Lip Patch ASAP 🙂


  1. Tatjana
    August 28, 2015 / 11:10 am

    Ik heb er ook twee! Maar gewoon via eBay gekocht. Vind ze echt heel tof! ?
    Doe hem ook wel eens in voor een fotootje ofzo.

  2. August 28, 2015 / 12:22 pm

    I…LOVE THIS. It suits you very well!

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