Gamer Girl Monthly – August 2015

Girl Gamer Monthly - August 2015 Friends Box

There are many (monthly) subscription boxes to choose from nowadays. I’ve been subscribed to a lot of different beauty-related boxes, but there are also tons of other subscription boxes outside of these beauty boxes. I’ve found a very cool monthly subscription box through Instagram called Gamer Girl Monthly, which offers video game inspired jewelry and other collectibles. This subscription box is quite new starting from July this year. I’ve missed the June and July Boxes, which themes were “Pixel” and “Power Up”. The theme of the month of August is “Friends”. I’m going to unbox and show you all the items of the August 2015 Girl Gamer Box.


Girl Gamer Monthly - August All items

Here are all the items inside the Girl Gamer Monthly “Friends” Box. There are four items, three of them jewelry in this box and one “bonus” item.


Girl Gamer Monthly - Legend of Zelda Navi Pouch

Let’s start with the bonus item. It is a cute Legend of Zelda Navi Pouch. It is white and made of a synthetic material. I’m currently using this to hold my keys so they don’t scratch anything inside my bag.


Girl Gamer Monthly - Legend of Zelda Navi Necklace

Speaking of Navi, there is also a Legend of Zelda Navi Inspired Necklace in this box. The necklace is made of stainless steel with a light blue jewel als Navi’s body. Some people consider Navi to be a bit annoying I don’t mind her though.  I love The Legend of Zelda videogames, A Link to the Past is my favorite one.


Girl Gamer Monthly - Zelda Navi Necklace 02

The necklace is very short. I personally prefer longer necklaces, I wanted to check if I could remove the Navi charm so I could replace the actual necklace however, this is not possible because the attachment part of the necklace is too big for the charm to go through, You can bend the ring at the end of the necklace if you really would like to change it.


Girl Gamer Monthly - Companion Cube Earrings 01

The next item in this box are Companion Cube Earrings. The information card does not say from what kind of material these are made of. They’re at least silver colored with white and pink details. I’ve never played Portal myself. I get motion sickness when playing 1st person type of videogames, so this is unfortunately not a game that I would play in the future either.


Girl Gamer Monthly - Companion Cube Earrings

The Companion Cube Earring is not too heavy and wears very comfortable. It matches my silver/grey hair perfectly. I think these are very adorable.


Girl Gamer Monthly - Eevee Charm Bracelet 01

The third and last jewelry piece inside this Gamer Girl Monthly box is a Pokémon Eevee Charm Bracelet. It has an antique brass look to it. One thing I don’t understand is why this Charm Bracelet is a completely different color compared to the other two jewelry items. I would personally create a box that has jewelry that would match each other so that you can wear it all at the same time, at least that is what I would prefer. So this item seems a bit of an outsider for me. It does match the theme though.


Girl Gamer Monthly - Pokemon Eevee Charm Bracelet Macro

I do love the small details on the Eevee Charm Bracelet. There are Pokéballs charms which has an Eevee in the background. So it looks like there’s an Eevee inside the Pokéball, extremely cute! There are also small heart shaped charms in between the Pokéballs.


Girl Gamer Monthly - Eevee Charm Bracelet

There’s enough space to fit the bracelet on my wrist.  If you have small ankles, you can probably use this as an ankle bracelet too! I have played the first two Pokémon games, so Red/Blue and Silver/Gold. My favorite Eevee Evolution is Jolteon.


Girl Gamer Monthly - Yoshi Plus Keychain

The last item in this box is a Yoshi Plush Keychain. Mine’s green but I don’t know if you can get random colors in this box or if everyone gets a green Yoshi. Who doesn’t love this little dinosaur. I think Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island is still one of the most beautiful (and fun) games around. It is a bit too big for me to use as a keychain but I will probably let him stand on my Videogame display or use him as a car mirror ornament.


Here I’m wearing all of the jewelry items. See how the bracelet does not match the other two?


Girl Gamer Monthly Aug 15 Look

Overall, I really like this box. All the items are cute, unique, usable and beautifully detailed. My favorite item in this box is the Companion Cube Earrings, least favorite is the Eevee Charm Bracelet, since I prefer to wear silver colored jewelry. You can subscribe to the Gamer Girl Monthly Subscription Box for $13 USD + $13,99 USD shipping Internationally, so $26,99 in total which is about €23 Euro at the moment (Check for the current price in Euro). I think this is quite expensive, damn you international shipping prices! You can choose to skip a month you’re not interested in the next months box theme. For further information, check out the Gamer Girl Monthly Website. Unfortunately, this box is not available anymore, you can subscribe for the Gamer Girl Monthly September 2015 Box, themed “Enemies”. I would definitely check out their Instagram if you’re interested in subscribing to this box!

Are you subscribed to any monthly subscription boxes at the moment?




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  1. September 11, 2015 / 11:19 am

    Cool! Will check it out, this is an epic box for gamer gils!!

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