Gamer Girl Monthly November 2015

Gamer Girl Monthly November Box

Hey everyone! I have another Gamer Girl Monthly Box to show you. For those who haven’t seen my previous reviews yet, this monthly subscription box contains several Videogames inspired jewelry and accessories. I have previously reviewed the October Box themed “Magic“. For the month November, the theme is “Heroes“.


Gamer Girl monthly November Box 02

Here are all the items from the Gamer Girl Monthly November Box. There’s the pouch and button, which are recurring items in each months Gamer Girl Monthly Boxes. This box also contains two necklaces, earrings and socks!


Pokémon Pokéball Socks

Pokemon Pokeball Socks 01

I have to start with the Pokémon Pokéball Socks. I love Pokémon so I was very happy when I saw these. These are regular black socks, completely covered with Pokéballs. How friggin’ cute is this?

Pokemon Pokeball Socks 02

The socks are quite long and fits perfectly around my feet. It also fits my boyfriends feet so he kind of stole them and wearing them right now.Unfortunately, I have seen that not everyone has gotten these socks in their box because they ran out, you could also have received a Charmander or Mew Plushie, which were also very cute. I like that they included 1st Generation Pokémons, I’m a fan but only familiar with the 1st and 2nd Generation Pokémon before it became too much for me.



Batman Bat Symbol Necklace

Batman Bat Symbol Necklace 01

The next item in the Gamer Girl Monthly box is a Batman Bat Symbol Necklace. The pendant has a matte metallic/aluminum finish. Just like with the Harry Potter Necklace in the previous box, I don’t really consider this item as a Videogame related item, but more comic/movie related, which is fine but I would prefer Videogame related items only. There are of course a lot of Batman Videogames which also because very popular, but it’s not my cup of tea.

Batman Bat Symbol Necklace 02

The length of the necklace is a bit strange to me. It hangs just above my boobs. If you would have bigger boobs than me, they necklace would just disappear between them, so you have to wear a top that isn’t as low as mine. You can take the Batman pendant out and switch the chain for a different one, I think this type of chain looks a bit cheap anyways.



Sonic Hedgehog Earrings

Sonic Hedgehog Earrings 01

The next items are some very cute Sonic Hedgehog Earrings. These are hanging earrings of Sonics the Hedgehogs head made of rubber. I haven’t played a Sonic game for a very long time. I have a lot of fond memories of me and my cousin playing Sonic on the Sega, don’t remember which one though. The button of this month also has the silhouette of Sonic on it.

Sonic Hedgehog Earrings 02

These Sonic Hedgehog Earrings will be very noticeable when you wear them, unless if you have blue hair. 😉 They feel very light since they’re made of rubber. The only downside of these earrings is that the Sonic heads are not mirrored, so they both face the same side. I like symmetry so I’m slightly bothered by it, but for some people this wouldn’t be even noticeable.



Zelda Hylian Shield Necklace

Zelda Hylian Shield Necklace 01

Lastly, there are two Zelda themed items in this box, The Zelda Hylian Shield which are both on the monthly pouch and a necklace.  I think the creators of this box are Zelda fans, because there was a Zelda themed item in every monthly Girl Gamer Monthly box I’ve had. For me this is ok, because I like the Zelda franchise, but this would probably be not so enjoyable for someone who doesn’t like the franchise.

Zelda Hylian Shield Necklace 02

The Zelda Hylian Shield Necklace has a thick metallic silver chain, which looks more masculine than feminine. The length is the same as the Batman Bat Symbol Necklace, again at a not-so-comfortable spot. I don’t really like people staring at my boobs, which they probably will since this necklace is quite big and striking.



Gamer Girl Monthly November Box 01

I think the Gamer Girl Monthly November Box was a hit and miss, which is very disappointing since I loved the previous months box. I really love the Pokémon Pokéball Socks but the rest is not that exciting to me. I especially think it’s not so nice to have two of the same type of products in one months box. I would add something else like a ring (which I haven’t received yet in a single box) or a bracelet instead of two necklaces. Hopefully the next box will be another hit!

You can subscribe to the Gamer Girl Monthly Subscription Box for $13 USD + $13,99 USD shipping Internationally, so $26,99 in total which is about €25 Euro at the moment (Check for the current price in Euro). You can choose to skip a month you’re not interested in the next months box theme. For further information, check out the Gamer Girl Monthly Website. Unfortunately, this box is not available anymore, you can subscribe for the Gamer Girl Monthly December 2015 Box, themed “Treasure”. I would definitely check out their Instagram if you’re interested in subscribing to this box!

Which item did you like best?




  1. December 4, 2015 / 7:26 pm

    Wat een leuke sokken en kettingen. Ik wist niet dat zo’n pakket bestaat, al lijkt het logisch als ik erover nadenk. Leuk ook nog voor cadeau.. voor gameliefhebber. 

  2. December 6, 2015 / 11:57 pm

    Ik ben echt dol op de pokemon sokken en de zelda ketting. Sinds Super Smash Bros Melee ben ik echt helemaal verliefd op Link! Daarom heb ik ook zijn jas (wat bij mij een vest is) geclaimd haha
    Maud de Laat recently posted…December 2015 GoalsMy Profile

  3. August 4, 2016 / 10:35 am

    OMG! Batman necklace I love it, I am huge fan of Batman and love Batman comics. Thanks for sharing this really amazing products.

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