Gamer Girl Monthly – October 2015

Gamer Girl Monthly October 2015

I have received another Gamer Girl Monthly Box. This monthly subscription box contains several videogames inspired jewelry and accessories. I have previously reviewed the August Box themed “Friends“. For the month October, the theme is “Magic“.


Gamer Girl Monthly October 15 All Products

Here are all the items inside the Gamer Girl Monthly “Magic” Box. There are five items in total if you do not count the pouch. Three are jewelry and two are one-use-only items.


Gamer Girl Monthly October 15 Black Mages

There are a few very cute Final Fantasy Black Mages items in this box; a Pouch, a Collectible Button and some awesome Black Mages Earrings.

Gamer Girl Monthly October 15 Black Mage Earring

How cute is this!? I’m a huuuuuuge Final Fantasy fan. Next to my forever favorite, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IX has been the second-best Final Fantasy game for me (yaay Vivi!). The Black Mages Earrings have a silver shade, don’t know if these are made of real silver but I’m guessing they do.


Gamer Girl Monthly October 15 Deadly Hallows Necklace 01

The next item in this box is a Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Necklace. It has the Deathly Hallows Symbol and reads the word “Always”, which refers to a quote from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The chain is made of a silver metal material (like the earring, I don’t know if this is actual silver) and the hanger itself is made from a black, laser-cut perspex (aka plastic?).

Gamer Girl Monthly October 15 Deadly Hallows Necklace 02

The Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Necklace is long enough to hang just above my chest. I have seen all the Harry Potter movies but I haven’t read the books. I’m very curious about the prequel they’re making at the moment.


Gamer Girl Monthly October 15 Nail Wraps 01

One of the one-use only items is the Elements Nail Wraps from the brand Tattify. I have heard of this brand before. They make custom Nail Wraps and Temporary tattoo’s using instagram pictures, which is one of the best ideas ever. If I had to choose a element in a videogame, it would be usually Lightning.

Gamer Girl Monthly October 15 Nail Wraps 02

This set includes 20 Nail Wraps, 10 different sizes with 5 different designs. They also included a nail file and a orange stick. There’s also an instruction card, which is very easy to follow. You only need to pick your size, peel the sticker, push on to clean nails and file off the excess. I think these Nail Wraps are made from a combination of plastic and nail polish. The design isn’t in a vacuumed seal so the wraps do not dry out like Nail Wraps made of 100% Nail Varnish.

Gamer Girl Monthly October 15 Elements Nail Wraps

My apologies for the bad finish, I had do place these quickly because the sun was already setting (damn you winter time!) I have every different design on my nails. It is easy to do but you do have to take some time to place everything evenly so you don’t get any creases. You can use the Nail Wraps on each fingernail but you can also choose to use these as an accent nail, only placing one on your ring and thumb finger and paint the rest with black nail polish. Or a color corresponding to the Nail Wrap. These did not last long on me, 2 days max because i stopped sticking on my nails. They are very easy to remove by just peeling them back off again.


Gamer Girl Monthly October 15 Zelda Tattoo Armband

There are two The Legend of Zelda inspired items in this box. A Royal Crest Temporary Tattoo, which is another product from Tattify and a Triforce Bracelet. I loooooooooove the bracelet. It is so simple and elegant. The chain is made of silver (again, don’t know if this is actual silver) and the Triforce has a light golden shade.  

Gamer Girl Monthly October 15 Zelda Tattoo Armband 2

The Zelda Royal Crest Temporary Tattoo works like a regular temporary tattoo like you have for kids; peel off the plastic film, place it on a clean surface on the skin face down and wet the paper using a warm, damp cloth for 30 seconds before removing the paper slowly. For someone who has a lot of tattoo’s and had a lot of temporary tattoo’s as a kid, I suck at this. It didn’t come off perfectly but it did still look awesome. I have to wash my hands and wear gloves a lot at work but the tattoo stays on nicely if you just wash your hands and dry carefully. It stayed on for about a week. The edges do fade away faster but it doesn’t look bad. The Zelda Triforce Bracelet fits nicely on my wrist, I think this would also be long enough to use as a ankle bracelet.


Gamer Girl Monthly October 15 Look

Here I’m wearing all the items in the box. I love how everything matches together, this wasn’t the case in the August box so I’m very happy that the team behind the Gamer Girl Monthly Box have done this time!


Gamer Girl Monthly October 15 All Products 02

I love the contents of this box, much more than the one I had in August (I missed the September box because I was on holidays). My favorite items in this box are the Black Mages Earrings and the Zelda Triforce Bracelet. Again, all the items are cute, unique, usable and beautifully detailed.

You can subscribe to the Gamer Girl Monthly Subscription Box for $13 USD + $13,99 USD shipping Internationally, so $26,99 in total which is about €23 Euro at the moment (Check for the current price in Euro). You can choose to skip a month you’re not interested in the next months box theme. For further information, check out the Gamer Girl Monthly Website. Unfortunately, this box is not available anymore, you can subscribe for the Gamer Girl Monthly November 2015 Box, themed “Heroes”. I would definitely check out their Instagram if you’re interested in subscribing to this box!

Which item did you like best?




  1. November 13, 2015 / 9:38 am

    Ik vind vooral de Harry Potter ketting en de Zelda tattoo heel nice :-)! Final Fantasy heb ik eigenlijk nog nooit gespeeld maar de oorbellen zijn best mooi!

  2. November 13, 2015 / 7:06 pm

    Ik vind vooral de oorbellen vet!

  3. November 21, 2021 / 10:52 am

    Your ear is cuter than black mage vivi earrings. Final Fantasy 9 is my top 10 playstation game.
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