Artdeco Hello Sunshine Collection

Artdeco Hello Sunshine 01

Even though the weather still has to catch up a bit here in the Netherlands (getting there!), Artdeco has a new collection for the Summer called the Artdeco Hello Sunshine Collection. This collection contains several products with warm bronze and intense blue shades inspired by the Sun, Sea and Beach. I have received four products of this collection which I will be reviewing for you today.

Artdeco Hello Sunshine Collection

Artdeco Hello Sunshine 02

The products that I’ve received of the Artdeco Hello Sunshine Collection are the High Performance Eyeshadow Stylo in Caribbean Sea (62), Long Lashes Mascara in Black, Color Lip Shine in Shiny Bronze (06) and the Bronzing Powder Compact in Almond (50).


High Performance Eyeshadow Stylo in Carribean Sea (62)

Artdeco 62 Caribbean Sea 01 Artdeco 62 Caribbean Sea 02

The Artdeco High Performance Eyeshadow Stylo in Carribean Sea (62) is a twistable eyeshadow stick and also comes with a sharpener if you need a pointy tip. The packaging is black with silver details. The sharpner is on the bottom of the stick, which also shows the shade of the eyeshadow. The packaging is made of a hard plastic material and feels very sturdy. The cap is also very firmly attached by hearing a “click”, so I don’t think that the cap will de-attach by accident.


Artdeco 62 Caribbean Sea Swatch

The Artdeco High Performance Eyeshadow Stylo in Carribean Sea is a vibrant, metallic sea blue shade. The formula is creamy, highly pigmented and glides on the skin. During application, it can be blended/smudged and is completely transfer and smudge-proof after a about three minutes, so be sure to blend out quickly when using this product.


Artdeco 62 Caribbean Sea Look

I used the Artdeco High Performance Eyeshadow Stylo in Carribean Sea on my bottom waterline and lashline. It was easy the smudge the eyeshadow on my lashline but my waterline is very watery, so it took a bit more effort to apply the eyeshadow but after a few strokes, it stayed nicely in place. The eyeshadow stayed on my lashline all day without fading or moving. I think this is a very nice product for the summer to give your eyeshadow look an extra pop of color.

The Artdeco High Performance Eyeshadow Stylo in Carribean Sea (62) is available for €11,95 Euro.


Long Lashes Mascara in Black

Artdeco Long Lashes Mascara 01

The Artdeco Long Lashes Mascara in Black is a mascara that is supposed to give you long, separated lashes. The mascara also has nourishing ingredients like Pathenol and Vitamin E to keep your eyelashes flexible. According to the information that I’ve received, this mascara has been clinically tested and is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact wearers.


Artdeco Long Lashes Mascara 02

The Artdeco Long Lashes Mascara in Black has a rose gold packaging with black details. The wand has a concave shape with short bristles. I like the shape of this wand. I personally don’t like big wands (that’s what she said) because I find it hard to reach corners using bigger wands. I can start at the roots of my lashes much more easily using regular/smaller wands with short bristles like this one.


Artdeco Long Lashes Mascara Before Artdeco Long Lashes Mascara After

My own lashes aren’t super short but they are very sparse with much space in between each of them. They also have a natural curl so I usually do not find it necessary to use an eyelash curler. The  Artdeco Long Lashes Mascara in Black is definitely a lengthening mascara. My lashes are very long but they also lose their natural curl when using this mascara, so you should definitely use an eyelash curler. Another problem is that my eyelashes tend to stick to each other using this mascara, and since I already don’t have that many, I don’t like that happening so that is a disappointment because I really love how lengthening this mascara is. The mascara also dries down quickly and feels super dry afterwards, so even though this is not water-proof, it might be an option for those who tend to have their mascara transfer on their eyelids. This is also a type of formula that crumbles if you rub your eyelashes in between your fingers. In summary, there are a lot of pros and cons but it’s really up to you what you’re looking for in a mascara. If you have short but more densely placed eyelashes, this might be a good mascara for you.

The Artdeco Long Lashes Mascara in Black is available for €13,95 Euro.


Color Lip Shine in Shiny Bronze (06)

Artdeco Color Lip Shine 06 Shiny Bronze 01 Artdeco Color Lip Shine 06 Shiny Bronze 02

The Artdeco Color Lip Shine in Shiny Bronze (06) is a creamy lipstick that is supposed to give you maximum comfort and shine. The lipsticks packaging is made of shiny sturdy plastic and  is black with silver details. It looks simple and modern, the lipstick is opened/closed by “clicking” the cap on.  You have to be careful to really twist the lipstick completely to the bottom because I already ruined mine because I didn’t do that properly and a bit of the top got stuck in the cap.


Artdeco Color Lip Shine 06 Shiny Bronze Swatch

Artdeco Color Lip Shine 06 Shiny Bronze Lipswatch

The Artdeco Color Lip Shine in Shiny Bronze (06) is gives off a sheer color pay-off but it definitely does change the color of my lips. The formula is very creamy, comfortable and has no scent, it’s like wearing a lipbalm.  Like a lipbalm, it doesn’t wear that long. I would say two hours at most but it does fade beautifully. Just re-apply from time-to time and it should be no problem.

The Artdeco Color Lip Shine in Shiny Bronze (06) is available for €14,95 Euro.


Bronzing Powder Compact in Almond

The Artdeco Bronzing Powder Compact has a bronzer that you can refill. The compact looks very luxurious. It is made of plastic and has a “typical” Summer product look; a tan bronze with golden details. You can open the compact by pushing a button (my favorite!).


Artdeco Bronzing Powder Compact Almond (50)

The Artdeco Bronzing Powder Compact has a mirror on the top part, the bottom part contains the bronzer which can also refill. The bronzer has a lighter and darker half, which you can use seperately or combined. The bronzer has a print that looks like sunbeams. There are two shades available, I’m not 100% sure but I think I have the shade Almond (50).


Artdeco Bronzing Powder Compact 04 Artdeco Bronzing Powder Compact 05

Here’s how the back of the Artdeco Bronzing Powder Compact looks like, you can take the bronzer pan out by pushing the middle part in the back. The pan should then just “click” out and you can easy refill the compact by clicking it back in. I’m also not completely sure about this, but I think Artdeco has many refillable compact pans in the permanent range which should fit this compact, so you don’t have to worry that your compact is useless after this collection.


Artdeco Bronzing Powder Compact Almond (50) Swatches

Here are the swatches of the Artdeco Bronzing Powder Compact in Almond. The top swatch is the darkest shade, middle the lightest and the bottom are the two shades combined. The bronzer is completely matte. The shade is leaning very slightly towards the more warm, orange-y side. The  powder is very fine and pigmented. You have to be very careful with this bronzer to not apply too much product at one go. As you can see, the swatches are a bit patchy because it is so pigmented, it will more much more difficult to blend out the bronzer than to slowly build up the product.


Artdeco Bronzing Powder Before After

Here’s a before/after picture using the Artdeco Bronzing Powder Compact in Almond. I mixed both halves and used it on the sides of my cheeks and on the top of my forehead. What a huge difference! I really love how only using this bronzer gives warmth and dimension to my face. I look like a pale, unhealthy sheet in the left picture compared to the right one! For me, the bronzer was easy to blend out and it nicely compliments my skin.

The complete Artdeco Bronzing Powder Compact with the Almond bronzer is available for  €19,95 Euro. The seperate refill is available for €11,95 Euro.


Artdeco Hello Sunshine Collection Look

Here is my complete look using all the products. I really love how my look turned out. The Artdeco Hello Sunshine Collection is perfect for Summer and I think that all the products complement each other very well. My favorite product is definitely the Artdeco Bronzing Powder Compact in Almond. I can’t really say anything negative about the products, only that I find the Artdeco Color Lip Shine in Shiny Bronze a bit expensive  for a simple, sheer lipstick.


Artdeco Hello Sunshine Collection

All the products of the Artdeco Hello Sunshine Collection are available at and selected Douglas stores.

Which product did you find most interesting?


*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


  1. May 4, 2016 / 9:35 am

    Wauw wat een prachtige collectie is dat. Je hebt ook hele mooi look gemaakt. Top! Zeker het blauw onder waterlijn.

  2. May 5, 2016 / 10:34 pm

    Jeejtje! Heel mooi!! Vooral de lipstick staat je super!

  3. Arantxa Zandwijken
    May 6, 2016 / 9:40 am

    A bit disappointed about the mascara (I mean, rose gold packaging? YES please!) but I have to say, the powder compact looks lovely. And I expected it to be more expensive, so I might just be picking one up this spring/summer :).

  4. May 6, 2016 / 2:22 pm

    Mooie items heb je gekregen! Past ook goed bij je! Ik had een lipstick, de lichtste die neigt naar het oranje en die vond ik me persoonlijk niet zo mooi staan. De blush van deze collectie is ook echt prachtig!

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