Babor Age ID Fall/Winter 2016 Make-Up


BABOR has released their Fall/Winter Make-up 2016 collection with a variety of products like lipsticks, nail polishes, eyeliners and a contouring face powder. Their AGE ID Make-up focuses on functionality, wearability and high-quality standards. I received several products of the BABOR Age ID Fall/Winter 2016 Make-Up Collection. This is my first time trying out products of the brand so I’m very curious in what the brand has to offer.



The BABOR fall/winter products (excluding the nail polishes) come in a cardboard box with a black and metallic rose gold gradient. The box contains details of the product like ingredients and also has the BABOR logo embossed in rose gold on the black part. I really like the gradient and it looks luxurious but somehow reminds me of a summer collection, probably due to the metallic rose gold part. Since I don’t have any experience with their other products, I’m not sure if all BABOR products come in this packaging or if this is only for this collection.


The products that I’ve received are the BABOR Nail Colour in Wild Roses and Orange SundownContouring Face PowderGlossy Lip Colour in Wild RosesMatte Lip Colour in Red Grape and the Liquid Eyeliner in Green. I will give a mini review of the individual products with swatches and will show you a full look using all the products afterwards.


BABOR Contouring Face Powder


The BABOR Contouring Face Powder (€26,50) comes in a gunmetal plastic compact that also comes with a mirror and a small brush which is placed in the compartment below the powder. The Contouring Face Powder is divided in four sections and is 6 grams in total, with the lighter shades on the left part and the darker shades on the right. Each section has a different size, which makes it kind of difficult pick up the different shades. The brush is very slim so it can pick up product from each different section. The brush is made of synthetic fibers, feel extremely very soft and picks up the product nicely.



Here are all the shades swatched from left to right as how they are sectioned inside the compact, plus a swatch with all the powders mixed. The outside powders in the bigger sections are super soft and velvety, the ones in the middle are a bit different but still soft and pigmented. All the powders blend very well and are easily buildable. I think the shade selection is good. I don’t see a huge difference in the two highlighting/contouring shades. The highlighting shades are almost the same shade as my skintone. The contouring shades look warm and look more of a bronzer shade on my skin. I will show you how they perform on my face later on this post.


BABOR Liquid Eyeliner in Green


The BABOR Eyeliner in Green (€22,50) comes in a tube that has the same type of shade as the eyeliner and contains 1 mL of product. The liner reveals a felt tip applicator with a very fine point. You can get more product by dipping the tip back into the tube so you probably will not have any problems with the liner drying in between the applications.



The BABOR Eyeliner in Green has a metallic finish and turns sheer very quickly, but is easy to build up. I didn’t need to wait long to build up the product. Since it’s thin, it dries fairly quickly which is good especially for my hooded eyes. The formula does not smudge and stays on very well. I could remove the liner by rubbing harshly over the liner with my fingers. It crumbles off instead of smudging.



Here’s a closeup of the liner. I also used the contouring shade of the BABOR Contouring Face Powder for a subtle eyeshadow look. I really like the liner. I have very watery eyes so I need something that does not smudge. Even though the liner was sheer on my hands, I didn’t find any problems when applying on my eyelids.


BABOR Glossy Lip Colour in Wild Roses & Matte Lip Colour in Red Grape


The BABOR Glossy Lip Colour in Wild Roses & Matte Lip Colour in Red Grape (€23,50 each) comes with a plastic, rectangular gunmetal cap and a gold base and contains 4 grams of product. I have seen other luxury brands do this type of packaging before but I think it looks special. You can twist the lipstick up which reveals the product.



As the names are saying, both lipsticks have a different finish. The BABOR Glossy Lip Colour in Wild Roses is glossy and more sheer, while the BABOR Matte Lip Colour in Red Grape is matte and highly pigmented, both lipsticks do not have an added scent, only the “regular” lipstick type of scent that most lipsticks have. It has the same taste though, which is kind of strong and I really don’t like it.


BABOR Glossy Lip Colour in Wild Roses

babor-fall-winter-2016-glossy-lip-color-in-wild-roses-swatch babor-age-id-fall-winter-2016-look-01

The BABOR Glossy Lip Colour in Wild Roses is a rosy nude lipstick with a sheer, glossy finish. The lipstick tends to go and settle in the wrinkles of my lips, but it isn’t very noticeable except if you are zooming in. I like this shade. It’s a really nice daytime shade that makes my lips look super shiny and healthy. The formula feels thin and slippery and does not last long on my lips but it fades very nicely since it is so sheer. I would say it will last a maximum of 2 hours but is easy to re-apply.


BABOR Matte Lip Colour in Red Grape

babor-age-winter-2016-matte-lip-color-in-red-grape-swatch-01 babor-age-id-fall-winter-2016-look-02

The BABOR Matte Lip Colour in Red Grape is a dark, wine red lipstick with a matte finish. The finish isn’t a flat matte. It still has a bit of shine after application but the shine disappears after wearing the shade over time. Love how classic and sophisticated this shade looks. I had to apply the sides using a lip brush so I would definitely recommend to use a pencil for more precision with shades like this one. Even though this is a matte shade, it doesn’t dry out my lips and feel comfortable. It smudges very easily though so be careful with eating and/or drinking.


BABOR Nail Colour in Wild Roses and Orange Sundown


The BABOR Nail Colour in Wild Roses & Orange Sundown (€12,50 each) come in glass transparent bottles with a gunmetal cap and contains 7 grams of product. The brush of these polishes are flat and wide (which I prefer) so it was super easy to apply the polish.

I really amazed by the formula. It’s a bit gel-like, both of them dried fairly quickly with a super shiny finish. One coat can be enough for both if you have short nails. With longer nails, you can see a bit of the white part peeking out so two coats are more than enough for longer nails. Even though they dry quickly (within three minutes or so), you can still get bumps due to the formula if you’re not careful. But within 10 minutes, it is completely resistant. What’s surprising to me is that nailpolish usually only survives a day or less without chipping. These last for about 4 days, which is a lifetime for polishes on my nails.



Here’s a swatch of the BABOR Nail Colour in Wild Roses. It’s a dusty rose mauve with a creme finish. I used two coats for this swatch.



Here’s a swatch of the BABOR Nail Colour in Orange Sundown. It’s a warm, peachy orange shade with a creme finish. I again used two coats for the swatch.



I really like the BABOR Age ID Fall/Winter 2016 Make-Up Collection products themselves. They perform very well and I really love the look that I could create using these products. What I personally don’t like is the packaging. They seem to look luxurious in picture, but they feel cheap. The plastic is very lightweight and just feels cheap and flimsy. I also don’t like the rounded edges but that’s just personal taste. Overall, the most important thing is the quality of the make-up itself, which is great in my opinion. My favorite products are definitely the Nail Polishes.



The Limited Edition BABOR Age ID Fall/Winter 2016 Make-Up Collection  is available at All prices of the products are mentioned in the individual sections.


Did you ever try the BABOR Age ID Makeup?


*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


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