BABOR Age ID Spring/Summer Look 2018

BABOR Age ID Spring/Summer Look 2018

The BABOR Age ID Spring/Summer Look 2018 is all about Pastel tints, featuring products that have delicious Sorbet shades like pink, light blues and mint greens for a vibrant and colorful look. I’ve received a selection of these BABOR AGE ID products to create such a look, which I’m going to review in today’s post.


BABOR Age ID Spring/Summer Look 2018

The BABOR Nail Colour in White Lights & Pink Power (€12,50/7 mL each) are two of the five BABOR Age ID Spring/Summer Look 2018 nail polishes available.

I’m really amazed by the formula. It’s a bit gel-like, both of them dried fairly quickly. Two easy coats are more than enough  for full opacity. Even though they dry quickly (within three minutes or so), you can still get bumps due to the formula if you’re not careful. But within 10 minutes, it is completely resistant. What’s surprising to me is that nail polish usually only survives a day or less without chipping. These last for about 4 days, which is a lifetime for polishes on my nails.


BABOR Age ID Spring/Summer Look 2018

The BABOR Nail Colour in White Lights is a white pearl shade with a frosty finish. It’s unfortunately not very visible (especially in the picture), but there are some fine pink glitter particles mixed within the formula. I’m not very fond frosty finish nail polishes, I think it looks a bid old fashioned and streaky (which is normal for this kind of finish) but at least it’s a nice formula to work with.


BABOR Age ID Spring/Summer Look 2018

The BABOR Nail Colour in Pink Power is a pink shade with a creme finish. I really like this shade, very bright and perfect for Spring/Summer! It’s super glossy looking as well.


The BABOR Eye Shadow Pencils in Sky Blue (€17,00 Euro/2 gr) is a dual-sided product, one side has a cream eye shadow, the other a sponge that you can use the smudge the eyeshadow.  I personally don’t like using the sponge blender on the pencil itself. I prefer using brush or my finger to blend out the product. This is one of the two shades of the BABOR Age ID Spring/Summer Look 2018 eye shadow pencils available.


The  BABOR Eye Shadow Pencils in Sky Blue is a pale blue shade with a metallic finish. This product is highly pigmented, extremely creamy and glide on my skin very easily. The creamy eyeshadows are blendable at first but set over time. I have tried other shades as well, which didn’t crease on me but unfortunately, this shade did immediately.


The BABOR Waterproof Mascara (€24,50 Euro/2 gr) has a complete waterproof formula, which can be easily applied due to the slim, spooly brush applicator.  According to the brand, you can create a more natural or voluminous finish depending on how much product you apply.


For this look, I used the BABOR Eye Shadow Pencils in Sky Blue on my top lid, diffusing the edges with my finger and the BABOR Waterproof Mascara on both my upper and lower lashes. I don’t think that the color of the eyeshadow looks very flattering on me, but it might look better on a lighter skintone, the model on the PR leaflet looked gorgeous with this shade on her lids! I do not like the mascara at all. It is quite watery so it smudges on my skin during application. It dries fairly quickly so I wasn’t able to nicely separate my lashes as well. I do like that the shade is very black and matte so it might work for you if you already have full and long lashes and just want to make them darker. I also don’t like the removal process of waterproof mascara’s, so both of these products are just a no-go for me.


The BABOR Creamy Lip Colour in Metallic Pink (€23,50 Euro/4 gr) comes with a plastic, rectangular gunmetal cap that shows the BABOR logo and a gold base. You can twist the lipstick up which reveals the product. This is one of the two shades of the BABOR Age ID Spring/Summer Look 2018 lipsticks available.


The BABOR Creamy Lip Colour in Metallic Pink is a Nude Pink shade with a Gold Shift and Metallic finish. I know the name has Metallic in it, but I was actually surprised by the finish, because it wasn’t really noticeable looking at the lipstick bullet itself! I usually don’t wear these type of finishes but I think this one looks really pretty and refreshing, beautiful for Spring. The lipstick is nicely pigmented, applied easily and is unscented.


The BABOR Lip Oil in Strawberry (€19,00 Euro/5 ml) is a type of lipgloss with a lip nourishing formula and an extremely glossy finish. It comes in a transparent tube with a doe-foot applicator. This is one of the two shades of the BABOR Age ID Spring/Summer Look 2018 glosses available.


BABOR Age ID Spring/Summer Look 2018

The BABOR Lip Oil in Strawberry is a Strawberry Red shade with a Glossy Creme finish. The formula is semi-opaque but still has a very impactful color payoff. I loooooove the BABOR Lip Oils, I already owned another shade of the Spring/Summer collection from last year, and I still wear that shade often. I love how the this feels on my lips, it’s so slippery without feeling sticky. The scent is also amazing, it reminds me of strawberry bubblegum, seriously can’t get enough of it!

I do like this shade but not in combination with the eyelook. It’s funny though because this look is actually on of the BABOR Age ID Spring/Summer Look 2018 described in the PR leaflet. The overall make-up look looks absolutely gorgeous on the model but I feel like it looks way too much on me.


BABOR Age ID Spring/Summer Look 2018

I have mixed feelings about these products. I do like about half of them, but the other half just isn’t for me. My favorite picks of these products are the BABOR Nail Colour in Pink Power and the Lip Oil in Strawberry.

The  BABOR Age ID Spring/Summer Look 2018 is available at All prices of the products are mentioned in the individual sections.


Are you a fan of the pastel make-up trend?

*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.

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