Benefit Cosmetics Kissy Missy Lip Kit


Benefit Cosmetics has the cutest packaging  and value sets for their make-up products. For this holiday season, Benefit has released tons of cute gift sets, including the Kissy Missy Lip Kit. This set contains four mini-sized lip products in total. Two these products are exclusive previews of the They’re Real! Double the Lip Lipsticks. For this review, I’m going to show you swatches of all the products in this set.


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The Benefit Cosmetics Kissy Missy Lip Kit comes in a lime green cardboard box that has a cutout in front to reveal the packaging of the set. The back shows all the products that are inside set. The tints are actually the same size as in the picture, the lipsticks are bigger.


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The packaging of the Benefit Cosmetics Kissy Missy Lip Kit is made of tin and shaped as a girls head with pink hair and lips, perfect brows and long, luscious lashes. Opening the tin from the bottom reveals the products that are tucked in between foam in their own separate sections. Two of the products are exclusive previews of the They’re Real! Double The Lip Lipsticks, the other two are Lip & Cheek Stains.



The two Lip & Cheek Stains inside the set are the Benetint and Lollitint. As the name already describes, these can be applied to the lips and on the cheeks. These products have a staining effect that are smudge and kiss-proof. They can be used by themselves or as a base for a more long-lasting effect. These are mini-sized and contain 4.0 mL each. The fullsize product contains 12.5 mL and are available for €33,00 Euro each.


benefit-cosmetics-kissy-missy-lip-kit-theyre-real-double-the-lip-01 benefit-cosmetics-kissy-missy-lip-kit-theyre-real-double-the-lip-02

An exclusive preview in this set are the mini-sized They’re Real! Double The Lip Lipsticks in Revved-up Red and Pink Thrills. These are twist-up lipsticks that have a dark and light shade in one. You can use these by applying the dark shade on the outside lines of your lips to create a contour while the lighter shade brings the inside on your lips more forward, create an illusion of fuller-looking lips. The fullsize product will be available next year in February for €22,00 Euro each.



Here are swatches on my arm of the products inside the Benefit Cosmetics Kissy Missy Lip Kit. Both Benetint and Lollitint are sheer and are meant to be that way for a natural look. They can be built up for a more intensified color. Revved-up Red and Pink Thrills have the darker color on the left side and the lighter on the right. You can see it more clear in Pink Thrills but it’s almost not noticeable in Revved-up Red. These are both pigmented but not fully opaque. You can use the tints as a base for the lipsticks to intensify the shades and make them more long-lasting. For the lipswatches down below, I used everything individually.


Benefit Benetint Lip & Cheek Stain

benefit-cosmetics-benetint-01 benefit-cosmetics-benetint-02

Benetint is a rose tinted Lip & Cheek Stain with a matte finish. The tint is very watery and has a subtle rosy scent. I really like this on my lips but is a bit too intense on my cheeks for my liking, since I’m not a blush type of person and only wear bronzer and highlighter for most of the days. I chose to not wear this on my cheeks in this review since this kit is more about the lips. The tint is really long lasting and stays put throughout the day, even after eating and/or drinking.


Benefit Lollitint Lip & Cheek Stain

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES benefit-cosmetics-lollitint-02

Lollitint is a candy-orchid tinted Lip & Cheek Stain with a matte finish. This tint is much thicker and slightly creamy. I don’t really notice a scent. This shade is super fun and girly, I like to use this both on my lips and my cheeks. For me, this shade is perfect for those “no make-up” make-up days, which I have during the weekdays. This also stays on all day without any problems.


Benefit They’re Real! Double the Lip in Revved-up Red

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES benefit-cosmetics-revved-up-red-double-the-lip-02

Revved-up Red is a Coral Red lipstick with a cream finish. Since the lipstick is not fully opaque, this shade looks very pink on me. The reason is that my own lips are naturally pink and pigmented on their own. I think it would look more red with Benetint as a base. My lips are already quite full but I do think that the two different shades give my lips a more plump look. The formula is like any creamy lipstick so it will smudge and transfer. Re-applying is definitely needed after a meal or drink if you’re not using a tint as a base.


Benefit They’re Real! Double the Lip in Pink Thrills

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES benefit-cosmetics-pink-thrills-double-the-lip-02

Pink Thrills is a Soft Pink lipstick with a cream finish. You can definitely see the difference in the light and dark shades in this lipstick. I kept it this way to show you the difference but I would personally blend these shades a bit more together, since you want to create an illusion of fuller looking lips while not having a clear line. The shade is so cute, I feel like a doll wearing this. I would probably wear this shade more often during springtime. Like Revved-up Red, the formula is creamy.



I really like the Benefit Cosmetics Kissy Missy Lip Kit. I like that you can use all the products together or use them individually. You really get a good value for these four products. Even though they are mini-sized, you will certainly be able to use these products for a very long time.

The Limited Edition Benefit Cosmetics Kissy Missy Lip Kit is available for € 39,00 Euro at

Which shade is your favorite of this set?


*This product was picked by myself but obtained through a collaboration with Douglas. For more information, please go to my Disclosure Page.


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