Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation Review

Get Happy! Benefit Cosmetics introduces a brand new foundation, which will be available this month. The Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation is a light-to-medium coverage liquid foundation with SPF 15 PA+++. The foundation is supposed be lightweight with a natural-matte finish, even out skintone and blur imperfections due to the addition of soft-focus optical blurring spheres. I’m going to review and put the Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation to the test in today’s post.



The Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation is available in twelve different shades. I’ve received the shades 4 and 5. The foundation comes in a cardboard box that has metallic silver/pink details and a similar shade as the product, so each packaging is different in shade for each color! The tube has similar details as the box, is made of plastic and feels lightweight, containing 30 mL of product. The back of the box/tube shows a heart-eyed emoji, which looks super cute and happy! What I don’t like about the packaging though that it isn’t transparent, so you can only ‘feel’ how much product there’s still inside.


There’s a small-sized opening for the product to come out by squeezing the tube. What I immediately noticed during the first time use it that it was very messy, because product immediately came out as soon as I opened the tube, without even squeezing! This only happened during the first two applications though!

I personally prefer a pump because it always disperses the same amount of product. With squeezing, you can use the product very sparingly with the exact amount that you like so great for your wallet, but I’m a type of person who often uses too much product using this method, because I’m just really bad at estimation how much I need.


Here are swatches of the Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation in shades 4 and 5. As you can see, they both have a matte finish and are dry to the touch after the product has settled. The product feels lightweight and is thin without being runny. It has a subtle fragrance which I normally like but I don’t like this one, I have no idea what the smell is supposed to be though! Both shades are a bit too light for me at the moment. Because of my recent holiday, I’m probably somewhere at NC35 or one shade above however, I think both of these are perfect when I’m at my ‘regular’ skintone. Since these have a light-to-medium coverage, these shades do not have to be an exact match and can cover a more broader range of skintones.


Here’s a before/after comparison using the Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation in shade 5. As I always do, I’ve applied my daycream and hydrating primer before applying the foundation. I think a good base is always important to apply before any foundation, because even the best foundation can look bad if your skin is having a bad day and isn’t prepared. The foundation can be applied using your fingers, brush or a beauty sponge. I used a beauty sponge to apply the foundation.

I unfortunately had a bad skin day, even with my best skin routine, nothing would really sit well. I didn’t like the foundation at first because I prefer a dewy finish and it was just clearly sitting on top of my skin but over time, it settled and looked much better! I also think that I put way too much foundation on during this application because I’ve tried it a few other times and it is way better if you use it sparingly. The foundation covered my imperfections like on my nose beautifully.

The blurring effect is absolutely noticeable on my skin. The wrinkles on my forehead are less noticeable and it just seems like my skin is more soft-focused.


It was a very hot day when I was reviewing the Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation, so used very minimal make-up. Everything that I’ve applied, which were blush, bronzer and highlighter worked perfectly with the foundation. I also used a bit  of concealer underneath the eyes but for some reason, it just didn’t want to work with me that day, but that isn’t a problem caused by the foundation.


Here’s a picture of the Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation during the initial application and after 10 hours. I had a very long and hot day. I sat outside for hours and went out to dinner. The foundation looks a bit more shiny and definitely has faded on my nose and mouth area, but for such a long, hot day, I think it stayed on really well because I didn’t use any setting powder! The highlighter and blush also still looks nice and vibrant on my cheeks. What I noticed the most is that the foundation does crumble and settle into fine lines a bit, so I would suggest to powder those areas during application.


I’m a fan of the Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation! I was hesitant at first but I love the finish after giving it time to settle. It looks amazing in pictures and natural in real life if used sparingly. It makes my skin look happy and healthy, looked great on my bad skin day and even better on my normal days! It is a matte formula so as someone who has a dry skin type, I needed a good, moisturized base before application because it definitely felt on the drying side. I would absolutely recommend everyone to try out this formula, especially if you love a lightweight foundation with a natural looking coverage.


The Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation is planned to launch this month for a suggested retail price of €30,00 Euro at and Douglas Stores. According to the information that I’ve received, there will also be a mini-size available for €10,00 Euro. It doesn’t say how much volume you get but I do love the idea to try a smaller size first (especially if you need to buy it online) before buying the fullsize product!



Are you curious to try out the Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation?

*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


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    SO SO cute! en het ziet er goed uit girl! Thanks voor je eerlijke review

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