Benefit Hoola Bronzer Collection Review

The cult-favorite Benefit Hoola Bronzer‘s line has been expanded and is now available in four different shades, ranging from light to deep. Like the original, each shade is supposed to have a soft, blendable formula with a matte finish. For today’s post, I’m going to review the Benefit Hoola Bronzer including all the additional shades.



I’ve tried to look up when the Benefit Hoola Bronzer was originally launched but I wasn’t able to find an exact year. I’ve used this bronzer since the brand arrived at Douglas in The Netherlands, so I’ve been using it for over five years. I’ve been going through many of them, I think I’m now at my fourth or fifth box.

The Hoola Lite was the first additional shade, launched in 2017. This shade is suitable for fair skintones. This year, the brand has launched the Holla Caramel and Hoola Toasted, suitable for medium-deep and deep skintones. As you can see from the picture above, each shade has a similar packaging but has their own style. The newest two even have their shade names stamped into the powder.


As per usual, each box contains 8 grams of product, a mirror and a brush. I’ve never used the mirror but I’ve always used the brush that comes with the product. The brush feels really soft and fits perfectly on the contours of my face.


Here are swatches of all four Benefit Hoola Bronzer shades. I can tell that each of the shades have the same formula. They feel the same and perform the same, swatch beautifully, give a good pay-off without being too strong and are easily blendable.

Hoola Lite is almost as my own skintone, but I know some friends who are very fair and they are obsessed with this product. For me, the original Hoola Bronzer is perfect because it’s not cool toned or orange but when I go on vacation and tan, my skintone will change into the exact shade as the Hoola Bronzer so now, I’m able to use Hoola Caramel when I have a tan.


Here is a before and after with the picture on the left with no bronzer and the right picture using the original Hoola Bronzer on the left side of my face and Hoola Caramel on the right side of my face. I used a foundation that is slightly darker than I am now but use when I’m more tan, and I even get darker during the holidays.

I purposely put a lot of bronzer on my face to show you the difference. Normally, I would apply a lot less, which you basically can look up on all the articles I’ve created with make-up because 99% of the time, I used the Hoola Bronzer for my look. As you can see, Hoola Caramel is just slightly darker. I would still prefer using the original Hoola Bronzer with this foundation shade. I love how the product gives extra shape and warmth to my face.

The Hoola Bronzer makes me look like I’ve been on vacation and I’m absolutely obsessed with the product. Like I’ve mentioned before, I have been using this bronzer for years and years, and for all the time I’ve been a blogger and received many other bronzers, I keep going back to this one. It has been a staple and all-time favorite, so I’m very excited that a variety of people are now able to try out this amazing formula. It blends beautifully and can be applied subtle to strong, all to your liking. If you’re interested, I would highly recommend to check which shade would fit best for you in stores.

The Benefit Hoola Bronzer Collection is available at and Douglas Stores.



Which of the Benefit Hoola Bronzers is most suitable for your skintone?

*This post contains products gifted by PR and purchased products. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.

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