Etos Compact Powder & Face Brushes

Etos Compact Powder & Face Brushes

As you might have read already, I’ve become an Etos Friend since a few months. This means that I get to work with the Drugstore Etos for at least six months, test some of their newest products and review them for you. For this month, I’ve received two Face Brushes, a Buffer Brush and a Compact Powder in the shade Ivory.



Etos is renewing beauty products of their own brand, which includes a lot of make-up and brushes. Etos is really focusing on the current trends and is offering products that have decent quality while being very affordable. Also, their products are cruelty-free.



Let’s start with the brushes. Both brushes have a black handle with the Etos logo and the brush type written on the handle. The brushes look very modern and sleek. I really like the simplicity, the shape of the handles remind me of Real Techniques brushes, only with a bit bigger. Since the handles are big, it fits nicely in my hand and has some weight so it also feels well balanced.



The Etos Buffer Brush (€ 7,99) is described as the ideal brush for applying foundation. The dense bristles makes the foundation apply evenly. I’m personally not a fan of using buffer brushes for applying foundation. I usually use a sponge or my fingers. Instead, I’ve using this with a liquid bronzer.



The synthetic bristles are densely packed and feel soft on my skin when I use these in a buffing motion. I did sometimes patted using the brush to pack on more product on certain places, but this felt a bit stingy using this brush.  The brush did apply the liquid bronzer evenly without stripes. In short, only use buffing motions with this brush and I might recommend to use a sponge instead if you have sensitive skin (mine’s normal).




The Etos Powder Brush  (€ 7,99) is described as a large sized brush ideal for powdering a large surface. This brush is suitable for compact and loose powders.



The brush is dense but also very fluffy and soft. It’s huge, twice as big as the powder brush that I usually use but equally soft. I don’t have the stingy feel with this brush. It picks up a good amount of product and distributes a thin layer of powder on my face.




The Etos Compact Powder (€ 4,99) is a compact setting powder with a hint of colour. These are available in eight different shades. I’ve received the shade Ivory.



The Etos Compact Powder comes in a simple, black plastic compact with a transparent lid with black details and contains 10 grams of product. As you can see from the picture, the Powder Brush is about the same size as the whole compact.



Usually, the shade Ivory is mostly used as a description for the most lightest skintones. This one is fairly dark, almost like my own skintone (I’m between an NC20-25, so light/medium at the moment). I can’t imagine fair girls using this shade. I don’t know if this is the lightest shade. The powder isn’t the softest that I’ve felt, but it does still feel soft and a bit dry, but still very easy to pick up.



Here’s a before/after picture using Etos Compact Powder in Ivory. I applied the powder using the Etos Powder Brush. I also applied a liquid bronzer using the Etos Buffer Brush before applying the powder. As you can see, the powder does make my skin look a litter bit lighter. It also made my bronzer fade so you can definitely see that there is a sheer color pay-off using the powder. The powder makes my skin look more matte but it doesn’t make looking unnaturally flat and cakey. I think this powder would be great for me when I’m a bit less than, so it would be good for me during winter the winter period.



I really like the Etos Powder Brush and the Compact Powder. I would definitely suggest to check out the whole brush range if you’re interested in good and affordable brushes. All these products are available at the Etos stores and at

Have you tried one of the Etos brushes before?


*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


  1. September 28, 2016 / 2:15 pm

    Allereerst: wat ben jij een knappe meid! je hebt me heel erg nieuwsgierig gemaakt naar de kwasten, binnenkort maar even de etos binnenwandelen!

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