INGLOT x Amanda Rijff From Barefaced to Stardom Palette

If you’re familiar with the Dutch Beauty Industry and think about a Makeup Artist that is specialized in creating a Flawless Face, you will probably think of Amanda Rijff. Amanda the make-up artists of the Dutch fashion industry and writer of the beauty book ‘Flawless’. In collaboration with Inglot, the Limited Edition Inglot x Amanda Rijff From Barefaced to Stardom Palette was created, a versatile palette to create a Flawless Face look on any type of skintone. I’m going to tell you more about the palette in this post.


The Inglot x Amanda Rijff From Barefaced to Stardom Palette is a 10-pan Freedom System Palette (read this article if you’re not familiar with the Inglot Freedom System), containing ten products that are also available separately. The combination of products is carefully chosen by Amanda to create a accessible palette for every skin type. The shades that were picked enables to easily create a natural look to an evening look. The thing that is really unique about the palette is the cover showing a popart image of Amanda‘s flawless face.



The products inside the Inglot x Amanda Rijff From Barefaced to Stardom Palette can be used for multiple purposes and can also be layered. For example, seven of the products are labeled as eye shadows, but can also be used for blush, bronzer, highlighter and as an eyebrow powder. The three other products are labeled as lipsticks, but can also be used as a cream blush.


Here are swatches of all the products inside the Inglot x Amanda Rijff From Barefaced to Stardom Palette. Like I mentioned before, all these products are permanent and available seperately, so the quality of these are as expected from Inglot, highly pigmented and smooth. I also noticed that the lipsticks have a subtle berry type of scent.


For my make-up look, I tried to use all the products as much and as versatile as possible. For my eyes, I used the Eye Shadow Matte NF 365 all over and as a browbone highlight, Eye Shadow 464 on the lid and creaseEye Shadow 397 on the lid (on top of the previous shade), Eye Shadow 46 as an inner corner highlight and the Eye Shadow 308 to create a soft winged line on the upper lashline. I also used the darkest shade of the Eye Shadow Rainbow 107 as a brow powder but it is a little too warm for my taste. Just know that you can use this both as an eyeshadow and on your brows if your hair color matches one of the three shades.


For the rest of my face, I used the Eye Shadow 397 as a BronzerLipstick 24 as a Blush with Eye Shadow Matte NF 366 on top, Eye Shadow 46 as a Highlighter and Lipstick 51 and Lipstick Matte 509 to create an Ombré Lip. As you can see, I used all the products inside the palette for my look.

I consider this to be a Daytime look and I could easily change it in a Nighttime look by applying the Eye Shadow 308 (the purple shade) all over my eyelid for a dark smokey eye, and changing my lipstick to Lipstick 24.


I really like the versatility of the Inglot x Amanda Rijff From Barefaced to Stardom Palette. It’s a palette that you can travel with to create a lot of different and effortless looks. Also, if there’s a shade that you don’t use or want to switch out, you can easily remove the pan and replace it with any other product of the Inglot Freedom System (read this article if you’re not familiar with the Inglot Freedom System).


Amanda has been working in the beauty industry for years and has worked on hundreds of people, so if someone who is a talented and experienced makeup artist as her has picked all the products for the palette, you know you will get a great result. I’ve been to the launch event of this palette. I’ve seen the products applied on different skintones in person and it all looked great on everyone. The palette is definitely a good kit for someone who is looking for an easy and versatile palette to create a Flawless look.

The Inglot x Amanda Rijff From Barefaced to Stardom Palette is available for €65,00 Euro at and the Inglot Store in Amsterdam.

Do you like to use versatile make-up products?

*This product was PR gifted. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


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