Kylie Cosmetics Kristen and Ginger Lip Kits

Kylie Cosmetics Kristen and Ginger Lip Kits

The ever so popular Kylie Cosmetics has released three new Lip Kits for the Summer. These Lip Kits contain one lip liner and one liquid lipstick. I’ve purchased the shades Kristen and Ginger, which I will review for you today.


Kylie Cosmetics Kristen and Ginger Lip Kits

The Kylie Lip Kits  come in a box that has dripping lip artwork with the representing shade. The shade name is on top of the box and on the back, you can see some extra information regarding the ingredients etc. I’ve received these Lip Kits through Shipito. Normally, you would receive products in a special box with a card. I’ve explained this in a previous review which you can find here.


Kylie Cosmetics Lipkit in Kristen and Ginger 03Kylie Cosmetics Lipkit in Kristen and Ginger 04

The Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit consists of one lip liner and one matte liquid lipstick. The  Kylie Matte Liquid Lipstick contains 3.25 mL of product and comes in a transparant tube with black details and has a regular doe foot applicator. The Kylie Lip Liners contains 1 gr of product and comes in a black wooden pencil which shows the color on the bottom.


Kylie Cosmetics Lipkit in Kristen and Ginger Swatches

Here are the swatches of the Kylie Lipkits in Kristen (left side) and Ginger (right side). The Kylie Lip Liners are very soft, pigmented and glide easily while swatching. The formula of both Kylie Matte Liquid Lipstick shades are thin and oily but dry very quickly, a bit too quick for my taste because I like to take my time during application. The liquid lipsticks dry down to a super flat, matte finish. There is no shine whatsoever in these liquid lipstick and are completely smudge and transfer proof. The Kylie Matte Liquid Lipsticks also have scent, it has a very sweet and sugary bakery scent. This is very noticeable during application but fades ones it has dried.

The tip that Kylie suggests for application (which is mentioned on the packaging of the box) is to line your lips first using the Kylie Lip Liner and fill in using the Liquid Lipstick. I used this method for the swatches down below


Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit in Kristen

Kylie Cosmetics Lipkit in Kristen Swatch 01 Kylie Cosmetics Lipkit in Kristen Swatch 02

The Kylie Lipkit in Kristen is a warm brown berry shade. I think this is a very unique combination between a red and brown shade, a bit more of a mature looking shade in my opinion. In my previous review, I felt that the lipsticks were very drying. I’m kind of used to the super dry formula by now, so it does feel fine to wear for someone like me who is used to wearing liquid lipsticks. If you’re sensitive to dry lips, apply a lipbalm for about ten minutes and remove before applying this liquid lipstick. The lipstick stays on all day, even after eating and/or drinking. These are also completely smudge and transfer proof.


Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit in Ginger

Kylie Cosmetics Lipkit in Ginger Swatch 01 Kylie Cosmetics Lipkit in Ginger Swatch 02

The Kylie Lipkit in Kristen is a warm terracotta brown shade. I was afraid that I would hate this shade looking at the tube. This shade is so different, I don’t own anything that is similar to this shade. As soon as I applied this to my lips, I was obsessed with the uniqueness of the shade. To me, this is the ultimate 90’s lip. It matches me so perfectly and I think this will be a favorite for the coming weeks. Like the other shade, the formula is one of the more of the drier liquid lipsticks and stays on all day, completely smudge and transfer proof.


Kylie Cosmetics Lipkit in Kristen and Ginger 05

I really love these shades, there might be other brands who have similar shades but they’re at least different from other liquid lipsticks that I own. I’m now used to the formula but they do still make my lips look very wrinkly and very flat due to the ultra matte finish. I don’t know if these are permanent shades or limited edition, it doesn’t mention anything on their website or Instagram page but since these are promoted as “Summer Shades”, I would suggest to get them sooner than later.

The Kylie Cosmetics Kristen and Ginger Lip Kits are available for $29 USD at (excluding shipping to the Netherlands and possible extra customs taxes, check for the current price in Euro). Some shades are available but they are also often sold out. If there’s a sold out shade that you would like, I would suggest to keep a close eye out on the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram page for updates on restocking dates/times.

Did you get any of the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit Summer Shades?



  1. August 18, 2016 / 9:50 am

    Allebei echt super mooi maar Kirsten springt er wel uit! Ze staan je echt super mooi 🙂

  2. November 18, 2016 / 8:29 pm

    Just found your blog & love it! Your pictures are stunning!

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