Kylie Cosmetics Metal Matte Lipstick in KyMajesty

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The Kylie Cosmetics lip products are very well known for their wearable shades like Neutral Browns, Pinky Mauves and Reds however, Kylie recently came out with edgy shades like Blacks and Blues. I already own two Kylie Cosmetics Lipkits (review here) and was really curious about the Metal Matte Lipsticks. I of course had to try the black shade KyMajesty, which I will be reviewing for you today.


Kylie Cosmetics KyMajesty 02

In comparison to the Kylie Cosmetics Lipkit, the Kylie Metal Matte Lipstick comes in a smaller box and has the same dripping lipstick artwork (excluding the dripping lips) on its packaging. The tube itself is exactly like the regular Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks. The tube is transparent with black details and contains 3.25 mL of product.


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The doe foot applicator of the Kylie Cosmetics Metal Matte Lipstick in KyMajesty is a lot fluffier compared to the regular Liquid Lipstick applicator. I don’t find it very easy to work with because the fluffiness makes it more difficult to apply the lipstick accurately. I have heard that the applicator of the other Metal Matte Lipsticks are similar to the Liquid Lipstick versions but I cannot confirm this myself.


Kylie Cosmetics KyMajesty Swatch 01

The formula of the Kylie Cosmetics Metal Matte Lipstick in KyMajesty is unfortunately very sheer and patchy.  This was actually a surprise for me but this lipstick does not dry down. It also smudges and is not transfer proof because of that. The formula is also very thick and moussey. If you swirl the wand around in the tube, it seems like the lipstick is balling around the wand and will look half empty but I personally think this is due to the very thick formula. The sweet, sugary scent is the same as in the Kylie Cosmetics Lipkits. It’s is very noticeable and does not fade that quickly again due to the formula not drying.


Kylie Cosmetics KyMajesty Swatch 02

The Kylie Metal Matte Lipstick in Kymajesty is described as a “blackened gunmetal shade sprinkled with silver and multi-colored glitter”. It’s funny to read the shade description because the shade was first described on the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram Page as a black/blue metallic shade. This shade is definitely a gunmetal grey with silver glitter and I unfortunately can’t find any multicolored glitter. The shade is super glittery but it doesn’t feel gritty at all.


Kylie Cosmetics KyMajesty Swatch 03

KyMajesty is also very patchy and sheer on my lips. It was later explained that you need a black lipliner (or liquid lipstick) to have full opacity as you see on the Instagram pictures, which I find very misleading. Also, most people have to purchase another product because not anyone has a black lip pencil and/or lip liner. I think that Kylie Cosmetics should’ve made a kit of this shade too, adding a liner or make the formula as opaque as in the pictures. I have heard that this shade will be out of stock for a longer period so hopefully they will change the formula in a future restock. On a positive note, the lipstick feels super comfortable and moisturizing on my lips. You have to pay attention and retouch after eating and/or drinking though.


Kylie Cosmetics KyMajesty over Jeffree Star Abused

I also did a swatch using the Kylie Metal Matte Lipstick in Kymajesty on top of Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Abused, a dark navy liquid lipstick. This is what I would’ve expected of KyMajesty by itself looking at the Instagram swatches. I don’t mind this combination though, I’m actually really digging how this looks. The mix of these two liquid lipsticks make the formula of KyMajesty a bit more dry and matte but still feels very comfortable and moisturizing.


Kylie Cosmetics KyMajesty 05

I’m torn about KyMajesty. I really love the originality of the shade and it looks stunning over another opaque liquid lipstick, but this shouldn’t be sold this way. It should be instantly opaque or sold with something else to make it like they advertise. Since I already have the means to make this shade work, I don’t mind paying the price for this. I really hope that they change the formula in the future. This shade is currently sold out for a longer period of time. I’m thinking this will restock this shade during Black Friday or something, which will take a few months so I really hope the restock will be sooner and the formula will be better!

The Kylie Cosmetics Metal Matte Lipstick in KyMajesty is available for $18 USD (excluding $14.95 USD shipping to the Netherlands, check for the current price in EUR) at


Have you tried a metallic liquid lipstick?



  1. July 12, 2016 / 10:11 am

    Met abused eronder is ‘ie inderdaad wat je ervan verwacht! Jammer dat deze toch wat tegenvalt. Echt zonde. Het had zo mooi kunnen zijn! Vind dat je ‘m toch netjes hebt weten aan te brengen op de foto’s.
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  2. July 12, 2016 / 10:32 am

    Het had idd een hele gave kleur kunnen zijn maar zo jammer dat het product op zichzelf niet dekkend genoeg is 🙁 dat is echt wel een beetje misleidend.. Zo in combinatie met JS is het echt een vette kleur!
    Mjay recently posted…Personalitis #4 – Werk, vakantie, MUA lessen!My Profile

  3. July 12, 2016 / 10:40 pm

    Ik was al benieuwd naar je review nadat ik het in je snapchat zag voorbij komen! Ik wil em echt zo graag hebben, maar denk niet dat het worth the shipping and customs fees isxD

    Xuan recently posted…The signature faceMy Profile

  4. July 12, 2016 / 10:44 pm

    Met Abused eronder is hij echt mooi! Jammer dat hij zo’n andere formule heeft.. Heb er al veel video’s over gezien en niemand is echt enthousiast. Zonde, het leek mij zo’n gave kleur!
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  5. July 13, 2016 / 6:25 pm

    Wauw! Ik vind hem wel echt super mooi hoor! Prachtig!

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