LA Splash Ghoulish, OG Ghoulish & Cryptic Comparison

LA Splash Ghoulish, OG Ghoulish & Cryptic
LA Splash has an amazing variety of shades in their Lip Couture liquid lipstick line, some of them being very similar. I’m really into grey/mauve-y shades lately and I was very curious about the differences between LA Splash Ghoulish, OG Ghoulish & Cryptic. I purchased all three shades, which I’m going to compare in this post.


LA Splash Ghoulish - OG Ghoulish - Cryptic 02
LA Splash Ghoulish - OG Ghoulish - Cryptic 03
LA Splash Ghoulish, OG Ghoulish & Cryptic are all from the Lip Couture liquid lipstick line and have the same, transparent packaging with golden details. They all are grey/mauve-y shades, but you can definitely see a difference in undertone already by just looking at the shades through the tubes.


LA Splash Ghoulish - OG Ghoulish - Cryptic 04
Funny thing I noticed during this comparison is that the LA Splash Lip Couture liquid lipsticks have an expiration date! It seems like the lipsticks are “fresh” for two years after the production date. The usual rule of thumb of make-up expiration is that the product will expire after X months of usage (which dependent on the type of the product).  I never, ever followed that rule and never threw make-up away because of that. I only throw away make-up when the consistency or scent changes. The LA Splash Lip Couture liquid lipsticks smell horrible anyways so it might be that the lipstick will decrease in quality after the expiration date?


LA Splash Ghoulish - OG Ghoulish - Cryptic 01
Like all the LA Splash Lip Couture liquid lipsticks, the shape of applicator is somewhat more elongated and thinner compared to a regular doe foot applicator. The tip is stiff and not super fluffy, it doesn’t move when you apply the lipstick. For me, the different shape is does not have any negative or beneficial effect during application.


LA Splash Ghoulish, OG Ghoulish & Cryptic
LA Splash Ghoulish, OG Ghoulish & Cryptic have the same consistency and are nicely opaque. The formula and oily, which takes  5-10 minutes to become completely matte. Like I mentioned before, the scent is horrible because it smells like chemicals. The smell does go away after the lipstick dries but again, this is the most terrible smell in a lipstick of all the lipsticks that I’ve tried. All of them feel drying and tightening on the lips, but lasts all day, are transfer proof and lasts even after drinking and/or eating without smudging.



LA Splash Lip Couture in Ghoulish

LA Splash Ghoulish Swatch 01
LA Splash Ghoulish Swatch 02
LA Splash Lip Couture in Ghoulish is most mauve-y/purple toned of all three shades. This is also the darkest shade. Ghoulish is actually the reason why I wanted to compare these shades. When I was on a business trip the the US, I saw a girl (who was as white as snow) wearing this shade and  fell in love instantly with this shade. It looked so amazing on her fair skin. I think it also looks good on mine but not as amazing as it was on her. This shade is my favorite one of all three shades.  


LA Splash Lip Couture in OG Ghoulish

LA Splash OG Ghoulish Swatch 02

LA Splash OG Ghoulish Swatch 01
LA Splash Lip Couture in OG Ghoulish is the lightest and more grey/lilac toned compared to the other shades. I think this is the least wearable shade of all three, and I’m barely able to wear this shade on my light to medium skin tone. I’ve tried to wear this shade after my vacation to Indonesia, and it looked terrible. I would only recommend this shade if you have light to fair skin tone.


LA Splash Lip Couture in Cryptic

LA Splash Cryptic Swatch 01

LA Splash Cryptic Swatch 02
LA Splash Lip Couture in Cryptic is has a bit of brown in its shade. Because of that, it looks a bit more warm compared to the other shades, making this the most wearable one of all three of them. I also really like this shade, but I personally prefer the more purple-tone of Ghoulish. The darkness is in between the other shades and in my opinion, still looks good on my skin tone.


LA Splash Ghoulish - OG Ghoulish - Cryptic Swatches 02
Here are the LA Splash Ghoulish, OG Ghoulish & Cryptic next to each other on my lips. I think these shades are very edgy and unique in their own way. I think these shades would suit Light to Fair skin tones best. I hope that my comparison helped in seeing what a slight difference in shade and undertone can do.


LA Splash Ghoulish - OG Ghoulish - Cryptic 06

The LA Splash Lip Couture liquid lipsticks in Ghoulish, OG Ghoulish & Cryptic are available for €12,20 Euro at



What type undertone is your favorite when picking out a lipstick?



  1. March 25, 2016 / 1:41 pm

    Ik vind Ghoulish echt het aller aller mooiste bij je. Wauuuw wat een kleur !
    Wies recently posted…Laura Mercier poederMy Profile

  2. March 26, 2016 / 7:13 pm

    Fijne vergelijking! Ik vind de eerste, Ghoulish, je het mooiste staan van de drie. Jij kan dat soort kleuren altijd zó goed hebben, ik zou er echt uitzien alsof ik al 43 jaar geleden de pijp uit ben gegaan >_<
    Evelien recently posted…Let’s Shop: LazodaMy Profile

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