Lancôme French Temptation Spring 2018 Collection Review

Lancôme has launched their Spring 2018 Collection, inspired by Modern French Pastries. From colorful Macarons to soft pastel Cream Puffs, this collection has all kinds of lovely products, looking like they can be displayed in one of those French Pasty Stores themselves. I’m going to show and review a selection of the delicious Lancôme French Temptation Spring 2018 Collection in today’s post.



For the collection, Lancôme has launched four different shades of their Le Vernis nail polishes, inspired by candy. I’ve received two of them, which are Candy Blue and Crispy Lavander (€20,53 Euro/10 mL each). The bottles are the same as the permanent collection but come in a Limited Edition cardboard packaging.


Lancôme Le Vernis in Candy Blue is a Sky Blue shade with a Creme finish. I love blue shades like this one, especially during the Spring and Summer season. This was such an easy to work with shade, the formula is nice and thin, only needing two thin coats for full opacity. I love how glossy the finish is as well!


Lancôme Le Vernis in Crispy Lavander is a Pastel Lavender shade with a Creme finish. The formula is exactly as the other shade, easy to apply and beautifully glossy! I can’t say enough good things about these nail polishes. I love the vibrant shades and they’re so good in formula, dry easily and is just everything that I want in a nail polish. Definitely check these out if you’re looking for some good pastel shades.




The Lancôme Jelly Flower Lip Tint (€30,00 Euro/3.6 gr) is a beautiful product to look at, with its transparant tube and white lid, reminiscent of French porcelain. Inside the tube is a lip tint with a jelly texture that also contains flower petals.



The Lancôme Jelly Flower Lip Tint of the collection comes in one shade, Rose Jelly Cake. It is unscented and has a subtle hint of pink and looks extremely glossy. It also has a staining effect where the pink color becomes stronger and brighter for a more long-lasting result even after the gloss is completely gone.


On my lips, the Lancôme Jelly Flower Lip Tint in Rose Jelly Cake transforms in a very bright magenta shade with an ultra glossy finish. I absolutely love how the shade turns out on my lips but unfortunately, the staining effect is different on a few areas on my lips because they have more dry patches. I think this product would look best on well nourished lips.



The Lancôme Macaron Blush & Blender (€65,00 Euro/set) is a set that contains two blushes and two applicators shaped like a Macaron. These are presented in a cute box like you’re getting the French delicacy from the stores! I’m absolutely obsessed with the entire look of this set. I’m definitely someone who buys stuff solely because of the packaging, and this is just two of my favorite worlds colliding, make-up and food!


The Lancôme Macaron Blush & Blender look exactly like Macarons. The Blenders, named Raspberry and Pistachio are made of a sponge material, while the Blush compacts are made of plastic. The blushes feel very light and look a bit cheap like those fake food toys but I don’t mind it that much since I just love the concept of everything.


The Lancôme Macaron Blush comes in two shades, Coral Whipped Cream and Rose Whipped Cream. Both of them have a very creamy and wet texture, which turns into a powder with a matte finish after application. I’ve applied one of these blushes on my face using one of the Blenders, but I found it to be very clumsy (and a waste to dirty up the beautiful blender!) and I’d rather prefer a smaller beauty sponge or a brush for application. Either way, the blushes are beautiful, blend easily and are buildable.



The Lancôme Ombre Hypnôse Mini Chubby (€25,00 Euro/2.8 gr) is a cream eyeshadow stick, available in four pastel shades in the Lancôme French Temptation Spring 2018 Collection. These can be used on their own or as a base to intensify the colors of your eyeshadows.


I’ve received the Lancôme Ombre Hypnôse Mini Chubby in the shade Milky Pink, which is a Pastel Pink shade with a matte finish. The formula is beautiful, it is nice and creamy and glides easily onto the skin without any patches. The color looks bright and beautiful and the quality of the product is amazing, but the only problem that I have no idea on how to use this kind of pastel shade on my eyes. I like to use a color like this in my waterline but the stick is way too big to use it there. So basically, I use this as a base but I don’t find it very flattering on it’s own, and I’m not sure who would except for those who use these kinds of shades for artistic purposes.


Finally, we have the Lancôme Eye Sugar Palette (€65,00 Euro/7.3 gr), a palette containing eyeshadows that have bright pastel shades with very unique finishes. The palette is made of sturdy cardboard and has a very fun pattern like all the Limited Edition packaging.


The Lancôme Eye Sugar Palette is magnetic, opening the palette reveals a mirror, ten eyeshadow shades in their individual square pans and a dual-ended brush. The brush actually feels really soft! I’ve used one side of the brush to pack on the color and the other to blend. I liked the more dense packing side better than the blending side, but overall, the quality of the brush is good!



Here are swatches of the Lancôme Eye Sugar Palette swatched from left to right, top to bottom. The texture of each of the powders feels super soft and finely milled. The pigment in all the shades, except for the last one is absolutely amazing. I think that the last shade is meant as a topper anyway. I swatched without a primer and you can see how bright all the colors are. I’m especially impressed by all the matte pastel shades!


For this look, I used the Ombre Hypnôse Mini Chubby in Milky Pink as a base, the 8th shade (warm brown color) of the palette as a transition shade, the 4th shade (magenta pink color) on the outer half of my upper lid, the 1st shade (frosty pink color) on the inner half of my upper lid, the 2nd shade (shimmery forest green color) on the outer half of the bottom lid, the 3rd shade (minty green color) on the inner half of the bottom lid, the 10th shade (iridescent lavender color) as an inner corner highlight and the 9th shade (white/yellow shimmer color) as a browbone highlight.

Looking at the Lancôme Eye Sugar Palette, my first thought was ‘how am I ever going to create a wearable look using this!?’ but I think it actually turned out great! I love this look, very spring appropriate and it makes me happy looking at it. I think this palette is very special unique, there are some shade in there that I don’t even own!

Do I think it’s a palette for the average Lancôme consumer? Absolutely not but I think they are really doing a great job attracting a more younger crowd to the brand! If you like bright eyeshadow colors, you would definitely enjoy this palette. These shades can be paired with more wearable shades to create a beautiful look with a fun pop of color. The combinations you can do with this palette are endless but I think it would look even better paired with some darker crease shades.


For the entire make-up look, I used the Lancôme Eye Sugar Palette with the Ombre Hypnôse Mini Chubby in Milky Pink as a base on my eyes, the Macaron Blush in Rose Whipped Cream on my cheeks and the Lancôme Jelly Flower Lip Tint in Rose Jelly Cake on my lips.

I really had a lot of fun creating this look. It’s not something I would normally wear but I think this the overal make-up look is very Spring appropriate, fun and girly! My favorite products of the Lancôme French Temptation Spring 2018 Collection are the Le Vernis nail polishes, the Macaron Blush & Blender set and the Eye Sugar Palette. The quality of all the products that I’ve tried are very high and I find everything a joy to use because of the fun packaging.


If you’re someone who loves color, unique packaging and high-end make-up, you should definitely check out this beautiful and fun collection!

The Limited Edition Lancôme French Temptation Spring 2018 Collection is exclusively available at the De Bijenkorf warehouses.


Which product of the collection do you find most interesting?

*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.

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