MAC Cosmetics Rose-Gilded Eye Shadow Palette Review

MAC Cosmetics Rose-Gilded Eye Shadow Palette Review

The MAC Cosmetics Rose-Gilded  Eye Shadow Palette is a new, Limited Edition palette featuring ten brand-new shades inspired by the metallic, rose-gold color trend. For today’s post, I’m going to review and create a look using this new eye shadow palette.


MAC Cosmetics Rose-Gilded Eye Shadow Palette Review MAC Cosmetics Rose-Gilded Eye Shadow Palette Review

The MAC Cosmetics Rose-Gilded Eye Shadow Palette comes is a plastic sleeve and is made of a sturdy plastic material that feels lightweight. The name of the palette is only visible on the sleeve, so there is no description other that the mac logo on the palette itself. I do think it looks very gorgeous, having metallic and glitter rose-gold details. The back and front of the palette is also exactly the same.


MAC Cosmetics Rose-Gilded Eye Shadow Palette Review

The MAC Cosmetics Rose-Gilded Eye Shadow Palette has a magnetic closure. Opening the palette reveals a mirror and ten square pans, holding 10 grams of product in total. There is a loose, plastic card inside the palette that shows the shade names. I always dislike this because I always lose the card. I’d rather have the shade names above or below the pans. Even somewhere on the back palette would be okay but this is just a waste to me personally.


MAC Cosmetics Rose-Gilded Eye Shadow Palette Swatches

Here are swatches of the ten shades inside the MAC Cosmetics Rose-Gilded Eye Shadow Palette. There are two finishes available in this palette, Molten Foil and Creamy Matte. The shades are described as follows:

Filigreedy – Soft Gold-Beige (Molten Foil)
Fawn Over – Peachy Beige (Creamy Matte)
Flashbeams – Light Bubblegum Pink (Molten Foil)
Glamageddon – Bright Coral Pink (Molten Foil)
Rose-Gilded – Deep Metallic Red (Molten Foil)
Miss Nefertiti – Lime Green with Golden Pearl (Molten Foil)
Haute Damn – Dark Chocolate Brown (Creamy Matte)
Flaming Femme – Dark Clay-Red (Creamy Matte)
Tryst Issues – Brown-Orange (Creamy Matte)
Midnight Feast – Black (Molten Foil)


Let’s discuss the Molten Foil shades first. These are INSANELY GOOD. They feel super creamy, almost wet like a creamy eye shadow. The pigmentation of these eye shadows are absolutely amazing and have the most beautiful, metallic-foil finish. Midnight Feast does not have the metallic-foil finish and looks like a regular black shade, but because it has the Molten Foil texture, it has the most intense pigmentation I have ever seen in a black eye shadow.

The Creamy Matte shades are less impressive, but still good. They feel very soft, not really creamy but not chalky either. The pigmentation of these shades is buildable and applies very evently. This means that they aren’t as intense at the initial application, which I actually like because it really helps with the blendability.


I wanted to do something different so I went for a smokey eye look. I used Fawn Over as a transition shade on the top and bottom lid, Flaming Femme in the crease and on the lower lid, Midnight Feast on the upper lid and on the lower lashline, Rose-Gilded on the inner corner of the lower lashline and Flashbeam as an inner corner highlight.


I’m really impressed by the MAC Cosmetics Rose-Gilded Eye Shadow Palette. Blending the Creamy Matte shades is a breeze and look seamless. The Molten Foil shades look beautiful, intense and are easy to apply with either a dense brush or your finger. I do think that oily ingredients are high up in the ingredients list, which means that the eye shadow might crease quicker on your lids than usual. I also didn’t experience any problems with fallout.

The shades might not look very unique, but they are very usable and definitely on-trend. I see myself using this palette often because of that reason. I also think that the palette is travel-friendly and that the price is a very good deal for ten MAC Cosmetics Eye Shadows. I would highly recommend to swatch the palette yourself to see how amazing the Molten Foil shades are. Seriously, I can guarantee that you have never experienced a black eye shadow as the one in the palette.


MAC Cosmetics Rose-Gilded Eye Shadow Palette Review

The MAC Cosmetics Rose-Gilded Eye Shadow Palette is available for €35,00 Euro at and selected Douglas Stores.



Do you still enjoy the Rose-gold trend or are you over it?


  1. Nora
    July 14, 2019 / 8:48 pm

    Ik heb de mijne donderdag gehaald. Kleuren zijn fantastisch, blenden goed. Sinds lange tijd onder de indruk

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