MAC Stone Lipstick and Pencil

MAC Stone Lipstick and Pencil 01

Cool toned lipsticks has been a lip trend for some time now. The MAC Stone Lip Pencil is definitely a popular cool-toned lip product for many people. Last year the MAC Stone Lipstick version was released. I already reviewed the lipstick, but I haven’t showed both the Lipstick and Pencil together because I didn’t own the Lip Pencil yet. I noticed that there are some differences between these two products, so I’m going to show you swatches of the MAC Stone Lipstick and Pencil and discuss these differences.


MAC Stone Lipstick and Pencil 02

The MAC Stone Lipstick and Pencil are both in the permanent collection but are frequently sold out because of their popularity.


MAC Stone Lipstick and Pencil 03

You can already see a bit of a difference in color just looking at the two products. The MAC Stone Lipstick seems more brown and warm compared to the Lip Pencil. The Lipstick is an odd one though! As soon as you swatch the lipstick, it becomes much more cool-toned and more taupe than it looks, you will see in the swatches below.


MAC Stone Lipstick and Pencil Swatches

Here are the swatches of the MAC Stone Lipstick (left) and Pencil (right). Both have the same shade description,  a “Muted Greyish Taupe Brown”. See what I mean that the Lipstick changes dark brown looking to a very cool-toned taupe-y brown? It is slightly warmer and less matte compared to the MAC Stone Lip Pencil. This becomes much more evident when swatched on the lips.


MAC Stone Lipstick

MAC Stone Lipstick

MAC Stone Lipstick 02

The MAC Stone Lipstick has a matte finish. It is already opaque on its own after a few layers, but it does tend to look less opaque on the insides of my lips (check out my previous swatch to see what I mean). I still can’t get used to the matte finishes of the MAC Lipsticks compared to liquid lipsticks. This seems like a cream product to me, but it still very beautiful and comfortable.


MAC Stone Lip Pencil

MAC Stone Lip Pencil MAC Stone Lip Pencil 02

The MAC Stone Lip Pencil also has a matte finish. As you can see, the Lip Pencil is much more grey-toned compared to the Lipstick and more of a true flat matte finish. This is what I’m more used to for matte finishes, but this is also much less comfortable compared to the Stone Lipstick. I’ve already mentioned before that I do not like the MAC Lip Pencils, they’re much too stiff and feel extremely dry, in my opinion even more drying than liquid lipsticks. This is however, extremely long lasting because it’s such a dry formula.


MAC Stone Lipstick and Pencil

MAC Stone Lipstick and PencilMAC Stone Lipstick and Pencil 06

The combination of the MAC Stone Lipstick and Pencil looks very similar to the Stone Lipstick on its own. With this combination, you don’t have to worry about the opacity on the inside of your lips. This also increases the longevity compared to wearing the lipstick on its own. It makes the shade slightly more grey, but it isn’t that noticeable.


MAC Stone Collage 1

I do like the combination of both products. The need of both or one of the products depends on what your preference is. I personally don’t have much time to keep re-applying the lipstick during work, so the lipstick/pencil combination works best for me. If you don’t mind checking your lips every two hours or so, you could make it with only the MAC Stone Lipstick. If you really like a flat matte finish, you should get the MAC Stone Pencil.


MAC Stone Lipstick and Pencil 04

The MAC Stone Lipstick and Pencil are available for €19.50 and €15.50 respectively at MAC, and the MAC Stores.


Do you own one or both of these lip products?



  1. February 23, 2016 / 9:26 am

    Ik vind de kleur erg mooi. Ik zal ook wisselen tussen alleen gebruik of samen gebruik. Ligt aan welke effect ik nodig heb op de dag zelf.

  2. February 23, 2016 / 2:35 pm

    Netjes aangebracht! Ik vind dat kleuren als deze echt wat hebben. De combinatie lijkt me toch het fijnst, hoewel ze los van elkaar ook erg mooi zijn! Staat je goed 😀
    Mariska recently posted…Catrice Luxury nagellak | ReviewMy Profile

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