Make-Up Studio Green Embrace – Fall/Winter 2016

Make-Up Studio Green Embrace

Make-Up Studio is a Dutch make-up brand which has a new collection for fall/winter called Green Embrace. This collection is all about being fearless and authentic, embracing your individuality. I have received several products of the Make-Up Studio Green Embrace collection, an Eyeshadow, Eyeliner and Lipstick which I will be reviewing for you today.


make-up-studio-green-embrace-02The Make-Up Studio Green Embrace products come in a box which I think is like all the other Make-Up Studio products. I’m not very sure since this is the first time for me trying out this brand! The box is black with the product description and the logo in front. There is also some information on the things like ingredients and shelf-life.



When you open the boxes, you can see pictures from models wearing Make-Up Studio products. If you’re familiar with my blog, you know that I love packaging details like this. I think it’s really awesome to see that the front of the box is simple and you get a nice and fun surprise when opening the packaging.



The products that I’ve received from the Make-Up Studio Green Embrace collection are the Eyeshadow in Green CompanionsEye Definer in Green Forest and the Lipstick in Edgy Nude. I’m going over each product individually and will be showing you a full make-up look at the end.


Make-Up Studio Eyeshadow in Green Companions


The Make-Up Studio Eyeshadow in Green Companion (€ 13,90/3 gr) comes in a matte black compact and has a clear top so you can easily see the product. The eyeshadow consists of two shades, a dark green and a light green. The pan is also removable which you can see by the hole in the bottom right corner.



Here are the swatches of the Make-Up Studio Eyeshadow in Green CompanionBoth eyeshadows have a metallic frosty finish. The dark green, which I would describe as a forest green shade feels a bit gritty but still has an overall good pigmentation. The lighter green, which I would describe as a lime green shade feels very soft, buttery and also has good pigmentation. They do blend out very quickly which fades the color, but can be easily built up.


Make-Up Studio Eye Definer in Green Forest

make-up-studio-eyeshadow-eye-definer-green-forest-01 make-up-studio-eyeshadow-eye-definer-green-forest-02

The Make-Up Studio Eye Definer in Green Forest (€ 14,90/0,28 gr) is a twist-up eyeliner that you can easily re-use by using the sharpner that is included at the other end of the liner. According to Make-Up Studio, the liner is suitable for the waterline and eyelids. The eyeliner is also water- and smudgeproof so should stay put all day.



The Make-Up Studio Eye Definer in Green Forest is nicely pigmented and has a metallic finish. The liner easily glided on my hand while making this swatch. I would describe the shade as a moss green. Like Make-Up Studio mentions, the liner is smudge and water proof. I tried rubbing the eyeliner off and it stayed on without smudging so it’s definitely here to stay.


make-up-studio-green-embrace-eyelook-01-the-beautynerd make-up-studio-green-embrace-eyelook-02-the-beautynerd

For this eyelook, I did use a primer (like I always do with my eyelooks) and a transition shade from another brand, because I felt it would look better using a transition shade. I used the dark shade from the Make-Up Studio Eyeshadow in Green Companion in my crease and on the inner and outer 3rd of both top and bottom eyelids. Then, I used the lighter shade in the middle of both upper and bottom lid, and also in the inner corner. I used the Make-Up Studio Eye Definer in Green Forest in my water line and as a winged eyeliner. The eyeshadows were easily blendable and buildable. The Eyeliner was a bit more tricky, it did pull on my eyelids when creating the wing but I could take my time and sharpen when needed. It easily glided in my waterline though!


Make-Up Studio Lipstick in Edgy Nude

make-up-studio-lipstick-in-edgy-nude-01make-up-studio-lipstick-in-edgy-nude-02The Make-Up Studio Lipstick in Edgy Nude (€ 15,90/4 mL) comes in a matte black tube and has a shiny black part in the middle which shows the logo. I have to say that I really enjoy the packaging of Make-Up Studio. The matte black is really modern, simple and looks professional.



Make-Up Studio Lipstick in Edgy Nude is a cool-toned nude shade that is described to have a matte finish. I personally don’t agree with the matte finish part. Of course I wouldn’t expect it to be as matte a liquid lipstick but it is still very slippery and shiny after applying. I would consider the finish more to be a satin than a matte. The lipstick does seem opaque on my hand swatch but is a bit more sheer on my lips. The shade is almost the same as my own skin tone. It also tends to move to the wrinkly parts because it is very slippery. But because of the slippery feeling, it does feel comfortable on my lips.


make-up-studio-green-embrace-look-01-the-beautynerd make-up-studio-green-embrace-look-02-the-beautynerd

Here’s the full look using the products of the Make-Up Studio Green Embrace collection. I really love how season appropriate the shades are. I usually don’t wear green on my eyelids but I’m really enjoying this look and will probably be doing this more often during the fall period. I also like how complimenting the products are to each other.



I think the Make-Up Studio Green Embrace products are good. They didn’t blow me away but I really was surprised by the fact that you can easily create a beautiful Fall season look using these products. I would definitely recommend to check out the Eyeshadow Duo. I also think that the Eye Definer is really pretty. I’m not so sure about the lipstick. I personally do not like how it moves, quickly turning patchy and messy. I don’t know if that’s because of the shade or the finish because I haven’t tried other lipsticks of the brand.



The Make-Up Studio Green Embrace collection is available at the Make-Up Studio Brand Stores.


Have you ever tried Make-Up Studio Products before?


*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


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