Meraki Cosmetics Loose Highlighter Powder in Nemesis and Phoebe

Meraki Cosmetics is an Indie brand that is owned by my beautiful and talented friend Kim Ter Stege. The brand currently offers twelve Loose Highlighter Powder shades suiting the fairest to darkest skintones. For this review, I’m going to show you the shades Nemesis and Phoebe.



The Meraki Cosmetics Loose Highlighter Powders come in a transparent jar with a black lid that shows the logo. The shade name and other information like ingredients and shelf-life is on a sticker on the back of the jar. Since it’s an Indie brand, the name is written with a marker.


You can open the jar by twisting the top. The Loose Highlighter Powder is separated by a sifter, which you can turn around to get some product out or completely close it off. I really like that Kim added a sifter, because working with loose pigments can be a hell of a mess. I actually don’t like to work with loose pigments/highlighters.


Even with a sifter, it flies everywhere and gets all over my hands and the surface that I work on. The sifter keeps the overall mess to a minimum, but it’s still a mess. I’m just too clumsy to work with this stuff properly. To apply the product, I like to shift the sifter to a quarter of the holes and tap some product out on the lid. I then apply the highlighter on a (wet) brush.


Here are swatches of the Meraki Cosmetics Loose Highlighter Powder in Nemesis and Phoebe using my finger. As you can see, the Highlighter Powders are very pigmented and can be used in different ways. You can actually use this very subtle and build the shade up or use it very intensely by wetting the product with a finishing spray or water.


The shade is nicely captured in pictures, but the micro-shimmer is very hard to capture. It’s a bit visible in the clip above. I couldn’t get the white balance correctly so the clip so the colors are a bit cooler than it actually looks in real life. The Meraki Cosmetics Loose Highlighter Powders are actually, very shimmery and sparkly. I personally prefer a highlight that has a “wet” looking shine instead of a sparkly one. I don’t like to wear this highlighter during daytime, because I would feel like a discoball however, I think that the highlighter looks amazing with a more bold look and in pictures.


Meraki Cosmetics Loose Highlighter Powder in Nemesis

Meraki Cosmetics Loose Highlighter Powder in Nemesis is a white shade with golden reflects . The shade is suitable for the fairest skin tones  but also great for medium skin tones like I have. I really love how the shade looks. It’s also perfect as an inner corner highlight. As you can see, the highlighter looks very glowy in the pictures, but it’s also looks shimmery in real life. This effect is only noticeable when I move my head around though.


Meraki Cosmetics Loose Highlighter Powder in Phoebe

Meraki Cosmetics Loose Highlighter Powder in Phoebe is a bronzy pink shade. This shade is a part of the Valentines Day Collection and is more suitable for the medium to deep dark skin tones. This shade looks very subtle on my skintone, because to almost matches my own. I adore this shade on my cheeks because it doesn’t look like I’m wearing any highlight. It looks so amazing making my skin looking like it’s having a healthy, natural glow from within. Again, this is how I’m describing it in picture. In real life, there is much sparkle like with Nemesis and thus not looking natural.


For this look, I also used the Meraki Cosmetics Loose Highlighter Powder in Phoebe on my entire upper lid using MAC Fix+ to intensify the shade. It’s really pretty to use the shade in this way too. With this application method, I actually love al the sparkle and shimmer, especially in the inner corner.



The Meraki Cosmetics Loose Highlighter Powders have an amazing quality when it comes to the finely milled powder and intensity of the pigmentation. It’s a great, versatile product that can be used in many different ways on all the parts of the body. Love the shade range and I’m definitely interested in the Colour Shifting Collection. It’s also great that the powder does not contain any binding products like compact highlighters would have, so you have a good chance that if you’re sensitive to make-up, you are able to wear these highlighters without breaking out your skin.

I really love to use the shades as an inner corner highlight and I’m definitely going to use them often when I have to take pictures for my blog or Instagram, since it looks amazing in pictures. However on regular days, I find them too sparkly and a fuss to use. This is because I personally prefer a more natural, “wet” skin-like highlight and has nothing to do with the quality of the products themselves. The intensity of the micro-shimmer does get more subtle when I apply something like a finishing spray over it, but it doesn’t go away entirely. I have heard tons of girls that do love to use them on a daily basis, so its definitely worth to check them out. Kim did an amazing job in developing the quality of the product as well as the packaging. I so proud of her hard work, she’s really sweet and an awesome person.


The Meraki Cosmetics Loose Highlighter Powders are available for €17,99 Euro at It’s also possible to see them up close and swatch them yourself at the Chique Cosmetique store in Rotterdam. Kim will also be present at the I Love Beauty Event where you can check out her highlighters live.

Have you tried one of the Meraki Cosmetics Loose Highlighter Powders? Which shade is your favorite?

*These products were sent to me as a gift. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


  1. Britt
    March 1, 2017 / 10:04 am

    Wauw, heel mooi! Ik had hier nog nooit van gehoord dus leuk om op zo’n manier kennis te maken met nieuwe merken!

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