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The MUA Elysium Elements is a versitile eyeshadow palette which mostly consists of metallic shades. According to MUA, these elemental mellowed tones can be worn alone or layered. I’m going to give you an in-depth review and show you several looks using this eyeshadow palette.


MUA Elysium Elements 02 MUA Elysium Elements 03

The MUA Elysium Elements Palette contains ten eyeshadows and a duo sided eyeliner pencil. The palette is made of plastic and is mostly black. The front is transparent so you can immediately see all the shades. The shade names and other information like ingredients is displayed on the back of the palette. I think the palette looks very modern.


MUA Elysium Elements 04 MUA Elysium Elements 05

Like I mentioned previously, there are ten eyeshadow shades in this palette, two matte and eight metallic shades. The six eyeshadows on the top row have a smaller compartment compared to four shadows in the bottom row. The pans are fairly big so you definitely get a lot of eyeshadow per shade. The Duo Eyeliner Pencil is black on one side and brown on the other.


MUA Elysium Elements 06MUA Elysium Elements Swatches - First Row MUA Elysium Elements Swatches - Second Row and Duo Eyeliner

The eyeshadows in the MUA Elysium Elements Palette feel very soft. I was super surprised to see how soft and pigmented these shadows were! They look extremely pigmented when swatched on my finger, but they apply more sheer when swatched on my arm. They still look good though and are great to create a smokey look. The eyeliners are not to hard but also not very soft. They do apply nicely on my skin without much pulling but I wouldn’t prefer using this in my water line.


For the first look that I’ve created, I used the shades Almond (all over eyelid), Bazaar (outer 3rd) Obsessed (middle top and bottom lid)Lavender Mist (inner 3rd)Smoke (outer V and crease) and the Black Eyepencil in my waterline and to create a winged eyeliner.


MUA Elysium Elements Look 02 MUA Elysium Elements Look 03

I really easy it is to create a smokey look using these eyeshadows. It blends very easily but this also might be a negative thing, because on my eyelids, you cannot see the difference anymore between the three shades BazaarObsessed and Lavender Mist and I really packed everything on heavily, while you easily could see the difference while swatched on my arm. You can see a bit of a difference in my full-face picture with my eyes closed but it isn’t really obvious, only to the trained eye. I think the shades fade quickly so use a primer and a cram eyeshadow before application, which I did for these swatches.


MUA Elysium Elements Look 04

The previous look was very smokey and heavy, but you can also create a simple look using the MUA Elysium Elements Eyeshadow Palette. For this look, I only used Almond (all over eyelid), Antique Brass (top and bottom lid) and the Brown Eyeliner for creating a winged eyeliner. I couldn’t apply this on my waterline, the color just wouldn’t grab on to it.


MUA Elysium Elements Look 05 MUA Elysium Elements Look 06

This simple, every day look is completely different compared to my previous one, and can be done using with every metallic shade in this palette. Overall, I like this palette. I really love that they added a matte all-over shade and a smokey black shade, the only thing that is missing in my opinion is a transition shade.  I just wish that the color differences when used together would show better on my eyelids and that the Duo Eyeliner would be softer so that it would also be usable on the waterline. This palette isn’t comparable to a high-end palette like the Urban Decay Naked Smokey, but I think this is a good, affordable alternative to create an easy smokey look, especially great for beginners.


MUA Elysium Elements 07

The MUA Elysium Elements Eyeshadow Palette is available for €7,99 Euro at and selected Kruivat stores.


What are your essentials for creating a smokey eye look?


*This product was sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


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