NARS CLIMAX Mascara Review

#neverfakeit. NARS Cosmetics has launched the new CLIMAX Mascara that according to the brand, is supposed to give you dramatic volume with a lightweight, flexible formula that doesn’t clump or smudge. I’m going to review and put the NARS CLIMAX Mascara to the test in today’s post.


The NARS CLIMAX Mascara comes in a glossy red, plastic tube with notches that get narrower from the bottom to top, like a logarithmic scale (yes I’m a nerd in case you haven’t noticed ;)). The tube feels lightweight but sturdy and holds 6 grams of product. I absolutely love how unique and bold the tube looks.

I’ve received the mascara in a special PR packaging so I don’t think you can get the mascara with the exterior casing that I have in the picture. From what I found on the internet, the mascara comes in a red, cardboard box when purchased.


The applicator of the NARS CLIMAX Mascara has to me, an average size, not too big or small. The bristles are on the shorter side, which I prefer because it makes it more easy to apply to the base of the lash. The bristles are also flexible and seem to be evenly spaced. The tip is tapered so easy to use for narrow places like the corners of the lashes.


The pictures above show my eyelashes without any mascara (first column), using one coat of the NARS CLIMAX Mascara (second column) and using two coats (third column) from different angles.

I use false eyelashes so I am quite harsh when I try to remove the make-up and lash glue from my eyes. My lashes are very sparse and are messy but they do have an medium length and are slightly lifted on their own. The mascara was easy to apply on the top lashes but was a bit more difficult on the bottom, which you can see from the parts where I hit my skin but with some practice, I can definitely work with the wand, especially with the tapered tip.

After mascara has set, my lashes feel completely dry to the touch and feel flexible. The mousse-y texture gives a lot of volume but not a lot of length or curl. The mascara crumbles when rubbing the lashes but of course last if you don’t touch them. It doesn’t have a waterproof formula so it does run when it has been in contact with water, which is normal for a non-waterproof mascara and is also  easy to remove.


I’m a fan of the NARS CLIMAX Mascara! Because my lashes are sparse, I always look for a mascara that is able to separate them nicely without making them clump together. This mascara does exactly that and gives them really nice volume with a super intense, matte black finish. I especially like how beautifully separated and voluminous my bottom lashes look. The mascara is buildable but it does tend to get spider-y if you’re not careful with the second coat. I think that one coat is perfect for a non-eyeshadow look and two with eyeshadow.

I would absolutely recommend this mascara for those who are looking for a volumizing and separating mascara. It doesn’t give a ton of volume and curl, but the curl part can of course be fixed by using a curling tool.


The NARS CLIMAX Mascara is available for €25,00 Euro at and at the De Bijenkorf warehouses in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht.



What type of mascara do you prefer for your lashes?

*This product is PR gifted. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


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