NYX Professional Makeup In Your Element Metal Collection Review

NYX Professional Makeup In Your Element Metal

NYX Professional Makeup has launched a Limited Edition collection named In Your Element, featuring Lipsticks and Eye Shadow & Pigment Palettes with colors inspired by the elements like EarthFireWater, Wind and Metal. I’ve showed you the complete Fire Collection last week. For today’s post, I’m going to review the NYX Professional Makeup In Your Element Metal Collection.


NYX Professional Makeup In Your Element Metal Eye Shadow & Pigment Palette

The NYX Professional Makeup In Your Element Metal Eye Shadow & Pigment Palette (€31,60 Euro/12x 1,41 gr) has a Limited Edition packaging, which looks wrinkled chrome wrapping paper. It has a really nice weight to it and feels luxurious and sturdy. The back of the box shows images of shades inside the palette (the size of the pans inside the palette are bigger than displayed) while the palette itself only shows the numbers with the ingredients list. There’s something that bothers me with the explanation on the back of the palette. I’m not sure what the icons mean but it does look like that the Pigments inside the palette are only safe to be used on the face and not on the eyes. Pigment on my eyes without any problems but be aware of that if you are sensitive around your eye area.


Opening the NYX Professional Makeup In Your Element Metal Eye Shadow & Pigment Palette reveals a big mirror and twelve pans containing the Eyeshadows and Pigments. There are eleven Eyeshadows and only one Pigment inside the palette.


The only Pigment in the palette is #1, the rest are all eyeshadows. I can understand why the In Your Element palettes are in a way more expensive price range that we’re used to when it comes to NYX Professional Makeup products, because these are insanely good, much better than the quality that I’m used to with their brand!  Most of the products are super soft, feel extremely buttery and are nicely pigmented. All the powders inside the NYX Professional Makeup In Your Element Metal Eye Shadow & Pigment Palette have a (duochrome) metallic finish.



For this eyelook, I used 9 (crease, bottom lid and inner and outer 3rd) and 2 (center of the upper lid) and 6 (center of the upper lid). You don’t see much of a difference in the up close shot because the metallic finish is really reflective. I also think that this palette isn’t meant to be used on it’s own. The shade range is very broad in this palette so I think it’s great to use as a pop of color on the lid in combination with other matte eyeshadows in the crease. You can really create many different looks when this palette is combined and I really wish the NYX Professional Makeup In Your Element Metallic Eye Shadow & Pigment Palette wasn’t Limited Edition, because I think it would make a great addition to the permanent collection, especially looking at the quality and how much work they’ve done with the packaging and such.

NYX Professional Makeup In Your Element Metal Lipsticks

The NYX Professional Makeup In Your Element Metal has three Lipsticks in the collection (4 gr each) and has the Limited Edition packaging as the palette on the lipstick boxes. The shade names with a similar color on the background is displayed on the top of the box. I didn’t receive any PR information regarding the price so comparing palette’s price to the US listings, I think these lipsticks are around ~€10 Euro each.


The NYX Professional Makeup In Your Element Metal Lipsticks themselves also have a Limited Edition tube, glossy black with holographic details and has a magnetized part that holds the top in place. I always love magnetized opening/closure parts in makeup, I think it makes them feel more luxurious.


The shades of the  NYX Professional Makeup In Your Element Metal Lipsticks are Metallic Gold, Metallic Bronze and Glossy Deep Berry. As you can see, the finish is already described in the name. I think both Metallic lipsticks swatch evenly and pigmented, the Glossy Deep Berry gives more of a problem but I’m not sure if this one is meant to be fully opaque, since it has a glossy finish. All of the lipsticks are unscented but because of that, these do have an unpleasant taste and an ‘unscented smell’, smelling/tasting like crayons with the Glossy Deep Berry shade giving off the strongest scent/taste.


NYX Professional Makeup In Your Element Metal Lipstick in Metallic Gold is described as a “Metallic Gold With Shimmer” shade. The shade glides easily onto the lips and applies evenly. The formula feels really smooth and comfortable as well. I’m not really a fan of metallic cream lipsticks but this one looks okay on me. I just think that the combination of metallic lips/eyes are a bit too much.


NYX Professional Makeup In Your Element Metal Lipstick in Metallic Bronze is described as a “Metallic Copper With Shimmer” shade. I really find it a funny description, why not call the lipstick Metallic Copper in the firts place then? Anyways, this shade is also easy to apply and feels the same as the previous shade. This shade is quite cool toned and really reminds me of the 90’s. It is a very difficult to wear shade. I would probably combine this only with a simple but dramatic winged eyeliner look.


NYX Professional Makeup In Your Element Metal Lipstick in Glossy Deep Berry is described as a “Glossy Deep Berry with a Red Undertone” shade. This lipstick is really patchy and applies uneven but I do think it can look amazing by using a lip liner with a similar shade, completely filling your lips in first as a base. I do like the glossy finish but it isn’t wearable on it’s own.


To be honest, I don’t really like any of the NYX Professional Makeup In Your Element Metal Lipsticks but if I had to choose, Metallic Gold would be my pick. If NYX Professional Makeup ever decide to make these permanent, I would definitely recommend them to add a scent, especially for the higher price range because I think these are more expensive than any other lip product that they offer. At least the glosses have amazing scents so I know they can do it.


Unfortunately, I’ve received these products via PR at the end of December and was already available for some time, so I think the NYX Professional Makeup In Your Element Metal Collection is completely sold out. You still could check out the NYX Professional Makeup Stores in Amsterdam and Rotterdam when you’re around, because if there is something left, they will be on Sale!

Do you like a metallic finish on your eyes and/or lips?

*These products were PR gifted. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


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    January 28, 2018 / 3:32 pm

    Love the lipsticks!

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