NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation Review

The NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation is a product with a custom coverage, from sheer to full coverage with a velvet-y matte finish. Recently, the brand has added 6 more shades to the range, making a total of 30 different shades! The NYX Professional Makep Total Control Drop Primer is also recently introduced, which can be used before applying the foundation. I’m going to review and put both the NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation and Primer to the test in today’s post.


The NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation comes in a frosted glass jar containing only 13 mL of product. An average foundation has 30 mL, so you get half what you would usually get in terms of volume. I think this is because you should use less of this product compared to other foundations, depending on how much coverage you would want of course.


On the back of the packaging, it shows how many drops you would need for Light, Medium and Full coverage. I find this information a bit vague, because it doesn’t say how you should apply it and if this is enough for the entire face, because I like a light to medium coverage, and two drops are not even enough to cover my cheek area but I do use a beauty sponge that does soak up product. On average, I use 6 to 8 drops to cover my entire face. I think you should rather use this as an indication of use less drops for a light coverage and more to build up the coverage.


Opening the bottle reveals a glass dropper, which you can easily use to apply the amount of drops on your face or on another surface. I usually apply foundation on my hand first and use my finger to divide the product on my face. Using the dropper directly on your face directly makes you lose less product each use.


I’ve received four shades of the NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation, which are shown in the picture above when they’re completely dry. The formula of the foundation is extremely thin and runny, almost like water but you can feel a slight creamy-ness when the product is buffed in.

The description of the shades are as follows:

TCDF05 Light – Light with Neutral Undertone
TCDF09 Medium Olive – Nude Beige with Neutral Undertone
TCDF10 Buff – Beige with Neutral Undertone
TCDF12 Classic Tan – Tan with Pink Undertone

For my current skin tone, I’m able to use both Medium Olive and Buff. The shade Classic Tan would be perfect for me in the summer, but I could also use it for now by mixing it with the Light shade.

Before I applied the foundation to my skin, I used the new NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Primer. This primer has a lightweight formula that dries down to a smooth, soft and velvety matte finish, which is considered to make a perfect base for the NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation. It has the same packaging and container as the foundation, also containing 13 mL of product in total.


The NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Primer has a thin and runny formula but feels slightly more creamy than the foundation. It looks milky with a hint of color. The primer leaves no white cast or color on my skin when buffed in.


On the picture above, I applied the NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Primer (left) and the NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation in Medium Olive (right) using 7 drops, applied with a beauty sponge.

You can already see that the primer has created a smooth matte base before applying the foundation, which I consider as a medium coverage using that amount of drops on my skin. Honestly, I don’t like a matte finish, because I have a dry skin and I find matte finishes making my face look flat. Because I have a dry skin type, matte foundations can look bad on my skin if I don’t prep it correctly, emphasizing and clinging any dry area on my skin, which is especially in between my eyebrows. Using moisturizer and the primer before applying this foundation does make it look good and I didn’t see any of those problems. The foundation does not feel tacky at all when dried and does not need any setting on my skin.


I applied the rest of my makeup as usual. I didn’t use any setting powder or spray. I was able to bring back a bit more glow using the rest of the products and I now think the foundation looks much better.


Here is the NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation during the initial application (left) and after about 8 hours (right). The foundation felt comfortable during the entire period but has faded a bit over time, which you can especially notice on my forehead creases. I do think it still looks good and didn’t become shiny but didn’t feel drying at all.



I think the NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation would probably be a great foundation to try out if you have an oily skin type or if you love a foundation with a matte finish, as long as you don’t have too much dry patches on your skin. The NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Primer is definitely a nice primer to combine with the foundation for a smooth and matte finish. I’m patiently waiting here until the brand comes out with a dewy finish of this range!

The NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation and Primer are available for €16,85 Euro each at the NYX Professional Makeup Stores in Amsterdam and RotterdamDouglas.nl and selected Douglas stores.



What kind of coverage and finish would you prefer as a base?

*These products were PR gifted by NYX Professional Makeup NL. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.

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