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Paul & Joe - Tom & Jerry 01

Paul & Joe is a French make-up brand, known for their extremely cute (and re-fillable) make-up packaging which features things like cat shaped products and artwork. This brand is fairly unknown in Europe but more popular in Asia. I always wanted to try products from this brand but it just never happened.. until now. When I saw that Paul & Joe was releasing a Limited Edition collection featuring Tom & Jerry, I freaked out. Tom & Jerry is one of my favorite cartoons ever. I have been watching this cartoon my entire childhood and still would enjoy watching it now. I purchased all the Paul & Joe x Tom & Jerry products and also picked up some re-fillable make-up products to show you how amazing this brand is.


Paul & Joe - Tom & Jerry 02

All the  Paul & Joe products come in a cardboard box with some artwork that also features the products description. I still am very confused on where this brand actually comes from. The creator is definitely French. She named this brand after her two sons. However, if you look at where the products are made, they’re either made in Japan or Taiwan and has a lot of Japanese writing on its packaging. This is probably due it’s popularity in that country.


Paul & Joe - Tom & Jerry 03

The most awesome thing about Paul & Joe is that most of their products are re-fillable. This means that you buy the casing and products separately. I think this is a very great concept, because sometimes I want something because of the packaging but I don’t like the product, or have something with an amazing packaging but isn’t used anymore when emptied. With this, you can pick your own packaging and fill it with something of your choice and just buy a re-fill whenever it is emptied.

The Paul & Joe x Tom & Jerry collection consists of a Pressed Face Powder Case, a Lipstick Case and a Pressed Compact. I also purchased three re-fillable products that fit into these casings.


Paul & Joe x Tom & Jerry Pressed Face Powder Case - Pressed Face Powder 01 Translucent - 01

The Paul & Joe x Tom & Jerry Pressed Face Powder Case (€11.60) is made of hard plastic and features artwork with Jerry putting make-up on Tom. Funny little detail is that the products look like Paul & Joe make-up! For filler, I chose the Pressed Face Powder in 01 Translucent (€19.80). The pan contains 6 grams of product and has a flower shape that looks like a chrysanthemum pressed in to the powder. The powder also has a scent smells like flowers!


Paul & Joe x Tom & Jerry Pressed Face Powder Case - Pressed Face Powder 01 Transparent - 02 Paul & Joe x Tom & Jerry Pressed Face Powder Case - Pressed Face Powder 01 Transparent - 03

The Paul & Joe x Tom & Jerry Pressed Face Powder Case clicks open by pressing the button in front. There’s a mirror and a powder puff inside the compact. You can see a small opening on the bottom of the case, which can be used for pushing out the product when it is emptied. The Pressed Face Powder is placed by removing a sticker on the back, which reveals a sticky surface so that the pan can be placed into the casing.


Paul & Joe x Tom & Jerry Lipstick Case WB - Lipstick Refill 306 Avenue Montaigne 01

The Paul & Joe x Tom & Jerry Lipstick Case (€8.10) is made of hard cardboard and features artwork with Jerry running away from Tom applying lipstick on him, so adorable! For filler, I chose the Full Pigment Lipstick Refill in 306 Avenue Montaigne (€14.50). The lipstick has a weight of 3 grams and is unscented. I have a feeling because of the other heavily scented products that the lipsticks might have a scent but that this one might have faded.


Paul & Joe x Tom & Jerry Lipstick Case WB - Lipstick Refill 306 Avenue Montaigne 02 Paul & Joe x Tom & Jerry Lipstick Case WB - Lipstick Refill 306 Avenue Montaigne 03

The refill can be applied by pressing the lipstick into the base of the case until there’s a click. The lipstick is nicely fitted without feeling loose and can be removed again with some pulling. The lipstick has the Paul & Joe Signature pressed in to the bullet.


Paul & Joe x Tom & Jerry Pressed Compact WB - Powder Blush 02 Re-Belle 01

The Paul & Joe x Tom & Pressed Compact (€8.10) is made of hard cardboard and features artwork with Tom giving a slice of cheese to Jerry as a present. For filler, I chose the Powder Blush in 02 Re-Belle (€14.50). The pan contains 4 grams of product and has the same flower shape that looks like a chrysanthemum pressed in to the powder. The blush has a flowery scent and consists of two parts, a small darker part and a lighter part that fills most of the area.


Paul & Joe x Tom & Jerry Pressed Compact WB - Powder Blush 02 Re-Belle 02 Paul & Joe x Tom & Jerry Pressed Compact WB - Powder Blush 02 Re-Belle 03

The Paul & Joe x Tom & Pressed Compact has a magnetic closure and artwork of Tom trying to capture Jerry while he’s eating the cheese slice that Tom gave as a present. The pan of the Powder Blush is also magnetic and just holds in place due to that. You can easily take out the blush again by the indent on the bottom.


Paul & Joe Beaute Products Swatches 01

Here are the swatches of all the products. The powders all feel very soft and finely milled. The Pressed Face Powder in Translucent is white that has a matte finish with a subtle sheen. The Powder Blush in Re-Belle has light mauve and cool pink shade which has a very shimmery finish with a lot of micro-glitter. The Full Pigment Lipstick in Avenue Montaigne is a berry shade with a cream finish, very pigmented but not fully opaque.


Paul & Joe Beaute Products Look 01

Here’s a look I’ve created using all the Paul & Joe Products mentioned. I noticed that the Face Powder in Translucent leaves a bit of a chalky white cast on my face, so I have to use this very carefully and not apply too much product. The brand also offers colored powders so I might try that next time. I think this would be better for someone who has a very pale skintone. I really love the shade of the Full Pigment Lipstick in Avenue Montaigne. It is a cream formula so on me, it does bleed into fine lines but that can be easily prevented by applying a lip pencil as a base. The formula feels comfortable and does not dry out my lips.


Paul & Joe Beaute Products Look 02

I applied the Powder Blush in Re-Belle by mixing the two shades. Like I’ve mentioned before, the blush is very shimmery, which is not a favorable finish for me. I don’t want to use any highlighter with this brush because it already gives me a nice glow. I just wish that the micro glitter wasn’t there! It isn’t noticeable in picture but definitely present and noticeable in real life.


Paul & Joe - Tom & Jerry 05

I’m really in love with the Paul & Joe packaging. It looks so lovely and of high quality. It really has a classic French vibe which is also the case for the products, especially the scent makes me think of classic make-up. I’m not very sure about the Pressed Powder and Powder Blush but I do like th Full Pigment Lipstick. I think I would love the Powder if I had it in the correct shade and if there’s a blush with less shimmer. I would really recommend to check out their products, because this is just the tip of the iceberg of how cute their products are. In my opinion, I really don’t think that their products look child-ish but really has a certain own signature modern but classic look. I also think that this is a very underrated brand and should definitely be more in the spotlight.


Paul & Joe - Tom & Jerry 06

All the Paul & Joe Products are available at The Paul & Joe x Tom & Jerry collection is Limited Edition, so if you really want to have these but you’re not sure what shades you want to have as re-fills, you can always get the casings and purchase the re-fills later!

What do you think about the re-fill concept?



  1. August 30, 2016 / 9:19 am

    Die verpakkingen zijn echt zo schattig inderdaad 😀 wel echt een super handig idee, dat je gewoon refills kan kopen en erin kan doen. Staat je allemaal weer super mooi 😀
    Mariska recently posted…Herkenbare make-up drama’s & frustratiesMy Profile

  2. September 6, 2016 / 9:34 pm

    Neeee, wat is dit leuk! Ik houd van Tom & Jerry! En wow, die lipstick is echt heel mooi. Hoewel die powder blush me ook erg aanspreekt!
    Evelien recently posted…Review & unboxing: Bluxbox augustusMy Profile

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