Essence bloggers’ beauty secrets

Essence the glow must go on palette Serena Verbon

One of things you don’t see often on my blog are drugstore brands. I’ve also never shown you any press information either but I wanted make an exception for this release because it is close to my heart. Essence has collaborated with four bloggers to create the limited edition bloggers’ beauty secrets collection. I was very proud to see that European bloggers, including “our own” Serena Verbon from has been working with this brand to create a palette and a nail polish. I’m going to tell you more about this collection down below.

Together with Essence each of the bloggers have created a palette and a nail polish, all of them having their own themes and styles.


Dfashion – touch up to go palette and be happy + smile nail polish

Essence touch up to go! palette Diana zur Löwen DfashionEssence touch up to go! palette Diana zur Löwen Dfashion

Essence 01 be happy + smile nail polish Diana zur Löwen Dfashion


Diana zur Löwen of the Youtube Channel Dfashion is a German blogger and has created an all-rounder palette called ‘touch up to go’. This all-rounder palette is perfect for girls who want to create an easy make-up look and are able to touch up while traveling. There are three eyeshadows in a light purple, brown and nude shade, two blushes in a bright pink and peach shade and a nourishing lipbalm. You can also combine these different products by mixing the blush and balm to create a colorful lipgloss so you can create a huge variety of looks using this palette. You also get a double sided brush inside this palette.  Diana also has created the be happy + smile nail polish, which is a soft pastel pink shade with a cream finish.



Beautypalmira – vintage rose palette and hello beautiful! nail polish

Essence vintage rose eye palette beautypalmira palmiraEssence vintage rose eye palette beautypalmira palmira

Essence 02 hello beautiful! beautypalmira palmira

Palmira of the blog is another German blogger and has created an eye palette called ‘Vintage rose’. This palette completely focuses on the eyes with a sparkling white, soft pink and warm brown shades. There’s also an eyeliner and highlighter for a complete look. All of the eyeshadows, eyeliner and highlighter can be applied with the additional double sided brush. Palmina has also created a complimenting nail polish called hello beautiful!, which has a rose shade with a metallic finish.


Strikeapose – shape & shadows palette and all eyes on me nail polish

Essence shape & shadows palette Mary Oliver Strikeapose

Essence shape & shadows palette Mary Oliver Strikeapose

Essence 03 all eyes on me Mary Oliver Strikeapose

Mary Oliver of the blog is a blogger from the United Kingdom, and has created the ‘shape & shadows’ palette. This is another eye palette which focuses more on contouring the eyes and also focuses on the eyebrows.In this palette, you get more cool toned and ashy brown tones, a highlighter and eyebrow wax to really shape your eyes and to give your eyebrows shape. You shape and apply your eyebrush using the included brush. She also has a matching  nail polish called all eyes on me, a grey toned nude shade with a matte finish. – the glow must go on palette and

Essence the glow must go on palette beautylab serena verbon

Essence the glow must go on palette beautylab serena verbon

Essence 04 shine bright beautylab serena verbon

Last but not least, our beautiful Serena Verbon from is a blogger from The Netherlands and has created ‘the glow must go on’ palette. With this palette, you can create a glowy look by having three warm bronzer shades, which can be used seperately or combined to create a healthy glow. You also get two eyeshadow shades, which can also be combined with the bronzer for your eyes. There’s also a highlighter shade for a more glowy effect, which can also be used on your eyes but also on the rest of your face. You also get a brush which you can use for the bronzer or highlighter. Serena has also created a nail polish called shine bright, a turquoise shade with a cream finish. I will be discussing these two products that Serena has created with Essence in more detail in a future blog post before the release date, because I have received these for review.

I’m really excited about this collection. I always love to see collection of Bloggers and Youtubers because if you follow one of them, you know what they like and put those things in their products as much as possible. These are usually products made with a lot of thought, effort and love and I’m proud that brands like Essence are reaching out to these people who we (at least myself) look up to.

The Essence bloggers’ beauty secrets collection is available from May 30th, 2016 at selected Kruidvat and Trekpleister stores for a limited time. The suggested retail price of the palettes are €4,99 Euro and for the nail polishes €1,89 Euro.

Are you getting one or more of the palettes ad nail polishes of this collection?



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