Surprisingly Low Priced Products by Etos

Etos has a big collection of their own brands beauty products like bodylotions, cleansing products, hair styling products and many other beauty related things. Not only does these Etos products have a sleek new design and enhanced quality, they’re also really affordable! In this post, I’m showing you a few examples of these surprisingly low priced products by Etos.


The Etos Every Day Shampoo (€0,99/300 mL) nourishes the hair due to the addition of Sunflower Extract and keeps your hair in a healthy condition. The mild formula of the shampoo makes it suitable for daily use and has a very delicious, fruity scent.


The Etos Day Cream (€2,49/50 mL) contains the ingredients Provitamine B5 and Allantoin that help to hydrate the skin. This day cream is suitable for Normal to Combination skin. The formula has a lotion consistency and has a milky type of scent, which is absorbed into the skin quickly and makes it feel soft and smooth.



The Etos Cleansing Milk (€1,99/200 mL) has a mild formula that cleanses the skin softly with the additional ingredients Chamomile and Provitamin B5. The cleanser is suitable for all skin types. The consistency is very milky and has a soft, soapy scent.


These products are just a fraction of the affordable, daily beauty products that Etos has to offer. There are some pretty good gems in there! For example, my favorite oil cleansing pads to remove liquid lipsticks and waterproof make-up are actually from Etos, so I would definitely suggest to check out the surprisingly low priced products by Etos in stores to see if you can find some daily favorites for yourself! You can also find a few examples on the Etos website.

Do you have any favorite beauty products from the Etos brand?

*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.

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