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Sans Soucis has a new collection called Hidden Sensuality. This collection is inspired by the sensuality of women, having products such as bright and feminine lipsticks, blush and an expressive color combination eyeshadows. The products Sans Soucis Hidden Sensuality Collection can be used together to create a seductive and glamorous look. I’m going to show you a selection of the products in the collection.


sans-soucis-hidden-sensuality-collection-02 sans-soucis-hidden-sensuality-collection-03

The Sans Soucis products come in a simple, black outer box  with white details. There’s a part that shows the brands logo and the description of the item. All Sans Soucis products have black packaging and look simple and classic. I really can appreciate the simplicity of the packaging. It just looks clean and modern, which makes it look professional. The only thing is that I don’t like the glossy finish of the packaging, since fingerprints will make the packaging look dirty very quickly.



For this review, I’ve received the Sans Soucis Beauty Case, Mineral Powder Rouge in Gingery Seduction, Eyeshadow Refills in Grey Mystery, Rosy Passion and Burgundy Nights, Long Lasting Eye Definer in Smokey BlackAll in One 3D Effect Mascara in Deep Black and the Perfect Lips Lipsticks in Red Pleasure and Berry Temptation.



The Sans Soucis Beauty Case (€13,95) is a re-fillable compact that is specially designed for the Sans Soucis Eye Shadow Refills and Blush Refills. You can open the compact by pressing a button in front.


sans-soucis-beauty-case-02 sans-soucis-beauty-case-03

The Sans Soucis Beauty Case has a mirror on the lid and has a magnetized bottom. The magnetized refills immediately attach to the compact and can be placed at any position. The eyeshadow refills are squares, so you can add up to four eyeshadows in the compact. The blush is a half so you can have two parts of those. You can also combine the blush and eyeshadows as I did. I really like re-fillable compacts since you can customize these to your liking and they’re easy to travel with.


sans-soucis-mineral-powder-rouge-in-gingery-seduction-01 sans-soucis-mineral-powder-rouge-in-gingery-seduction-swatch

The Sans Soucis Mineral Powder Rouge in Gingery Seduction (€ 12,75/6 gr) is a pink, mauve-y blush. I’m not a huge blush fan but I really like this shade.  I think this shade will look beautiful on a lot of skin tones. It looks a lot more mauve in the pan but changes into a more warmer shade on my skin tone. The blush feels a bit grainy but is nicely pigmented and blends easily. Gingery Seduction has a matte finish but still has some radiance to it.


sans-soucis-hidden-sensuality-eyeshadow-refill-01 sans-soucis-hidden-sensuality-eyeshadow-refill-swatches

The Sans Soucis Eye Shadow Refills in Grey MysteryRosy Passion and Burgundy Nights  (€ 7,75/0,75 gr each) are eyeshadows that can be used together to create a sultry eyeshadow look. Grey Mystery is a white shade with slight hints of grey. Rosy Passion is a very warm, reddish brown. Burgundy Nights is a dark brown/plum shade. The eyeshadows have decent pigmentation but look a bit patchy when swatched. They do feel very silky to the touch and are nicely blendable on the lids. I don’t have any problems with the patchiness when applied on my eyelids.


sans-soucis-long-lasting-eye-definer-01 sans-soucis-long-lasting-eye-definer-swatch

The Sans Soucis Long Lasting Eye Definer in Smokey Black (€ 11,95/1,2 gr) is soft eye pencil that has a pencil on one end and a smudger on the other end. The pencil has a charcoal black shade which can be smudged for a smokey effect. It is important to keep the cap on the pencil side. Both sides comes with a cap but I lost one of them and left the pencil side open. When I wanted to use the pencil again, it didn’t give any pigmentation because it dried up. I could revive it again by using a pencil sharpener but just be aware that this can happen if you lose the cap.


sans-soucis-all-in-one-3d-effect-mascara-in-deep-black-01 sans-soucis-all-in-one-3d-effect-mascara-in-deep-black-02

The Sans Soucis All in One 3D Effect Mascara in Deep Black (€ 18,50/9 mL) is a black mascara which according the brand, is supposed to create maximum volume, optimal length and perfect separation of the lashes.  The wand is made of plastic and short, spaced bristles. I always prefer these type of bristles, because I can easily get tot the roots of my lashes and go in more detail than with a bigger brush.



For this eyelook, I used Grey Mystery Eyeshadow all over as a base and focusing on the browboneRosy Passion Eyeshadow in the crease and outer 3rd of the lid as well as the bottom lid,  Gingery Seduction Blush on the inner two 3rds of the upper lid and Burgundy Nights Eyeshadow on the outer V. I also used the Long Lasting Eye Definer in Smokey Black on my upper and lower lashline, as well as the waterline and two layers of the All in One 3D Effect Mascara in Deep Black on my upper and lower lashes.



The eyeshadows are very easy to use and blend nicely together. I also thought that the blush would be very complimenting to the look and could easily be used as an eyeshadow. The eyeliner pencil was okay to use on my lashline with a slight bit of tugging but unfortunately, it doesn’t want to stay on my waterline. I like the mascara, I have medium length lashes but they’re not very full. The mascara does give good volume, not much length and clumps up the lashes, which I normally hate since I don’t have many but they separate nicely so it still looks good. I especially like it on the bottom lashes, making them more thick and slightly longer.


sans-soucis-perfect-lips-in-red-pleasure-and-berry-temptation-01 sans-soucis-perfect-lips-in-red-pleasure-and-berry-temptation-02

The Sans Soucis Perfect Lips Lipsticks in Red Pleasure and Berry Temptation (€ 15,75/4 gr each) are according to the brand, highly pigmented, matte lipsticks that have shades and are perfect sensual and seductive look.



Here are the lipsticks Red Pleasure (left) and Berry Temptation (right) swatched. They are indeed, very pigmented and feel super soft and buttery. I wouldn’t personally call them matte, since they both have a different finish and both are still glossy. They both don’t have any additional scents, but they do smell strongly like an unscented lipstick (like you can smell the ingredients, if you understand what I mean).


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES sans-soucis-hidden-sensuality-perfect-lips-in-red-pleasure-02

The Sans Soucis Perfect Lips in Red Pleasure is a true red lipstick that has a glossy, shimmery finish. The lipstick contains small glitter particles without feeling grainy. The glitters make it look really festive, which isn’t very visible in the swatches but is noticeable in real life. It’s the perfect red Christmas lipstick shade.


sans-soucis-hidden-sensuality-perfect-lips-in-berry-temptation-01 sans-soucis-hidden-sensuality-perfect-lips-in-berry-temptation-02

The Sans Soucis Perfect Lips in Berry Temptation is dirty mauve, berry shade with a glossy finish. See what I mean by the lipsticks not being matte? I live for shades like this one, it’s my weakness. For me, this is a perfect shade for the Fall/Winter period. It looks so beautiful and makes my lips look so plump and full due to the finish. I can’t get enough of this shade and it feels super comfortable to wear.



I really love the Sans Soucis Hidden Sensuality Collection. All the products are very complimenting to each other and are perfect for this time of year. I agree that the products make you look sensual and are very feminine and seductive. I have been obsessed by this look and has become somewhat my signature look for fall.



I’ve mentioned in my previous review that the products I’ve tried are good but don’t really excite me. This collection definitely does. I really love the shades and the quality of the products. All Sans Soucis products are suitable for sensitive skin, so if you have trouble finding make-up that doesn’t give a bad reaction to your skin, definitely check out this brands products.

The Sans Soucis Hidden Sensuality Collection is available at

Are you interested in these products? Which one is your favorite?


*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


  1. November 11, 2016 / 9:04 am

    De Beauty Case is absoluut mijn favoriet! Wat een grappig idee dat je deze case helemaal zelf kan samenstellen. De blush heeft echt een hele mooie roze toon, dat is vaak de soort roze die ik gebruik. De lipstick kleur Berry temptation staat je echt geweldig, een kleur die ik zelf ook vaak zou dragen. Ik ben laatste tijd alleen maar mauve pink/purple kleuren aan het gebruiken. Sinds ik deze kleur heb ontdekt door de liquid lipstick van Kat von D in Lolita wil ik niets anders meer haha. Je ziet er zoals gewoonlijk weer prachtig uit, de eyelook is mijn favoriet!

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