Sleek Smoke & Mirrors Christmas Gift Set

Sleek Smoke & Mirrors Christmas Gift Set

Sleek MakeUP has released three Limited Edition sets for the holiday season. Each set focuses on a different part of the face such as lips, face or eyes. I’ve received the products featured in the Sleek Smoke & Mirrors Christmas Gift Set. This set focuses on the eyes to create a complete party look that is perfect for the holidays.  I’m going to show you a party look and review the products of this set.


smoke__mirrors_2 smoke__mirrors_1

I didn’t receive the Sleek Smoke & Mirrors Christmas Gift Set itself but the products that I’ve gotten are the same (only the shape of the Eyeliner packaging is different). I did receive the press images so this is how the set looks like. It looks very festive, great to give as a present. The Sleek Smoke & Mirrors Christmas Gift Set contains the i-Divine Palette in Bad Girl, Dip it Eyeliner in Black and the Full Fat Lash Mascara. These products are all permanent so you can also buy these individually.


sleek-smoke-mirros-holiday-set-02 sleek-smoke-mirros-holiday-set-03

I always love how the Sleek MakeUP packaging looks like. Each product has a simple, matte black packaging with glossy black or violet details. The matte finish is what I especially like. It looks really sleek (see what I did there?) because of that and doesn’t show fingerprints.


sleek-dip-it-eyeliner-black-01 sleek-dip-it-eyeliner-black-02

The Sleek Dip-IT Eyeliner in Black is a long-lasting eyeliner. Screwing off the top reveals the applicator. The applicator is short, thin and stuff for accurate precision while the handle is a bit longer so you can hold it easily. You can dip the applicator in the bottle to get more product out. The bottle contains 4 mL of product.



I’m not very used to this type eyeliner so my swatch looks a bit bad, having an open part in the middle of the swatch because I’ve too much pressure on the applicator pushing on the point instead of the side. I didn’t experience this problem using the liner on my eyes. The Dip-IT Eyeliner in Black is very pigmented, has a matte finish and dries very quickly.


sleek-i-divine-bad-girl-palette-01 sleek-i-divine-bad-girl-palette-02sleek-i-divine-bad-girl-palette-03

The Sleek i-Divine Palette in Bad Girl is an eyeshadow palette that holds twelve eyeshadows. The shades are mostly very dark and vampy, perfect to create a smokey, party look. The palette has a huge mirror on the inside of the lid and as a dual-sided sponge applicator, which I think no one ever uses.


sleek-i-divine-bad-girl-palette-04 sleek-i-divine-bad-girl-palette-05

You also get a transparent sheet that shows all the names of the eyeshadows. I always try to keep this sheet neatly with the palette but somehow, I always lose it. The names are also displayed on the back of the palette’s box. You get 1.1 gram of product for each eyeshadow.


sleek-i-divine-bad-girl-palette-06 sleek-i-divine-bad-girl-palette-swatch-bottom-row sleek-i-divine-bad-girl-palette-swatch-top-row

Here are all the shades of the Sleek i-Divine Palette in Bad Girl swatched. There are eyeshadows with different types of finishes, like shimmer, satin, metallic and matte. All eyeshadows are very pigmented. Some feel more soft and buttery compared to others, especially the metallic eyeshadows are great in quality. The only thing that I’m missing in this palette is an all-over shade and a transition shade.


sleek-full-fat-lash-mascara-01 sleek-full-fat-lash-mascara-02

The Sleek Full Fat Lash Mascara is a mascara that is according to the brand, supposed to give you supersized lashes without being clumpy and without feeling heavy. The brush of this mascara looks very unique. It is made of plastic and has very short bristles at the beginning and a ball-like shape at the end. I usually like short bristles, since makes it easy to get to the base of your lashes.



For the eyelook, I used the eyeshadows Innocence on my browbone and as a highlight in the inner corner, Gun Metal as a transition shade, Blade on the middle of both my top and bottom lid, Gun Metal on the crease, inner and outer 3rd of the top and bottom lid, Underground in the very outer corners and Noir in the outer V. I also used the Dip-IT Eyeliner in Black to create a winged eyeliner and the Full Fat Lash Mascara on my top and bottom lashes.

The eyeshadows look a bit patchy and less great up close in picture than in real life, since the ringlight gives such a bright light that it almost makes the transparent looking due to the metallic finish. The full-face look resembles much more how it looks like in real life.



Unfortunately, the Full Fat Lash Mascara didn’t do anything with my lashes. I have fairly middle sized length lashes but they are very sparse. I used two coats of this mascara. The brush was easy to use, I could easily get to the base of my lashes and do more detailed work with the ball shaped tip. However, the mascara only coated my lashes, making them look more black but that’s the only thing it did. It didn’t lengthen or give extra volume to my lashes. This might be a good mascara for someone who is wearing glasses or someone who is looking to darken up their lashes without looking for extra volume or length. But for me, this didn’t work out.



Even though I miss a light, matte transition and base shade in the i-Divine Palette in Bad Girl, I love how the eyeshadow look turned out. It really is perfect for a party and just looks amazingly metallic and rich. I really feel like a rock star wearing this eyeshadow look.

When I was wearing this look last weekend, it was very cold so one of my eyes watered when walking outside. Unfortunately, the Dip-IT Eyeliner completely melted away in the corner of one of my eyes so I looked like a complete mess but it was easy to wipe away with a tissue. So if you have watery eyes like me, I wouldn’t recommend this liner which is a huge bummer since I love the matte finish.



With the Sleek Smoke & Mirrors Christmas Gift Set, you are definitely able to create an amazing party look. Like I’ve mentioned before, my eyes look so vibrant, bold and rich. I really love how this look turned out but since you can get all these products individually, I wouldn’t recommend this set. I would rather purchase the  i-Divine Palette in Bad Girl separately and use a different mascara and eyeliner. These two products didn’t work out for me but you can give it a try yourself, since I think mascara and liner applications are very personal in preferences.



The Sleek Smoke & Mirrors Christmas Gift Set is available for €24,95 at several (web)stores like Sleek-MakeUP.nlICI Paris XL and Etos.  For individual purchase, the Dip-IT Eyeliner in Black is available for €5,99, the  i-Divine Palette in Bad Girl for €10,99 and the Full Fat Lash Mascara for €8,99.

Do you own one of the Sleek i-Divine palettes?


*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


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    Ik bezit geen Sleek palette, ik heb er wel vaak naar zitten staren toen V&D ze nog verkocht. Ik ben ook echt een sucker voor mooie verpakking, de Sleek palettes hebben inderdaad een mooie matte finish I love it! Zoals altijd heb je weer een super mooie look mee gecreëerd <3
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